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arrayconfig(1m)						       arrayconfig(1m)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     arrayconfig - configure a simple array

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     arrayconfig [-d] [-i] [-m]	[-a arrayname] hostname...

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     arrayconfig is a tool for configuring a simple array of systems.  It can
     perform the following tasks:

     - Generate	an array configuration file (arrayd.conf) containing an	array
       definition for the nodes	in a single array.

     - Distribute an array configuration file to the nodes in an array and
       activate	array services on them.

     - Update the "array services machine identifier" on the local system or
       all of the systems in the array that support them.

     The arrayconfig command itself has	several	command	line options.  The
     valid options include:

     -a	arrayname
	  Sets the name	of the array that is defined using the -m option.  If
	  this option is not specified,	the name "default" is used.

     -d	  (Distribute) Copies the arrayd.conf file on the current system to
	  each of the systems specified	by the hostname	arguments, then
	  activates array services on those systems.

     -i	  (ID) Sets the	"array services	machine	identifier" on the local
	  machine, or on each of the machines in the array if the -d option
	  was also specified.  This allows the system to generate global array
	  session handles without contacting the array services	daemon,	which
	  improves the startup time for	new array sessions.  The actual
	  identifier is	formed from the	last 15	bits of	each machine's host ID
	  (see hostid(1) for more information).	 The change does not take
	  effect until the system has been rebooted.  The system must be
	  running at least version 6.5 of IRIX for this	function to work.

     -m	  (Make) Generates an arrayd.conf file containing a single array
	  definition.  The name	of the array is	taken from the -a option (if
	  specified).  The individual machines in the array are	taken from the
	  hostname arguments, which should specify network hostnames for the
	  machines.  At	least one hostname must	be specified.  The array is
	  designated as	the default destination	for all	array commands.

     Typically the arrayconfig command is only run once, when the array	is
     first setup.  The options can be combined to initialize the array
     configuration in a	single step if no special requirements exist:

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arrayconfig(1m)						       arrayconfig(1m)

	  arrayconfig -d -i -m -a MyArray Node1	Node2 Node3 Node4

     This sets up an array consisting of four machines (Node1-Node4).  The
     name of the array is be "MyArray".	 The resulting configuration file is
     copied to all machines in the array, and array services are activated (or
     reactivated, if already running) on each machine.	Each machine also has
     its array services	machine	identifier set,	although the change does not
     take effect until each machine has	been rebooted.

     If	it is necessary	to make	local modifications to the arrayd.conf file
     before distributing it to the machines in the array, arrayconfig should
     be	invoked	twice:

	  arrayconfig -m -a MyArray Node1 Node2	Node3 Node4
	  (edit	/usr/lib/array/arrayd.conf to taste)
	  arrayconfig -d -i Node1 Node2	Node3 Node4

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     arrayd(1M), arrayd.conf(4), array_services(5).

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