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dmplay(1)							     dmplay(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     dmplay - digital media file player	utility

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     dmplay [options] [-p display_port]	[-p audio] filename

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     dmplay plays back a movie file which contains a JPEG-compressed video

     By	default, dmplay	shows the video	output in a window on your monitor as
     well as to	video output devices connected to mvp (built-in	on O2
     systems), impact (Impact or Octane	Video, as well as the Impact or	Octane
     Compression options), ev1 (Indy Video, Indigo2 Video, and Galileo Video,
     for other systems). A hardware decompressor (ice for O2 systems, impact
     for Impact	and Octane Compression,	cosmo for others) is used to decode
     the image track by	default.

     dmplay can	optionally be instructed to display the	image track only in a
     graphics window, or (on O2	systems) only to video.	 It can	also
     decompress	the track using	software JPEG decompression (to	a graphics
     window) if	the hardware decompressor is not available.

     The O2 version of dmplay can handle movies	in either the old SGI format
     or	the new	QuickTime format. Other	versions may only be able to play back
     movies in the SGI format.

OPTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]

     -h	  help

	  With this flag, dmplay prints	a detailed description of the command
	  line options.	It is tailored to show only what are actually
	  available on your system for parameters that are system-dependent,
	  such as, the video device, the decompressor engine, etc.

     -v	  verbose

	  If the verbose option	is specified, information is printed about the
	  movie	and the	play back parameters.  Multiple	-v options may be
	  specified to increase	the amount of information printed.

     -p	  graphics|video[,device=D][,engine=E|sw]

	  Specify video	port: display the image	track in a graphics window
	  only,	or to video outputs connected to the video device, which must
	  be mvp for O2	systems, impact	for Impact and Octane Video, and ev1
	  for others. The hardware decompression engine	must be	ice for	O2
	  systems, impact for Impact and Octane	Compression, and cosmo for
	  others.  Software decompression engine, specified by sw, is
	  available on all systems.

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dmplay(1)							     dmplay(1)

     -p	  audio

	  Enable audio port: play back audio track if present in file. This is
	  the default.

	  Audio	playback is supressed if video is not displayed	in real-time,
	  such as when software	decompression engine is	used, or when graphics
	  display is chosen for	systems	using cosmo engine. O2 systems can
	  play synchronized audio with video as	long as	ice is used as the
	  decompression	engine,	regardless of whether graphics or video	is
	  chosen for display.

     -g	  no graphics display

	  For O2 systems only. This option supresses graphics window display.
	  If video is the display port (either specified or selected by
	  default), this option	causes the display to be sent only to video
	  outputs.  If graphics	is the display port, this option supresses the
	  showing of the movie's video track entirely, resulted	in an audioonly

     -f	  force	sample rate

	  Forces dmplay	to change the audio hardware's sample rate regardless
	  of whether another application is running.

     -E	  [auto	| key]

	  If auto, dmplay closes the window and	exits as soon as the playback
	  completes.  If key, dmplay waits for user input (mouse click)	after
	  playback.  auto is the default.

     -L	  [repeat | none or spin1 | spin2]

	  Loop mode: if	not specified from the command-line, the loop mode
	  specified in the movie file header serves as the default. Swing-mode
	  looping is not supported. If spin1 then repeat last field at end of
	  playback. If spin2 then repeat last frame - 2	fields - at the	end.

     -z	  n/d
	  Zoom output to n/d.  The zoom	may be either greater or less than
	  one.	Not all	zoom factors are supported; dmplay will	use whatever
	  value	is closest to the one specified.  The zoom factor may be
	  specified as a floating point	value or a rational number, e.g. .25
	  is equivalent	to 1/4.


     The following playback modes, among others, are supported.

     Play back using default hardware decompression engine to a	window and
     video outputs, with synchronized audio playback if	the movie contains an
     audio track:

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dmplay(1)							     dmplay(1)

     dmplay file.mv

     Play back using an	ev1 video window and Cosmo JPEG	decompression, with
     synchronized audio	playback if the	movie contains an audio	track:

     dmplay -p video,device=ev1,engine=cosmo file.mv

     Play back using a graphics	window and Cosmo JPEG decompression (audio
     will not be played):

     dmplay -p graphics,engine=cosmo file.mv

     Play back on an O2	system using graphics window and hardware (ice)	JPEG
     decompression, with synchronized audio playback if	the movie contains an
     audio track:

     dmplay -p graphics,engine=ice file.mv

     Play back using a graphics	window and software JPEG decompression (audio
     will not be played):

     dmplay -p graphics,engine=sw file.mv

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     dmrecord(1), sfplay(1), dmconvert(1), movieplayer(1), soundplayer(1)

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