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PRINT(1)			Printing Tools			      PRINT(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     print - printing tools

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The print subsystem provides a printing environment for Silicon Graphics
     workstations.  The	printing environment is	built on top of	the AT&T
     System V Release 3	printer	spooling system. Graphical tools are provided
     for managing all aspects of printing.  The	print subsystem	is designed to
     take full advantage of the	SGI Impressario(1) product. Impressario
     provides a	high performance printer server	and scanning environment as
     well as support for the printing of a wide	range of file formats.

     The Printer Manager (printers(1m))	is used	primarily to perform printer
     installation and removal.	Other printing related administrative tasks
     can also be performed. These tasks	include	sending	a test page, changing
     a printer's system	connection and setting printer specific	options.  The
     Printer Manager represents	each installed printer as an icon that can
     then be dragged onto the desktop. These icons allow drag-and-drop
     printing and provide graphical printer status information when double
     cliked by invoking	the PrintStatus(1) program.

     The print job submittal tool is called glp(1) (also available as
     PrintPanel). glp is a graphical replacement for the lp(1) command.	The
     program accepts the same command line arguments as	lp. One	of the glp
     program's more interesting	features is its	graphical options panels.
     These panels provide graphical access to printer specific options.

     In	addition to providing print queue information, PrintStatus(1) displays
     detailed status information for Impressario printers, thereby quickly
     informing the user	of such	conditions as printer out of paper and paper

Common Printing	Options
     All Impressario-compatible	printers support a number of user-controllable
     features.	Users can specify whether they want banner pages printed; how
     they want text formatted; how they	want images scaled, rotated, and
     color-adjusted; and how they want PostScript documents printed.  All of
     these options are supported by all	Impressario printers, regardless of
     printer type or capability, because Impressario performing	the work in
     software on the printer server.  Users can	also control a number of
     device-dependent features,	which vary by printer.

     The common	options	supported by Impressario-compatible printers are
     available through GUI "printer-specific options panels", accessed through
     PrintPanel	or the Printer Manager.	 All of	these options can be set on a
     per-print-job basis, or saved on a	per-printer, per-user basis: each user
     can have saved settings for each printer.	System defaults	can also be
     set by the	system administrator for those users who do not	have saved
     settings already.	For customers unable or	unwilling to use graphical
     tools, all	settings can be	specified on the command line as well.

     The common	command-line equivalents for Impressario-compatible printer

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PRINT(1)			Printing Tools			      PRINT(1)

     options are specified as arguments	to the lp(1) command's -o option.  For
     instance, printing	a file while turning off a banner page for a printer
     would be accomplished as follows:

     lp	-o"nobanner" filename

     The command line options are as follows:

General	options, independent of	filetype
     banner/nobanner	 Turn on/off banner page printing.

     verbose/noverbose	 Turn on/off verbose debugging messages, reported in
			 the spooler log file /var/spool/lp/log.

PostScript file	options
     These options apply only to PostScript files following the	Adobe Document
     Structuring Conventions, version 1.0 or above.

     pspagerange	 Print the specified page range, as in pspagerange 2-

     psreversepage	 Print the document in reverse order.

			 Print only the	odd/even pages of the document.
			 Useful	when attempting	to print double-sided on a
			 single-sided printer.

Image file options    [Toc]    [Back]

     These options apply only to raster	image files supported by Impressario,
     but are independent of the	image file type.  All of the following options
     apply to all supported image types.

     bestfit		 Rotate	and scale the image to occupy the largest
			 possible amount of space on the page.

     rotate		 Rotate	the image in integer degrees, clockwise.
			 Takes one integer argument.

     flip		 Flip the image, producing a mirror image.  Useful for
			 printing transparencies and iron-on decals.

     zoom		 Scale the image to an integer percentage of the page
			 area.	Takes one floating point argument.  0.0	means
			 do not	scale, 1.0 means scale to fill page.

     ppi		 Scale the image to match the specified	input
			 resolution, in	pixels per inch.  Useful when trying
			 to print a scanned image at the original size,
			 without knowing the resolution	of the output device
			 to do so, specify the scanned resolution.  Takes one
			 positive integer argument.

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PRINT(1)			Printing Tools			      PRINT(1)

     gamma		 Adjust	the image colors by gammawarping according to
			 the single floating point argument.

Text file filtering options    [Toc]    [Back]

     These options apply only to ISO and ASCII text files.

     pstext		 Force PostScript to be	used for text processing.  If
			 not specified,	Impressario will use fastest path
			 possible, bypassing PostScript	if possible.

     landscape/portrait	 Specify page orientation, top edge longest/shortest.

     fontname		 Use specified font name if available.	Takes one
			 argument, an Adobe Type 1 font	name.

     fontsize		 Use specified font size if available.	Takes one
			 argument, a positive integer.

     columns		 Divide	the page into multiple columns.	 Takes one
			 argument, a positive integer.

			 Do/Don't reverse the page order of the	text document.

     gaudy/nogaudy	 Print gaudy (fancy) headers on	each page.

     manpage		 Used when printing manpages, to give a	standard
			 appearance, and ensure	that they page breaks appear
			 correct.  Used	by the man command with	the -t option.

NOTE    [Toc]    [Back]

     Please read the release notes for print.  They contain the	most recent
     information about the product. Release notes are provided on-line and can
     be	read using the grelnotes(1) or relnotes(1) programs, or	from the
     system Toolchest's	Help menu.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     printers(1), glp(1), PrintStatus(1), Optional product impressario(1)

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