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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       TACTIS, tactis - A character encoding system (codeset) for

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       The TACTIS (Thai API Consortium/Thai Industrial  Standard)
       codeset  consists  of  the  following  two character sets:
       ASCII (ISO 646-1983) TIS 620-2533

              These characters are 8-bit coded, ranging  from  00
              to FF.

   ASCII Characters    [Toc]    [Back]
       In  the  TACTIS  codeset,  all ASCII characters are implemented
 in the form of single-byte, 7-bit characters;  that
       is,  the most significant bit (MSB) of ASCII characters is
       always set off. For more information, refer to ascii(5).

   TIS 620-2533 Characters    [Toc]    [Back]
       The TIS 620-2533 character set includes 89 characters that
       are  categorized  as  follows:  Consonants:  44 Vowels: 18
       total (5 leading vowels, 6 following vowels, 2 below  vowels,
  and  5 above vowels) Tone marks: 4 Diacritics: 5  (4
       above diacritics and 1 below diacritic) NonComposibles:  8
       (1 nobreak space, 10 Thai digits, and 6 Thai special characters)


              Thai digits are not recognized  by  the  isdigit(),
              iswdigit(), isxdigit(), and iswxdigit(), isalnum(),
              and iswalnum() functions.  Many  applications  make
              assumptions about how a digit character can be converted
 to  its  numeric  equivalent.  Changing  the
              functions  to  recognize  Thai  digits  would break
              these applications.

   Code Ranges in the TACTIS Codeset    [Toc]    [Back]
       In the TACTIS codeset, the most significant bit (MSB) of a
       byte  is set on in codes for TIS 620-2533 characters. This
       differentiates TIS  620-2533  character  code  from  ASCII
       character code.

       Following  are  the code ranges for each of the five categories
 of Thai characters in the codeset:

       Category                   Code Range (hex)
       Consonants                 A1 to CE
       Leading vowels             E0 to E4
       Normal following vowels    D0, D2, D3, E5
       Special following vowels   C4, C6
       Below vowels               D8, D9
       Above vowels               D1, D4 to D7
       Tone marks                 E8 to EB
       Above diacritics           E7, EC to EE
       Below diacritics           DA
       Nobreak space              A0
       Thai digits                F0 to F9

       Thai special characters    CF, DF, E6, EF, FA, FB

       In TACTIS, the hexadecimal code  points  of  TIS  620-2533
       characters are as follows:

        A0 NO-BREAK SPACE      C0 PO SAMPOW        E0 SARA E
        A1 KO KAI              C1 MO MA            E1 SARA AE
        A2 KHO KHAI            C2 YO YAK           E2 SARA O
        A3  KHO  KHUAT            C3  RO RUA           E3 SARA AI
        A4 KHO KHWAI           C4  RU                E4  SARA  AI
        A5 KHO KHON            C5 LO LING          E5 LAKKHANGYAO
        A6 KHO RAKHANG         C6 LU               E6 MAIYAMOK
        A7 NGO NGU             C7 WO WAEN          E7 MAITAIKHU
        A8 CHO CHAN            C8 SO SALA          E8 MAI EK
        A9 CHO CHING           C9 SO RUSI          E9 MAI THO
        AA CHO CHANG           CA SO SUA           EA MAI TRIE
        AB SO SO               CB HO HEEP          EB  MAI  CHATTAWA

        AC CHO CHOE            CC LO CHULA         EC THANTHAKHAT
        AD YO YING             CD O ANG            ED NIKHANHIT
        AE DO CHADA            CE HO NOKHUK        EE YAMAKKAN
        AF TO PATAK            CF PAIYANNOI        EF FONGMAN
        B0 THO THO THAN        D0 SARA A           F0 THAI ZERO
        B2 THO PHOO THAO       D2 SARA AA          F2 THAI TWO
        B3 NOR NANE            D3 SARA AM          F3 THAI THREE
        B4 DOR DEK             D4 SARA E           F4 THAI FOUR
        B5 TO TAO              D5 SARA EE          F5 THAI FIVE
        B6 THO THUNG           D6 SARA UR          F6 THAI SIX
        B7 THO THAHAN          D7 SARA UUR         F7 THAI SEVEN
        B8 THO THONG           D8 SARA U           F8 THAI EIGHT
        B9 NO NU               D9 SARA UU          F9 THAI NINE
        BA BO BAIMAI           DA PHINTHU          FA ANGKHANKHU
        BB PO PLA              DB                  FB KHOMUT
        BC PHO PERNG           DD                  FC
        BD FO FA               DE                  FD
        BE PO PAN              DF BAHT             FE
        BF FO FAN              FF

       For  more  information  on  Thai  characters,   refer   to

   Fonts for TIS 620 2533    [Toc]    [Back]
       The  operating  system  provides  both  screen and printer
       fonts for TIS 620 2533 characters.

       The following bitmap fonts reflect various sizes and typefaces
 for 75dpi and 100dpi display devices:



       The operating system provides the following Thai fonts for
       PostScript printers: AngsanaUPC-Bold AngsanaUPC-BoldItalic
       AngsanaUPC-Italic  AngsanaUPC-Light  CordiaUPC-Bold   CordiaUPC-BoldItalic
     CordiaUPC-Italic     CordiaUPC-Light
       EucrosiaUPC-Bold EucrosiaUPC-BoldItalic EucrosiaUPC-Italic
       EucrosiaUPC-Light   FreesiaUPC-Bold  FreesiaUPC-BoldItalic
       FreesiaUPC-Italic FreesiaUPC-Light  IrisUPC-Bold  IrisUPCBoldItalic
  IrisUPC-Italic  IrisUPC-Light  JasmineUPC-Bold
       JasmineUPC-BoldItalic  JasmineUPC-Italic  JasmineUPC-Light
       KodchiangUPC-Bold   KodchiangUPC-BoldItalic  KodchiangUPCItalic
 KodchiangUPC-Light LilyUPC-Bold  LilyUPC-BoldItalic
       LilyUPC-Italic       LilyUPC-Light       WaterlilyUPC-Bold
       WaterlilyUPC-BoldItalic WaterlilyUPC-Italic  WaterlilyUPCLight
  YuccaUPC-Bold  YuccaUPC-BoldItalic  YuccaUPC-Italic

       For general information on printing Asian  language  text,
       refer to i18n_printing(5).

   Codeset Conversion    [Toc]    [Back]
       The following converter pairs are available for converting
       data between TACTIS and other encoding formats.  Refer  to
       iconv_intro(5)  for an introduction to codeset conversion.
       For more information about the  other  codeset  for  which
       TACTIS  is  the  input  or  output, see the reference page
       specified in the list item.  cp874_TACTIS, TACTIS_cp874

              Converting  from  and  to   PC   code   page   874:
              code_page(5) UTF-16_TACTIS, TACTIS_UTF-16

              Converting   from   and   to   UTF-16:   Unicode(5)
              UCS-4_TACTIS, TACTIS_UCS-4

              Converting from and to UCS-4: Unicode(5) UTF-8_TACTIS,

              Converting from and to UTF-8: Unicode(5)

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       Commands: locale(1)

       Others: code_page(5), ascii(5), i18n_intro(5), i18n_printing(5), iconv_intro(5), Thai(5), Unicode(5), Wototo(5)

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