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PRINTSTATUS(1)			Printing Tools			PRINTSTATUS(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     printstatus - graphical printer status tool

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     printstatus [ options... ]	printername

     PrintStatus is an alias for printstatus

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     printstatus, also known as	PrintStatus, provides a	graphical interface
     for monitoring printers under the AT&T System V print spooling system.
     The program can be	displayed on 24-bit, 8-bit, and	1-bit X	displays.

   Command Line	Options
     -e	updateInterval
		    Specifies the interval, in seconds,	between	updates	of the
		    printer engine status information.	This includes the icon
		    itself and the Current Printer Status area of the
		    interface.	This information is polled whether printstatus
		    is iconified or not.

     -q	updateInterval
		    Specifies the interval, in seconds,	between	updates	of the
		    printer request queue status.  This	includes the queue
		    itself; the	information in the "Printer Request Queue"
		    area of the	printstatus window.  This information is NOT
		    polled when	the printstatus	is iconified.

     -s	updateInterval
		    Specifies the interval, in seconds,	between	updates	of the
		    spooler system status.  This includes the general spooler
		    information, including whether the spooler queue for this
		    printer is enabled or disabled.  This information is NOT
		    polled when	the printstatus	window is iconified.

     -iconic	    A very useful method of invoking printstatus is either to
		    invoke it with the	-iconic	X Toolkit option or to iconify
		    it once running.  When iconified, printstatus continues to
		    monitor the	printer, and the application icon will change
		    to reflect the current printer state.  If the icon
		    displays an	undesirable state, opening the icon will give
		    detailed information on the	printer's condition.

		    When iconified, printstatus	performs only the minimal
		    amount of polling necessary	to keep	the icon updated
		    properly.  Therefore, iconifying printstatus is good
		    etiquette when monitoring shared network printers, as the
		    iconified printstatus generates very little	load on	your

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PRINTSTATUS(1)			Printing Tools			PRINTSTATUS(1)

		    network and	on your	network	host.

     printername    Specifies the printer that is to perform the printing.
		    printername	specifies the printer name. If the printername
		    option is not specified then the printer selected will be
		    the	value of the LPDEST environment	variable. If LPDEST is
		    not	set, the system	default	printer	will be	selected. If
		    there is no	system default printer,	an error message to
		    that effect	will be	printed	and the	program	will exit.

   Program Usage    [Toc]    [Back]
     The printstatus program presents a	status panel that consists of four
     main areas. These areas are the menu bar, the printer information and
     icon area,	the printer status message area, and the printer queue area.
     These areas are described below.

     Menu Bar	The menu bar provides four submenus: Printer, Queue, Other
	       Tools, and Help.

	       The Printer menu	contains options to send a test	page to	the
	       printer,	to request that	the printer status be updated
	       immediately, and	to quit	the program.  Note that	the test page
	       will not	be affected by any printer-specific settings you may
	       have set	using the PrintPanel tool.

	       The Queue menu contains options to cancel jobs and to modify
	       queueing	options.  To cancel a job, select that job in the
	       queue, and then select the cancel job menu option.  If the job
	       you select was not submitted from your workstation, the cancel
	       job menu	choice will be disabled.  To set queueing options, you
	       must be running the tool	as the system adminstrator.  To	toggle
	       job acceptance for the local printer queue, simply select the
	       menu choice Printer Accepting Your Jobs and the state of	that
	       function	will be	toggled.  To toggle job	printing for the local
	       printer queue, simply select the	menu choice Printer Printing
	       Your Jobs and the state of that function	will be	toggled.  The
	       state of	these toggle buttons is	automatically updated at set
	       intervals in case the printer queue is modified from outside

	       The Other Tools menu allows you to launch other printingrelated
 tools, such as the PrintPanel for submitting jobs and
	       setting printer-specific	options, PrintManager for adding and
	       deleting	printers, and PrintStatus for another printer.	If any
	       of these	programs is not	properly installed, its	menu entry
	       will be greyed out.

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PRINTSTATUS(1)			Printing Tools			PRINTSTATUS(1)

	       The Help	menu allows you	to launch an online help dialog, which
	       should provide helpful information.  It better, or it isn't
	       doing its job.

     Printer Information And Icon Area    [Toc]    [Back]

	       The top left portion of the printstatus main panel contains the
	       printer status icon, and	the top	right contains several lines
	       of information about that printer.  The icon graphically
	       displays	the current state of the printer being monitored.
	       There are three states:	Idle, Printing,	and Faulted.  The idle
	       state is	indicated by a plain printer icon on a green
	       background.  The	Printing state is indicated by a printer icon
	       plus a stack of waiting paper on	a yellow background.  The
	       faulted state is	indicated by a broken printer on a red
	       background.  (See the Printer Status Message Area description
	       below for more detailed status.)

	       The textual printer information presented is the	name of	the
	       printer as known	to your	local spooler, the model and type of
	       printer as it was installed on the printer host,	and the	method
	       of connection.  If the printer is locally connected, a device
	       such as '/dev/plp' will be listed here.	If the printer is a
	       remote printer connected	to another system, the name of that
	       host system will	be listed.

     Printer Status Message Area    [Toc]    [Back]

	       This area contains two major features.  First is	the current
	       printer state, which is one of Idle, Printing, or Faulted.
	       These states correspond to the green, yellow, and red icons,
	       respectively.  Detailed printer status information is presented
	       in the scrollable list immediately below.  Look in this area to
	       determine what the nature of the	faulted	condition may be.
	       Common problems such as out of paper or offline are easily
	       diagnosed from where you	sit using this information.

	       If the printer you are monitoring is not	an Impressario
	       printer,	it may not be capable of reporting this	detailed
	       status.	In that	case the icon and the status area may not ever
	       change, and a message to	that effect will be placed in the
	       status area.  In	this case you may find it useful to resize the
	       status list area	by dragging the	lower sash up to the upper
	       sash, thereby conserving	screen real estate.  You may also wish
	       to upgrade the printer server to	an Impressario printer server
	       to obtain the detailed feedback which that package provides.

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PRINTSTATUS(1)			Printing Tools			PRINTSTATUS(1)

     Printer Queue Area    [Toc]    [Back]

	       The jobs	currently in the queue for this	printer	are displayed
	       here.  To cancel	a job, select that job and then	pull down the
	       queue menu, releasing your mouse	button on the Cancel Selected
	       Job entry.  If you are running the tool as the administrator,
	       you may also be provided	with the opportunity to	forward	the
	       job to another printer.

     printstatus is written using the standard X toolkit and the Motif widget
     set. The program accepts all standard Xt/Motif resources and command line

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     printstatus submits test jobs only	to the AT&T System V print spooler.
     The BSD spooling system is	not currently supported.

     printstatus by default updates the	status information every 5 seconds,
     the queue every 15	seconds, and the general information such as the
     presence of the Other Tools menu entries and queueing state (enabled,
     accepting)	every 30 seconds.  These values	may be changed by specifying
     the -e, -q, and -s	options.  Remembering that these values	are polled at
     set intervals may be helpful in understanding why some status updates are
     not immediate.  Selecting Update Printer Status immediately updates all
     three classes of status information, without resetting any	of the other

KNOWN BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     printstatus polls for spooler information by using	libspool(3), which,
     because of	limitations in the System VR3 spooler, must use	rshd(1M) to
     query remote spooler information.	If your	printer	host has access
     logging turned on,	this polling behavior can result in large system log
     files if users leave their	printstatus windows around for long periods.
     The proper	solution to this is to iconify your printstatus	windows:
     printstatus does not use rshd(1M) to query	engine status (see -e switch,
     above), and thus will not log accesses on the printer host.  Iconifying
     printstatus generates the lowest resource utilization: all	engine status
     queries are done via the highly efficient RPC mechanism inside libpod(3).

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     lp(1), lpadmin(1M), PrintPanel(1)

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/Printstatus    Program resource file

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