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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       fza - DEFZA FDDI Network Interface

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

       config_driver fza

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       The  fza  interface  is a high speed TURBOchannel bus to a
       100 Mbit/second Fiber Distributed  Data  Interface  (FDDI)
       timed  token  ring  network  adapter.   The  fza interface
       allows the host system to be  an  FDDI  single  attachment

       The host's Internet address is specified at boot time with
       an  SIOCSIFADDR  ioctl.  The  fza  interface  employs  the
       address  resolution  protocol  described  in arp(7) to map
       dynamically between Internet and  FDDI  addresses  on  the
       local network.

       The  Maximum Transmit Unit (MTU) size for fza interface is
       4352 bytes, which is substantially larger  that  the  1500
       bytes  maximum packet size of the Ethernet interfaces. The
       fza interface does not support the BSD trailer  encapsulation.

       The  SIOCRPHYSADDR  ioctl can be used to read the physical
       address of the DEFZA adapter. The physical address of  the
       DEFZA adapter cannot be changed.

       The  SIOCADDMULTI  and  SIOCDELMULTI ioctls can be used to
       add or delete multicast addresses. The DEFZA  supports  up
       to  64  multicast  addresses.  The  argument to the latter
       ioctls is  a  pointer  to  an  ifreq  structure  found  in

       The  SIOCRDCTRS  ioctl can be used to read the FDDI driver
       counters. The DEFZA adapter status and characteristics can
       also  be read through this ioctl by providing an FDDI_STATUS
 flag.  The argument to this ioctl is a  pointer  to  a
       counter  or status structure, ctrreq, found in <net/if.h>.

       The SIOCENABLBACK and SIOCDISABLBACK ioctls can be used to
       enable  and  disable  the interface loopback mode, respectively.

       The SIOCEEUPDATE ioctl can be used to update the adapter's

       The SIOCIFRESET ioctl can be used to reset the adapter.

       Some  of  the  FDDI link characteristics can be changed by
       the SIOCIFSETCHAR  ioctl.  These  characteristics  include
       Request  Token  Rotation  Time (T_REQ), Valid Transmission
       Time, Link Error Monitor (LEM) Threshold, Restricted Token
       Timeout, and Ring Purger Enable. The latter two characteristics
 are supported by the  firmware  revision  V1.2  and
       higher. The T_REQ, Valid Transmission Time, and Restricted
       Token Timeout value are based on 80 ns units. The  setable
       FDDI attributes are shown in the following table.

       Attribute Name                  Range                  Default Value
       Requested Token Rotation Time   4.0ms to 167.77208ms   8.0ms
       Valid Transmission Time         2.35ms to 5.2224ms     2.621ms
       Restricted Token Timeout        0ms to 10000ms         1000ms
       LEM Threshold                   5 to 8                 8
       Ring Purger Enable              True or False          True

       For  a  LEM  Threshold attribute value of N, the threshold
       value is 10 of power -N.  The Ring Purger can be  disabled
       by setting the Ring Purger Enable field value to zero. The
       unchanged characteristics need to be filled  by  a  -1  or
       0xffffffff  value. The argument to this ioctl is a pointer
       to an ifchar structure found in  <net/if.h>.  To  set  the
       FDDI link characteristics, use the following form:

       ioctl(s, SIOCIFSETCHAR, ifchar)

       struct  ifchar  *ifchar;

       The following example changes the Restricted Token Timeout
       value to 16ms and disables the Ring Purger mode:

       int s ; struct ifchar ifchar;

               if((s = socket( AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0 )) < 0 )


               ifchar.ifc_treq = 200000 ;     /* 200000 * 80 ns =
       16 ms */
               ifchar.ifc_rtoken = -1;        /* unchanged */
               ifchar.ifc_tvx = -1;           /* unchanged */
               ifchar.ifc_lem = -1;           /* unchanged */
               ifchar.ifc_ring_purger = 0 ;   /* disable the ring
       purger */

               if(ioctl( s, SIOCIFSETCHAR, &ifchar) < 0 )

       The FDDI link characteristics can be  displayed  by  using
       the following command: netstat -I interface -s

       To  obtain  the  physical  address of the adapter, use the
       SIOCRPHYSADDR ioctl as in the following program example:

       #include  <stdio.h>               /*   standard   I/O   */
       #include   <errno.h>                /*  error  numbers  */
       #include <sys/socket.h>         /* socket  definitions  */
       #include  <sys/ioctl.h>           /*  ioctls  */  #include
       <net/if.h>             /* generic interface structures */

       main() {
         int s,i;
         static   struct  ifdevea  devea;
         /* Get a socket */
         s = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_DGRAM,0);
         if (s < 0) {
         if (ioctl(s,SIOCRPHYSADDR,&devea) < 0) {
         printf("Address is ");
         for (i = 0; i < 6; i++)
            printf("%X ", devea.default_pa[i] & 0xff);
         close(s); }

       To reset the adapter, use the SIOCIFRESET ioctl as in  the
       following program example:

       #include   <stdio.h>                /*   standard  I/O  */
       #include  <errno.h>               /*  error   numbers   */
       #include  <sys/socket.h>          /* socket definitions */
       #include  <sys/ioctl.h>           /*  ioctls  */  #include
       <net/if.h>             /* generic interface structures */

       main() {
         int s;
         struct  ifreq  data;
         /* Get a socket */
         s = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_DGRAM,0);
         if (s < 0) {
         if (ioctl(s,SIOCIFRESET,&data) < 0) {
         close(s); }

ERRORS    [Toc]    [Back]

       Diagnostic  error messages contain information provided by
       the fza driver. For example: The  DEFZA  adapter  did  not
       pass  the power-up selftest during autoconfiguration.  The
       DEFZA adapter cannot be initialized.   The  DEFZA  adapter
       went  to  the  Halt  state  because of an adapter firmware
       fault.  The network link went down which  means  than  the
       station  is  not  on the FDDI ring.  A Ring Initialization
       unsolicited event has been received from the fza%d  interface.
   An  invalid  T_REQ  value  was  discovered  by the
       adapter while user was trying  to  change  the  FDDI  link

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       netstat(1), arp(7), inet(7), fddi_config(8)

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