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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       sys_attrs_dli - dli subsystem attributes

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       This reference page lists and describes attributes for the
       Data Link Interface (dli) kernel subsystem. Refer  to  the
       sys_attrs(5)  reference  page  for  an introduction to the
       topic of kernel subsystem attributes.

              The number of received packets that are  queued  to

              Default value: 512 (packets)

              Minimum value: 0

              Maximum value: 1024

              If  many  packets  are  dropped,  you  may  want to
              increase the value.

              A value that enables (1) or disables (0)  MOP_SYSID
              messages,  which  are sent out periodically to keep
              bridges informed about the system's location on the

              In  some  cases,  these messages might be misinterpreted
 by legacy realtime devices that are  configured
 to respond to broadcast messages. If this happens,
 you can disable the messages to  resolve  the

              Default value: 1 (enabled)

              A  value  that  enables  (1)  or  disables  (0) the
              requirement that the user of the raw socket  interface
  must  be  root.  Setting  this attribute to 0
              allows any user to use the raw socket interface  to

              DECnet  and  STREAMS protocol stacks use a DLI-provided
 raw interface to the  data  link.   DLI  also
              provides a raw socket interface.

              Default value: 1 (enabled)

              In  a  TruCluster  environment,  the  value of this
              attribute must be the same for all member  systems.

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       Network Programmer's Guide

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