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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       intro - Introduction to library functions

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       Section  3  reference pages describe functions that may be
       found in various libraries.   The  library  functions  are
       those  other than the functions that directly invoke Tru64
       UNIX system primitives, described in Section  2  reference

       Some  reference pages in Section 3 may contain suffixes to
       allow their files to exist with those of  other  reference
       pages  having  the same base name and section number. When
       used, suffixes are made up of one to  four  letters.   See
       the  man(1)  reference  page  for more information on suffixes.

       To use the reentrant functions and data structures identified
  as  "obsolete"  in  Section 3 reference pages, it is
       necessary to define  the  preprocessor  symbol  _REENTRANT
       prior to including the associated include file. If this is
       not done, prototypes and supplementary data structures for
       these  functions  may  not  be  defined.   This  symbol is
       defined for you  if  you  use  the  -threads  or  -pthread
       switches to the cc or c89 command.

       All  libc  functions are threadsafe unless otherwise indicated
 on their respective reference pages.  The  following
       table   lists  non-threadsafe  libc  functions  and  their
       threadsafe equivalents (which are provided in libc.so  for
       use in multithreaded applications):

       Not Threadsafe   Threadsafe Equivalent
       asctime          asctime_r
       ctime            ctime_r
       endpwent         endpwent_r
       fgetgrent        fgetgrent_r
       fgetpwent        fgetpwent_r
       getgrent         getgrent_r
       getgrgid         getgrgid_r
       getgrname        getgrname_r
       getpwent         getpwent_r
       getpwnam         getpwnam_r
       getpwuid         getpwuid_r
       gmtime           gmtime_r
       localtime        localtime_r
       rand             rand_r
       readdir          readdir_r
       setpwent         setpwent_r
       strtok           strtok_r

       The following functions are not threadsafe and do not have
       threadsafe    equivalents:    registerrpc,    svc_destroy,
       svc_freeargs,   svc_getargs,   svc_getcaller,  svc_getreq,
       svc_getreqset,   svc_register,   svc_run,   svc_sendreply,
       svc_unregister, svcerr_auth, svcerr_decode, svcerr_noproc,
       svcerr_noprog,     svcerr_progvers,      svcerr_systemerr,
       svcerr_weakauth,  svcfd_create, svcraw_create, svctcp_create,
 svcudp_create, xprt_register, xprt_unregister

ERRORS    [Toc]    [Back]

       Functions in the math library may return conventional values
 when the function is undefined for the given arguments
       or when the value is not representable.  In  these  cases,
       the  external  variable  errno is set to the value of EDOM
       (domain error)  or  ERANGE  (range  error).   For  further
       information,  see intro(2).  The values of EDOM and ERANGE
       are defined in the include file <math.h>.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       cc(1), ld(1), nm(1), intro(2)

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