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LP(1)				Printing Tools				 LP(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     lp, cancel	- send/cancel requests to an LP	line printer

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     lp	[-c] [-ddest] [-m] [-nnumber] [-ooption] [-s] [-ttitle]	[-w] [-a]
     cancel [-a	[printer]] [ids] [printers]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     lp	arranges for the named files and associated information	(collectively
     called a request) to be printed by	a line printer.	 If no file names are
     mentioned,	the standard input is assumed.	The file name -	stands for the
     standard input and	may be supplied	on the command line in conjunction
     with named	files.	The order in which files appear	is the same order in
     which they	will be	printed.

     lp	associates a unique id with each request and prints it on the standard
     output.  This id can be used later	to cancel (see cancel) or find the
     status (see lpstat(1)) of the request.

     The lp command has	the following options:

     -c	       Make copies of the files	to be printed immediately when lp is
	       invoked.	 Normally, files will not be copied, but will be
	       linked whenever possible	(files that are	not readable by	the
	       user lp will always be copied).	If the -c option is not	given,
	       then the	user should be careful not to remove any of the	files
	       before the request has been printed in its entirety.  It	should
	       also be noted that in the absence of the	-c option, any changes
	       made to the named files after the request is made but before it
	       is printed will be reflected in the printed output.

     -ddest    Choose dest as the printer or class of printers that is to do
	       the printing.  If dest is a printer, then the request will be
	       printed only on that specific printer.  If dest is a class of
	       printers, then the request will be printed on the first
	       available printer that is a member of the class.	 Under certain
	       conditions (printer unavailability, file	space limitation,
	       etc.), requests for specific destinations may not be accepted
	       (see accept(1M) and lpstat(1)).	By default, dest is taken from
	       the environment variable	LPDEST (if it is set).	Otherwise, a
	       default destination (if one exists) for the computer system is
	       used.  Destination names	vary between systems (see lpstat(1)).

     -m	       Send mail (see mail(1)) after the files have been printed.  By
	       default,	no mail	is sent	upon normal completion of the print

     -nnumber  Print number copies of the output.

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LP(1)				Printing Tools				 LP(1)

     -ooption  Specify printer-dependent or class-dependent options.  Several
	       such options may	be collected by	specifying the -o keyletter
	       more than once.	Options	containing spaces need to be surounded
	       by quotes. eg -o"fontsize 7".  For more information about what
	       is valid	for options, see Models	in lpadmin(1M).

     -s	       Suppress	messages from lp(1) such as "request id	is ...".

     -ttitle   Print title on the banner page of the output.

     -w	       Write a message on the user's terminal after the	files have
	       been printed.  If the user is not logged	in, then mail will be
	       sent instead.

     Cancel cancels line printer requests that were made by the	lp(1) command.
     The command line arguments	may be either request ids (as returned by
     lp(1)) or printer names (for a complete list, use lpstat(1)).  Specifying
     a request id cancels the associated request even if it is currently
     printing.	Specifying a printer cancels the request which is currently
     printing on that printer.	In either case,	the cancellation of a request
     that is currently printing	frees the printer to print its next available

     The cancel	command	has the	following options for cancelling all pending

     -a	[printername]
	       -a with no printer name specified cancels all requests on all
	       printers.  If a printername is specified	after -a then all
	       print jobs for that printer are cancelled.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     enable(1),	lpstat(1), mail(1), accept(1M),	lpadmin(1M), lpsched(1M)

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