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peer_encaps(1M)						       peer_encaps(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     peer_encaps - Simple Network Management Protocol Agent Encapsulator

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/etc/peer_encaps [ -t trapPort	]
			  [ -s sendPort	]
			  [ -h host ]
			  [ -p port ]
			  [ -w wait ]
			  [ -c configFile ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     peer_encaps is a daemon which provides a way to encapsulate proprietary
     SNMP agents, and an integrated environment	for hosts that also run	an
     off-the-shelf or custom, non-extensible SNMP Agent	or proxy.

     The peer_snmpd(1m)	daemon implements the Simple Network Management
     Protocol (SNMP).  Since only a single SNMP	Agent can be listening to the
     standard SNMP port	(UDP port 161),	this limits a Manager to access	only
     variables associated with one agent.  The peer_encaps daemon provides a
     mechanism to overcome this	problem.

     The peer_snmpd agent is configured	to listen at UDP port 161, so that it
     receives ALL SNMP queries.	 The other proprietary SNMP Agents are invoked
     listening at alternate ports, not at 161.	The peer_encaps	daemon is
     configured	to recognize these SNMP	Agents,	the alternate port number at
     which they	are listening, and the sub-trees (a sub-tree is	a set of MIB
     variables subordinate to a	node in	the naming tree) they are managing.
     When the peer_encaps daemon is started up,	it reads a configuration file
     containing	all this information, and connects to the eer_snmpd
     daemon, informing about these sub-trees.

     When the peer_snmpd daemon	receives a SNMP	request	corresponding to a
     subtree associated	with an	encapsulated agent, it passes on them to the
     peer_encaps daemon, which converts	the requests into SNMPv1 packets, and
     sends the packets to the specific Agent at	the specific alternate port.

     The reverse is true for the responses and traps.

     The peer_snmpd and	peer_encaps daemons use	SMUX protocol to communicate
     between each other.  Please refer to RFC 1227 for more information	on the
     SMUX protocol.

OPTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]

     -t	trapPort
	  The incoming trap port where peer_encaps listens to receive SNMP
	  traps	sent by	encapsulated agents.

	  Default : no traps forwarded

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peer_encaps(1M)						       peer_encaps(1M)

     -s	sendPort
	  The port from	which peer_encaps sends	requests to the	encapsulated
	  agents, and to which the encapsulated	agents send their responses.

	  Default : Assigned by	the host

     -h	host
	  The address of the host where	the peer_snmpd daemon is running,
	  normally the same host where the peer_encaps daemon is running.

	  Example : -h
	  Default : localhost

     -p	port
	  The SMUX port	number to which	peer_encaps sends its SMUX traffic.

	  Default : /etc/services SMUX port, if	provided ; else	199.

     -w	wait
	  The timeout in seconds, for the SNMP response	from the encapsulated

	  Default : 2 seconds

     -c	configFile
	  The full path	name of	the configuration file.	 For details on	the
	  format of this configuration file, please see	peer_encaps_config(4).

	  Default : /etc/peer_encaps_config

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     peer_snmpd(1m), peer_snmpd_config(4), peer_encaps_config(4)

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