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projects(5)							   projects(5)

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     projects -	introduction to	IRIX projects

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     Many sites	need to	be able	to charge individual departments separately
     for their usage of	a given	system.	 Typically, this can be	done by
     billing the total usage for each userid on	the system to the appropriate
     department.  However, some	sites may have users that do work for more
     than one department, so billing such a user's total usage to a single
     department	would not be appropriate.  It would be possible	to give	this
     sort of user multiple user	IDs or group IDs, but that can be difficult to
     manage administratively, and besides it would be using a security feature
     of	the operating system to	accomplish an accounting function.  Therefore,
     IRIX has the concept of a project ID.

     A project ID is similar to	a group	ID, with two major exceptions:

     1.	 The current project ID	is associated with an entire array session,
	 not an	individual process.

     2.	 The project ID	does not affect	access permissions - it	is intended
	 mainly	for accounting purposes, and is	in fact	reported in extended
	 accounting information	(see extacct(5)	for details).

     Users have	a default project ID associated	with their user	IDs.  Whenever
     it	is necessary for a user	to do work that	should be billed to a
     different project,	the newproj(1) command can be used to switch to	a new
     project ID.  The user's UID and GID are unchanged by the newproj command,
     so	access permissions are unaffected.  The	newproj	command	starts a new
     shell and array session so	that programs running in the background	under
     the old shell will	continue to be accounted for under the old project ID.

     To	prevent	users from specifying a	project	for which they are not
     authorized, the newproj command consults a	file (/etc/project) that lists
     the projects that are valid for each user.	 /etc/project is similar in
     style to /etc/passwd or /etc/group	(see project(4)	for details).  Because
     the project ID is a numeric value,	an additional file (/etc/projid, see
     projid(4))	is used	to correlate ASCII project names, which	are used by
     /etc/project, with	numeric	project	IDs.  A	standard default project ID is
     used when a user cannot be	found in these files.  This default value can
     be	changed	by modifying the dfltprid variable using systune(1).

     The standard IRIX utilities for logging in	to the system (e.g. login,
     rshd) will	automatically create a new array session and assign the	user's
     default project ID	to it.	User-provided programs that perform a login or
     the moral equivalent can (and should) do the same thing using the
     newarraysess(2) and setprid(2) functions.	To assist in this, a number of
     libc functions are	provided for parsing /etc/project and /etc/projid;
     see, for example, projid(3C), getdfltprojuser(3C) and validateproj(3C)
     for more details.

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projects(5)							   projects(5)

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     systune(1), getprid(2), newarraysess(2), setprid(2), getdfltprojuser(3C),
     getprojuser(3C), project(4), projid(4), array_sessions(5),	extacct(5).

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