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run-proclaim(1M)					      run-proclaim(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     run-proclaim - proclaim initialization, shutdown, and status script

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /etc/init.d/run-proclaim [	start |	stop | surrender | verify | status ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The run-proclaim shell script is called during system startup from
     /etc/rc2 to obtain	(or verify) an IP address and host configuration
     parameters.  The script is	called during system shutdown from /etc/rc0 to
     gracefully	kill the proclaim(1) client.

     The arguments to run-proclaim are:

     start	Do the following, using	the configuration flags	described

		o  Kill	any existing proclaim clients.

		o  Run the proclaim client with	the -i option to verify	an
		   existing lease if one exists	and obtain a new address lease
		   if one does not exist. This option also invokes the
		   proclaim client for any non-primary interfaces on the
		   system depending on options specified in the
		   /etc/config/proclaim.options	file.

		o  Run the /usr/etc/dhcpcopt script to act on options received
		   by the client. For example, if a router address was
		   returned it is used to setup	a static route.

     stop	Gracefully terminate the client.

     surrender	Signal a running proclaim client to terminate the lease.

     verify	Signal a running proclaim client to verify the existing
		address	and extend or obtain a lease.

     status	Display	the current status of the address lease	as it was
		recorded in the	/var/adm/proclaim.lease_info file when the
		lease was obtained.


     A daemon or subsystem is enabled if its configuration flag	in the
     /etc/config directory is in the on	state.	If a flag file is missing, the
     flag is considered	off.  Use the chkconfig(1M) command to turn a flag on
     or	off.  For example,

	  chkconfig timed on

     enables the timed flag.  When invoked without arguments, chkconfig	prints
     the state of all known flags.

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run-proclaim(1M)					      run-proclaim(1M)

     There are two flags, verbose and autoconfig_ipaddress that	control	the
     behavior of the run-proclaim script.  The verbose flag controls the
     printing of messages from the script.  The	autoconfig_ipaddress flag
     controls the use of the proclaim client for auto configuration of the
     host.  If auto configuration and address leases are not in	use then this
     flag should be turned off.

     Site-dependent options for	proclaim belong	in the
     /etc/config/proclaim.options file.

     See /etc/init.d/run-proclaim for the general format of the	script.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /etc/rc0.d/K41proclaim	      linked to	/etc/init.d/run-proclaim
     /etc/rc2.d/S31proclaim	      linked to	/etc/init/d/run-proclaim
     /etc/config/proclaim.options     values of	options; see proclaim(1M)
     /var/adm/proclaim.lease_info*    status of	current	address	lease
     /usr/etc/dhcpcopt		      script file to act on options values

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     chkconfig(1M), proclaim(1M), rc0(1M), rc2(1M).

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