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autoconfig(1M)							autoconfig(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     autoconfig	- configure kernel

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /etc/autoconfig [-vnf] [-p	toolroot] [-d /var/sysgen]
	  [-o lbootopts] [start|stop]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The autoconfig command is used invoke lboot and other commands to
     generate a	UNIX kernel.  The autoconfig command is	also a startup script
     in	/etc/init.d.

     The options are as:

     -v	     Requests verbose output from lboot	and other commands.

     -f	     Generates a new kernel even if it appears that no hardware	or
	     software changes have been	made.  Use of -f will clear any
	     options set in the	/var/config/autoconfig.options file.

     -p	toolroot
	     Specifies the directory tree containing the compiler and other
	     tools needed to generate the kernel.

     -d	/var/sysgen
	     Specifies the directory tree containing the system	configuration
	     modules and binaries.

     -n	     Performs a	dry run	of lboot and reports if	a new kernel would be
	     created.  If -f is	also given, it overrides this option.

     start   Used by rc2 when the system is starting.

     stop    Used by rc0 when the system is stopping.

     The autoconfig command also uses the /var/config/autoconfig.options file
     to	tell lboot to configure	a new kernel automatically or to prompt	for
     permission	before configuring a new kernel.  The
     /var/config/autoconfig.options file contains a -T by default, which
     indicates to lboot	to configure the kernel	automatically if necessary.
     This option can be	changed	to a -t	to force lboot to prompt for
     permission	before configuring a new kernel.


     In	addition to the	environment variables used by lboot, autoconfig	itself
     uses some environment variables.  If you have these variables set for
     some other	purpose, you may need to unset them before running autoconfig.

     NOTE:  This means that they should	not be set in the global shell startup
     files in /etc.

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autoconfig(1M)							autoconfig(1M)

     UNIX	 The file to check to see if it	is out of date (defaults to
		 /unix)	and also what the basename of the newly	built kernel
		 will be, if necessary.

     SYSGEN	 Passed	as the base directory for the kernel files (see	also
		 WORKDIR below)	and as the base	directory name for the
		 arguments below, if they are not set in the environment.

     BOOTAREA	 Passed	as the -b argument to lboot.

     SYSTEM	 Passed	as the -s argument to lboot.

     MASTERD	 Passed	as the -m argument to lboot.

     STUNEFILE	 Passed	as the -c argument to lboot.

     MTUNEDIR	 Passed	as the -n argument to lboot.

     WORKDIR	 Passed	as the -w argument to lboot.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     lboot(1M),	rc0(1M), rc2(1M), setsym(1M).

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