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stat(5)								       stat(5)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     stat - data returned by stat system call

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/stat.h>

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The system	calls stat, lstat and fstat return data	in a stat structure,
     which is defined in stat.h	 and includes the following members:
	dev_t	     st_dev;
	ino_t	     st_ino;
	mode_t	     st_mode;
	nlink_t	     st_nlink;
	uid_t	     st_uid;
	gid_t	     st_gid;
	dev_t	     st_rdev;
	off_t	     st_size;
	timespec_t   st_atim;
	timespec_t   st_mtim;
	timespec_t   st_ctim;
	long	     st_blksize;
	blkcnt_t     st_blocks;
	char	     st_fstype[_ST_FSTYPSZ];

     The constants used	in the st_mode field are also defined in this file:
     #define   S_IFMT	  /* type of file */
     #define   S_IAMB	  /* access mode bits */
     #define   S_IFIFO	  /* fifo */
     #define   S_IFCHR	  /* character special */
     #define   S_IFDIR	  /* directory */
     #define   S_IFNAM	  /* XENIX special named file */
     #define   S_INSEM	  /* XENIX semaphore subtype of	IFNAM */
     #define   S_INSHD	  /* XENIX shared data subtype of IFNAM	*/
     #define   S_IFBLK	  /* block special */
     #define   S_IFREG	  /* regular */
     #define   S_IFLNK	  /* symbolic link */
     #define   S_IFSOCK	  /* socket */
     #define   S_ISUID	  /* set user id on execution */
     #define   S_ISGID	  /* set group id on execution */
     #define   S_ISVTX	  /* save swapped text even after use */
     #define   S_IREAD	  /* read permission, owner */
     #define   S_IWRITE	  /* write permission, owner */
     #define   S_IEXEC	  /* execute/search permission,	owner */
     #define   S_ENFMT	  /* record locking enforcement	flag */
     #define   S_IRWXU	  /* read, write, execute: owner */
     #define   S_IRUSR	  /* read permission: owner */
     #define   S_IWUSR	  /* write permission: owner */
     #define   S_IXUSR	  /* execute permission: owner */
     #define   S_IRWXG	  /* read, write, execute: group */

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stat(5)								       stat(5)

     #define   S_IRGRP	  /* read permission: group */
     #define   S_IWGRP	  /* write permission: group */
     #define   S_IXGRP	  /* execute permission: group */
     #define   S_IRWXO	  /* read, write, execute: other */
     #define   S_IROTH	  /* read permission: other */
     #define   S_IWOTH	  /* write permission: other */
     #define   S_IXOTH	  /* execute permission: other */
     The following macros are for POSIX	conformance:
     #define   S_ISBLK(mode)	  block	special	file
     #define   S_ISCHR(mode)	  character special file
     #define   S_ISDIR(mode)	  directory file
     #define   S_ISFIFO(mode)	  pipe or fifo file
     #define   S_ISREG(mode)	  regular file
     Additional	macros that have been defined:
     #define S_ISLNK(mode)	  symbolic link
     #define S_ISSOCK(mode)	  socket

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     stat(2), stat64(2), stat64(5), types(5)

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