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      The *nix documentation project is meant to provide online searchable documentation for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, HP-UX, Tru64 and other Unix like operating systems.

      Currently hosting over 25000 manual pages, over 200 Linux Howtos, over 100 FreeBSD tips and a friendly comunity forum where your questions will be answered.

Random man page:  XmRenderTableGetTags(3) -- A convenience function that gets rendition tags
XmRenderTableGetTags searches the specified table for the XmNtag resources of all the renditions (XmRenditions) entries. These tag resources are then composed into an array. table Specifies the table containing the XmRenditions. tag_list Is the array of XmStringTags generated by this function. The function allocates space to hold the returned tags and to hold the tag_list itself. The application i...
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If you use the C shell, add the following line to the .cshrc file in your
home directory to prevent core files from being written to disk:

	limit coredumpsize 0
		-- Dru 
[06/07/2005]: Added man pages for IRIX
[26/02/2005]: Added man pages for HP-UX 11i
[16/02/2005]:Added FreeBSD Tips from freebsd-tips fortune database. Now you can search the tips, comment on them and add new ones.
[06/02/2005]: Added Linux HowTos section
[27/01/2005]:Added a forum where users can post questions /answers , and talk about *nix .
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