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peer_encaps_config(4)					 peer_encaps_config(4)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     peer_encaps_config	- SNMP version one subagent encapsulator configuration

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]


DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     This file controls	the behavior of	the peer_encaps(1M) daemon.  It
     contains information about	each SNMP version one subagent that runs on
     the local system.	The peer_encaps	daemon registers each subtree with the
     peer_snmpd	master daemon, then for	each request converts the possibly
     version two protocol request into version one packets and forwards	it to
     the encapsulated subagent.	 Each response is then converted back into the
     requesting	version	and sent back.

     The format	of this	file is:
	  [AGENT [ON HOST <ip>]	[AT PORT <port>] [WITH COMMUNITY community]
	  SUBTREES <treelist> [FORWARD traplist	TRAPS] ; ]+

	  ip ::= <hostname> | <ipaddr>

	  ipaddr ::= <d>.<d>.<d>.<d>

	  d ::=	0..255

	  port ::= 1..65535

	  community ::=	<string> | <hexstring>

	  hexstring ::=	0x<hexdigits>

	  treelist ::= oid | oid , treelist

	  oid ::= decimal  | decimal . oid

	  decimal ::= 0..4294967295

	  traplist ::= ALL | NO	| onlylist | exceptlist

	  onlylist ::= ONLY kindlist

	  exceptlist ::= ALL EXCEPT kindlinst

	  kindlist ::= kind | kind , kindlist

	  kind ::= enterpise generic

	  enterprise ::= ANY | ENTERPRISE oid

	  generic ::= coldStart	| warmStart | linkDown | linkUp	|
	  authenticationFailure	| egpNeighborLoss | specific

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peer_encaps_config(4)					 peer_encaps_config(4)

	  specific ::= enterpriseSpecific (s)

	  s ::=	d | range

	  range	::= d .. d

     where constructs in braces	"[]" are optional, and constructs enclosed in
     braces "[]" and followed by a '+' may be repeated one or more times (at
     least one occurrence must be present).

     Each line must begin with an AGENT	keyword	followed by the	information
     about that	agent.	You can	have the requests sent to a different system
     using the optional	ON HOST	keywords followed by a hostname	or address of
     the remote	system.	 You should almost always specify an alternate port
     using the ON PORT keyword followed	by a port number, since	the master
     agent peer_snmpd(1M) is typically running on the default SNMP port.  You
     can specify the community information using the WITH COMMUNITY keywords
     followed by the community information which overrides the community
     string from the request.  You must	always specify a list of subtrees
     using the SUBTREES	keyword	followed by a comma separated list of SNMP
     OIDs.  Finally, you can specify a list of traps to	forward	using the
     FORWARD keyword followed by a trap	specification and ending with the
     TRAPS keyword.

     An	example	follows:
This specifies a subagent running on the local system UDP port 1161 which
handles	a number of SNMP subtrees.  All	requests are forwarded using the
public community, and all traps	are forwarded.

NOTE    [Toc]    [Back]

     The peer_encaps daemon is based on	PEER Networks' OptiMate	product.  PEER
     Networks is a division of BMC Software Inc.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     peer_encaps(1M), peer_snmpd(1M),

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