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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       sys_attrs_lsm - lsm subsystem attributes

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       This reference page lists and describes attributes for the
       Logical Storage Manager (lsm) kernel subsystem.  Refer  to
       sys_attrs(5)  for  an  introduction to the topic of kernel
       subsystem attributes.

              A value that enables (1) or disables (0) statistics
              gathering by LSM software.

              Default: 1 (enabled)

              Disabling  LSM  statistics  gathering is not recommended.
 It provides a marginal performance improvement
  that  is  useful  only  for  certain types of
              benchmarking operations.

              A value that sets (1) or unsets  (0,  the  default)
              reduced  locking on multiple-CPU systems (such as a
              GS1280) by reducing the need for certain spin locks
              in  the kernel. This results in less LSM kernel I/O
              spinlock contention. Using this spin  lock  performance
 feature reduces some of the debugging statistics
 that are normally maintained.

              When this attribute is set to 1, you cannot  reduce
              the  number of daemons (with the voliod command) to
              0, even with the force option.  See voliod(8).

              A value set by the subsystem software  to  indicate
              whether  the root (/) file system is on an LSM volume.
 The following values are set by the subsystem:
              If  the  root file is not on an LSM volume.  If the
              root file is on an LSM volume.

              Do not modify the value for this  attribute  unless
              instructed  to  do  so  by  support personnel or by
              patch kit instructions.

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