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annotator(1)							  annotator(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     annotator - 3D Annotation with Digital Media Notes

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     annotator [-esRr] [file]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     IRIS Annotator is an authoring environment	for annotating 3D models.
     Annotator is based	on a 3D	geometry viewer	for viewing and	manipulating
     3D	models.	 Analogous to 2D redlining, it also allows you to annotate the
     models using 3D markers.  You then	create and/or import multi-media notes
     that present additional information about the model, and attach them to
     the markers.  Finally, you	can save the annotated model, and mail it to
     others for	their review.

     Annotator optionally takes	a filename on the command line.	The file can
     be	an Inventor file or an annotator file from a previous session.	By
     default, annotator	starts up with an empty	scene if a file	is not
     specified.	The File menu allows you to Open or Import files.

     For more information please refer to IRIS Annotator User's	Guide and the
     online help.

     The following command line	options	apply to annotator:

       -R      Replace annotator's current scene with the one in the specified
	       file.  If no annotator process is running, start	one.

       -r      Same as the -R option, but mark the specified scene as new.
	       When you	subsequently save the scene in annotator it will not
	       overwrite the file specified on the command line.  Instead, you
	       will be prompted	for a file name	for the	saved scene.

       -e      Start up	in edit	mode. By default, annotator starts up in
	       view-only mode if a file	is specified, and edit mode if the
	       initial scene is	empty.	Use the	Edit toggle under the Edit
	       menu to switch between edit mode	and view-only mode.

       -s      Prevent System Call Notes from being played during marker
	       playback	(default is to play them, unless user id is root).
	       This can	be used	to prevent potentially dangerous system	calls
	       from being executed when	playing	an unknown document.


     Annotator uses netscape as	its default viewer for World Wide Web Link
     notes.  Setting the environment variable WEBBROWSER to xmosaic allows you
     to	use the	NCSA xmosaic viewer instead.

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annotator(1)							  annotator(1)

     During the	creation and playback of notes,	annotator often	creates
     temporary files on	disk.  By default, these files are placed in your
     /usr/tmp directory. Setting the environment variable TMPDIR allows	you to
     specify a different directory for these files.

     If	you install SGI's version of the netscape web browser, your
     /usr/local/lib/netscape/mime.types	and /usr/local/lib/netscape/mailcap
     files will	contain	an entry for annotator documents with the file
     extension .ano. In	an .html document, following a link to a document with
     the .ano extension	will launch annotator with the -r option.



FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/sbin/annotator	    The	program
     /usr/share/data/materials	    Material palettes
     /usr/share/data/textures	    Texture palettes
     /usr/share/data/models	    Sample 3D data files
     /usr/share/Annotator	    Sample annotated scenes

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     IRIS Annotator User's Guide, Annotator online help.

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