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Tip: 1      Comments: 62
Having trouble using fetch through a firewall? Try setting the environment
variable FTP_PASSIVE_MODE to yes, and see fetch(3) for more details.
Tip: 2      Comments: 1
By pressing "Scroll Lock" you can use the arrow keys to scroll backward
through the console output.  Press "Scroll Lock" again to turn it off.
Tip: 3      Comments: 1
Want colour in your directory listings?  Use "ls -G".  "ls -F" is also useful,
and they can be combined as "ls -FG".
Tip: 4      Comments: 2632
If you need to ask a question on the FreeBSD-questions mailing list then


contains lots of useful advice to help you get the best results.
Tip: 5      Comments: 84
If you'd like to keep track of applications in the FreeBSD ports tree, take a
look at FreshPorts;

Tip: 6      Comments: 2
To search for files that match a particular name, use find(1); for example

	find / -name "*GENERIC*" -ls

will search '/', and all subdirectories, for files with 'GENERIC' in the name.
      	--  Stephen Hilton 
Tip: 7      Comments: 135
In tcsh, you can `set autolist' to have the shell automatically show
all the possible matches when doing filename/directory expansion.
Tip: 8      Comments: 926
You can `set autologout = 30' to have tcsh log you off automatically
if you leave the shell idle for more than 30 minutes.
Tip: 9      Comments: 0
If you `set filec' (file completion) in tcsh and write a part of the
filename, pressing TAB will show you the available choices when there
is more than one, or complete the filename if there's only one match.
Tip: 10      Comments: 96
You can press up-arrow or down-arrow to walk through a list of
previous commands in tcsh.
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