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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       sys_attrs_netrain - netrain subsystem attributes

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       This reference page lists and describes attributes for the
       Redundant Array of Independent Network adapters  (NetRAIN)
       (netrain) kernel subsystem. Refer to the sys_attrs(5) reference
 page for an introduction to  the  topic  of  kernel
       subsystem attributes.

              A  value  that enables (1) or disables (0) the logging
 of NetRAIN debug messages in  syslog  kern.log

              Do   not   modify  the  default  setting  for  this
              attribute unless instructed to do  so  by  HewlettPackard
  Company  support personnel or by patch kit

              Default value: 0 (disabled)

              The number of NetRAIN devices allowed on  the  system.
 The first NetRAIN device is nr0.

              Default value: 128 (devices)

              Minimum value: 0

              Maximum value: 512

              The  maximum nr device number is nr_maxdev - 1. For
              example, using the default value of 128, the  maximum
 NetRAIN device number is nr127.

              The  time  interval or frequency between successive
              polls of a dead interface by the NetRAIN  interface
              recovery thread.

              Default value: 6 (seconds)

              Minimum value: 0.5

              Maximum value: INT_MAX, or 2 billion

              The  total  amount  of  time for the nifftmt thread
              routine to declare  an  interface  dead  (from  the
              GREEN state to the DEAD state).

              Default value: 10 (seconds)

              Minimum value: 1.1

              Maximum value: INT_MAX, or 2 billion

              The  time  interval or frequency between successive
              reads of a  NetRAIN  interface's  counters  by  the
              nifftmt  thread  when the network is operating normally.

              Default value: 4 (seconds)

              Minimum value: 0.5

              Maximum value: INT_MAX, or 2 billion

       You can specify decimal values (for example, 2.5  or  0.8)
       for  nr_timeout_dead_interface, nr_timeout_o, and nr_timeout_t.
  When you reconfigure any of these values by  using
       the sysconfig -r command, they are all validated together.
       If any value fails validation, all previous (valid) values
       are  restored  and  EINVAL is returned. Each value must be
       greater than or equal to its minimum value.

       The nr_timeout_o and nr_timeout_t values are validated  in
       conjunction  with  a third timer value (dt), calculated as
       (nr_timeout_t - nr_timeout_o) / 3. These  3  timer  values
       are validated as described in nifftmt(7).

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       sys_attrs(5), nifftmt(7)

       Network Administration: Connections

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