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GLP(1)				Printing Tools				GLP(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     glp, printpanel - graphical lp printing command

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     glp [ X toolkitoption... ]	[-c] [-ddest] [-m]
	 [-nnumber] [-ooption] [-s] [-ttitle] [-w]
	 [-E] [-F] [-N]	[files]

     PrintPanel	and printpanel are aliases for glp

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     glp, also known as	PrintPanel and printpanel, provides a graphical
     interface to the lp(1) printing command of	the AT&T System	V print
     spooling system. The glp program accepts all lp command line options and
     allows these options to be	set interactively.

     Similar to	lp, glp	permits	multiple filenames to be specified on the
     command line for printing.	glp also permits its standard input to be
     redirected	so that	the output of other programs can be printed using
     redirection or piping. In addition, if glp	is invoked without any
     filenames specified and without a standard	input redirection or pipe,
     files for printing	may be specified interactively on the glp panel.

   Command Line	Options
     The glp program supports all of the command line switches of the System V
     lp	command. An explanation	of these switches is reproduced	here for user
     convenience. For more information refer to	the lp(1) man page. The	glp
     program supports additional command line switches to tailor print job
     parameters	and program display.  The setting of options on	the glp
     command line will be reflected on the program's control panel graphical
     display. As with the lp command, command line options that	take arguments
     must not have any whitespace between the option and its argument.
     Further, due to possible conflicts	between	options	relevant to the	X
     toolkit and options relevant to glp, all X	toolkit	options	should be
     specified using the full option name. For example,	the X toolkit title
     option should be specified	as -title.

     The following System V lp command lines switches are supported:

     -c	       Make copies in the spooling directory of	the file(s) to be
	       printed.	Normally, files	will not be copied, but	will be	linked
	       whenever	possible. If the -c option is not given, then the user
	       should be careful not to	remove any of the files	before the
	       printing	of the files has been completed. Also if the -c	option
	       has not been given, any changes to the files to be printed will
	       be reflected in the printed output.

     -ddest    Specifies the printer or	printer	class that is to perform the
	       printing.  dest specifies the printer name or printer class
	       name. If	the -d option is not specified then the	printer
	       selected	will be	the value of the LPDEST	environment variable.
	       If LPDEST is not	set, the system	default	printer	will be
	       selected. If there is no	system default printer,	a list of all

									Page 1

GLP(1)				Printing Tools				GLP(1)

	       printers	known to the system is sorted alphabetically and the
	       first printer on	the list will be used.

     -m	       Specifies that a	mail message should be sent after the file(s)
	       have been printed. By default no	mail is	sent upon normal
	       completion of the print request.

     -nnumber  Specifies that number of	copies of the file(s) should be

     -ooption  Specifies a printer specific or printer class specific option
	       given by	the string option. Several option strings may be
	       specified on the	command	line by	using the -o switch more than
	       once. The easiest method	for setting printer specific options
	       is to use the More Options... button in the action area or the
	       More Options... item on the File	menu. If an option panel is
	       not available for a selected printer you	must review the
	       printer interface script	located	in
	       /var/spool/lp/interface/[printer	name] to obtain	the complete
	       list of options for that	printer. Typically, a printer will
	       accept the option "h" or	"nobanner" to prevent the printing of
	       a banner	page.

     -s	       When a print job	is submitted to	the spooling system the	job ID
	       is either displayed in a	dialog box (graphical mode) or is
	       printed to standard output (non-graphical mode).	If the -s
	       option is specified, no job ID message is shown.

     -ttitle   Specifies a title for the print job banner page.

     -w	       Specifies that a	message	should be printed on the system
	       console after the files have been printed. If the user is not
	       logged in, a mail message will be sent.

     The following command line	switches are specific to glp:

     -F	       Normally, glp checks whether its	standard input is coming from
	       a terminal or from a file. If glp is getting its	standard input
	       from a file (i.e. the contents of a file	have been piped	or
	       redirected into glp), the program does not display the filename
	       entry area. Sometimes glp will not have its standard input
	       coming from a terminal but the filename entry area should be
	       displayed. This is the case when	glp is invoked from the
	       Toolchest. The -F switch	forces the display of the filename
	       entry area regardless of	the state of the standard input.  When
	       -F is specified glp will	take its input only from the filename
	       entry area even if a pipe or redirection	has been specified on
	       the command line. The -F	switch should be used when invoking
	       glp from	the Toolchest, a Workspace FTR rule, or	from any
	       program that will not associate a terminal with glp's standard

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GLP(1)				Printing Tools				GLP(1)

     -N	       Runs the	glp program in non-graphical mode. In this mode	no
	       control panel is	displayed and the program acts like the
	       standard	System V lp command.

   Control Panel Usage    [Toc]    [Back]
     The glp program presents a	control	panel that consists of up to five main
     areas. These areas	are the	menu bar, filename entry area, printer
     selection area, job option	area and the action area. These	areas are
     described below.

     Menu bar  The application menu bar, located at the	top of the glp panel,
	       provides	access to all application functions. Commonly used
	       functions such as printing and option handling are also
	       accessible from buttons in the action area as described below.
	       The menu	bar contains the following items:


		    Print     Submits the specified file(s) or standard	input
			      data for printing	by the spooling	system.	In
			      graphical	mode a dialog will either confirm the
			      submittal	of the print job or display an error
			      message. In non-graphical	mode the print job ID
			      will be sent to the standard output (unless the
			      -s command line switch has been specified	or the
			      noJobId resource has been	set to True). If no
			      errors have occurred submitting the print	job to
			      the spooling system, the job submittal dialog
			      box will provide one or two buttons.  If the
			      print job	is submitted normally, both an OK and
			      an Exit button will be displayed.	The OK button
			      will dismiss the dialog and the Exit button will
			      exit the glp program. If the job was submitted
			      from the standard	input, only an Exit button
			      will be displayed.

		    Open...   Selecting	this menu item will bring up a file
			      selection	dialog box. The	file selected from the
			      dialog will be displayed in the filename entry
			      area.  Note that the previous contents of	the
			      filename entry area will be replaced by the
			      filename selected	from the selection dialog.

		    More Options...
			      Many printers provide specialized, vendorspecific
 options.	The job	option area provides a
			      text type-in field for specifying	these printer
			      specific options.	However, some printers provide
			      a	graphical dialog for specifying	the printer
			      specific options.	If such	a dialog is available
			      for the selected printer,	the More Options...
			      menu item	will have a normal appearance. If no

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GLP(1)				Printing Tools				GLP(1)

			      dialog is	available, the item will appear	grayed

			      When the More Options... item is selected, the
			      graphical	options	dialog for the selected
			      printer will be displayed. At the	same time, the
			      printer specific options type-in field in	the
			      job option area will be grayed out. When the
			      desired options have been	selected on the	option
			      dialog, the OK button on the dialog should be
			      pressed. This will remove	the dialog from	the
			      screen and will place text in the	printer
			      specific options field in	the job	option area.
			      This text	represents the options selected	on the
			      graphical	option dialog.	An Apply button	is
			      also available for specifying options without
			      dismissing the dialog. Note that the type	in
			      field in the job option area becomes ungrayed
			      and editable when	the option dialog is no	longer

		    Save Options...
			      Brings up	a dialog that allows spooler and
			      printer specific option settings to be saved to
			      disk. The	spooler	option settings	are written to
			      the file ~/.glprc. Spooler options consist of
			      all settings in the job option area except the
			      printer specific options type-in values and the
			      number of	copies.	 If printer specific options
			      have been	modified for any listed	printer, those
			      printers are listed on the dialog. These options
			      are stored on a per printer basis	in files named
			      name>/<username>.	Note that the number of	copies
			      is not saved to either file since	this option is
			      more appropriately specified on the command line
			      or via the job option are	control. Printer
			      specific options cannot be saved for printer
			      classes. If glp is run by	either the user	root
			      or lp, the Save dialog permits the saving	of
			      printer specific options for all users of	the
			      selected printer.

		    Quit      Removes the glp panel from the screen and
			      terminates the program.  Selecting this item
			      does not cancel any currently pending print

	       Other Tools

									Page 4

GLP(1)				Printing Tools				GLP(1)

			      Selecting	this menu item runs the	PrintStatus
			      program for the currently	selected printer.


		    General Help
			      Presents a dialog	containing help	information
			      for the glp program.

     Filename entry area    [Toc]    [Back]
	       This area, located in the upper left portion of the glp panel,
	       provides	a text entry field in which the	names of files to be
	       printed can be entered.	Multiple filenames may be specified
	       with each filename separated by whitespace.  Bourne shell
	       filename	meta characters	such as	'*' may	be specified but job
	       control meta characters such as ';' are not permitted.  If
	       filenames were specified	on the glp command line, these
	       filenames will appear in	the filename entry area	when the panel
	       first appears on	the screen. If the glp program standard	input
	       has been	redirected or piped from another programs output, the
	       filename	entry area will	not be displayed and all data to be
	       printed will come from the standard input.

     Printer selection area    [Toc]    [Back]
	       The left	portion	of the glp panel contains the printer
	       selection area.	This area displays a list of the printers
	       available to the	print spooling system. Any printer from	the
	       list may	be selected for	printing. If a printer was specified
	       on the command line using the -d	option,	the program will come
	       up with this printer selected on	the list (assuming the printer
	       has been	installed on the system). If a printer is not
	       specified on the	command	line, the system default printer will
	       be selected. Finally, if	there is no system default printer,
	       the first printer on the	list is	selected.

	       If a system default printer exists, it will be displayed	in
	       bold text on the	printer	list.

	       Printer status information can be obtained by double-clicking
	       on a printer on the list. This will bring up the	PrintStatus
	       tool for	the selected printer.

     Job option	area
	       This area on the	right side of the program panel	provides
	       controls	for various print job options. Mostly these controls
	       duplicate the command line options of the glp and lp programs.
	       If print	job options were specified on the glp command line,
	       they will be reflected in the initial setting of	the
	       corresponding control in	the job	option area. Any option
	       settings	specified in the ~/.glprc file will also be reflected
	       in the initial settings of the option controls with the

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GLP(1)				Printing Tools				GLP(1)

	       exception of the	number of copies.

     Action area    [Toc]    [Back]
	       The action area is located at the bottom	of the program panel
	       and contains the	push buttons for commonly used program
	       operations. The functions performed by these buttons can	also
	       be accomplished using the items in the menu bar.	The action
	       area buttons have the following functions:

	       Print	 Submits the specified file(s) or standard input data
			 for printing by the spooling system. See the above
			 explanation of	the Print menu item for	detailed
			 information about this	button.

	       More Options...
			 Displays the printer specific options panel for the
			 selected printer. See the above explanation of	the
			 More Options... menu item for detailed	information
			 about this button.

	       Save Options...
			 Brings	up a dialog that allows	spooler	and printer
			 specific option settings to be	saved to disk. See the
			 above explanation of the Save Options... menu item
			 for detailed information about	this button.

   Settings Files    [Toc]    [Back]
     On	startup	the glp	program	will read the file .glprc if it	exists in the
     user's home directory. This file is expected to contain a single line of
     option switches for the glp program. The switches are the same as those
     available on the command line except that the -d, -o, -n and -N options
     must not be specified.  Note that command line switches take the highest
     precedence	followed by the	.glprc file settings followed by the X
     resource settings.

     On	startup	the glp	program	also looks for files named
     /var/spool/lp/settings/<printer name>/<username> for each printer on the
     available printer list.  For each printer,	if the <username> file is not
     found a file name defaultSettings will be read, if	it exists.  The	file
     is	expected to contain a single line of printer specific options. The
     options are listed	as they	would be typed into the	printer	specific
     options type-in field in the job options area. Any	additional lines in
     the file will be ignored. Any printer specific options specified on the
     command line will be appended to the options found	in the settings	file
     for the initially selected	printer. Note that printer specific options
     are maintained on a per printer, per user basis. When a new printer is
     selected from the list of available printers, any options specified for
     that printer will be displayed in the job option area.

     Spooler and printer specific options can be saved using either the	Save
     Options...	button in the action area or the Save Options... item on the
     File menu.

									Page 6

GLP(1)				Printing Tools				GLP(1)

   Widget Hierarchy    [Toc]    [Back]
     The following is an abbreviated widget hierarchy for glp.

     glp (Glp)
	 menuBar (XmRowColumn)
	 printBox (PuiPrintBox)

     The glp program is	actually a wrapper around the PrintBox widget
     contained in the libprintui library. For detailed information on the
     PrintBox and its resources	refer to the man pages for libprintui(3X) and

     glp is written using the standard X toolkit and the Motif widget set. The
     program accepts all standard Xt/Motif resources and command line options.
     In	addition to these resources the	following resources are	specific to
     the glp program and may be	specified by the user.

     printerProgram (class PrinterProgram)
		    Specifies the full pathname	of the program to be executed
		    when a printer on the available printer list is doubleclicked.
 The program will be passed	the name of the
		    currently selected printer as an argument. If no program
		    is to be executed this resource should be specified	with
		    no value (i.e.  "Glp*printerProgram:"). By default the
		    PrintStatus	program	is executed.

     noJobId (class NoJobId)
		    Specifies whether the print	job ID should be displayed
		    when a print job is	successfully submitted to the spooling
		    system. If this resource is	set to True (default), the job
		    ID will be displayed. If the resource is set to False the
		    job	ID will	not be shown. If glp is	in graphical mode, the
		    job	ID will	be displayed in	a dialog box. If the program
		    is in non-graphical	mode, the job ID will be printed on
		    the	standard output.

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     1.	  The glp program submits print	job to the AT&T	System V print
	  spooler.  The	BSD spooling system is not currently supported.

     2.	  The -E command line switch is	no longer needed. The glp program will
	  silently ignore this switch.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     lp(1), PrintStatus(1), libprintui(3X), PuiPrintBox(3X)

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/Glp    Program resource file
     $HOME/.glprc		      Generic option file

									Page 7

GLP(1)				Printing Tools				GLP(1)

     /var/spool/lp/settings/<printer name>/<username>
				      Per printer, per user printer specific
				      option files
     /var/spool/lp/settings/<printer name>/defaultSettings
				      Per printer default printer specific
     /var/spool/lp/gui_model	      Printer specific graphical option
     /var/spool/lp		      Directory	for System V spooling system

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