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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       sys_attrs_gpc_input - gpc_input subsystem attributes

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       This reference page lists and describes attributes for the
       GPC Input (gpc_input)  kernel  subsystem.  This  subsystem
       handles  mouse  and  keyboard input for both old style LK*
       keyboards and serial mice, and the newer  PC-style  (PS/2)
       keyboards and mice. In all supported scan codesets, unique
       single-byte  scan  codes  differentiate   the   standalone
       Insert,  Home,  Page  Up,  Page Down, Delete, and End keys
       from the same keys on the numeric keypad  (with  Num  Lock
       toggled to off).

       Refer  to the sys_attrs(5) reference page for an introduction
 to the topic of kernel subsystem attributes.

       The gpc subsystem has a number of visible attributes.   Of
       these, only the following should ever be modified:

              A  value that identifies the scan codeset generated
              by the keyboard. Only two values are supported  for
              this attribute. The scan codesets that these values
              identify differ in how internal  keyboard  hardware
              distinguishes between the numeric keypad's Up Arrow
              (entered with with Num Lock toggled  off)  and  the
              standalone  Up  Arrow key.  Keyboard hardware sends
              different single-byte scan codes to distinguish the
              standalone  Up  Arrow  and  the  Up  Arrow  entered
              through the numeric keyboard (with Num Lock toggled
              off).   Keyboard  hardware  sends two bytes for the
              standalone Up Arrow and a single-byte scan code for
              the  Up Arrow entered through the numeric keyboard.

              These values are intended to be set by system software,
  not  users. Although both values (scan codesets)
 work with most of the HP keyboards (both  LK*
              and PC-style) used with Tru64 UNIX systems, 3 identifies
 the scan codeset that is most efficient  for
              these  keyboards.  The  keyboard  of  the AlphaBook
              (laptop) computer is the  only  supported  keyboard
              that  requires  the  2  setting.  The scan codesets
              identified by these  values  may  work  with  other
              (third-party) keyboards; however, we do not test or
              support other keyboards for  use  with  Tru64  UNIX

              It  is  possible  to  set  kbd_scancode to a 0 or 1
              value.  These values are  currently  undefined  and
              will result in one of the following console errors:

              gpc_input_configure: scan code not supported

              ps2_input_configure: scan code not supported

              These errors are  displayed  independently  of  the
              setting for the gpc_developer_debug attribute.

              Enables (1) or disables (0) boot- and run-time console
 messages used by systems programmers to  debug
              device driver configuration problems.

              Default value: 0 (disabled)

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