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audit(1M)							     audit(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     audit - system audit trail	startup	and shutdown script

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /etc/init.d/audit [ start | stop ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The audit shell script is called during system startup from /etc/rc2 to
     start the system audit trail daemon, satd(1M), and	enable auditing	of
     predefined	audit events (using sat_select(1M)).  The script is called
     during system shutdown from /etc/rc0 to kill the daemon gracefully	and
     disable auditing.

     Note that,	as installed, auditing is off by default and must be enabled
     as	described in configuration flags, below.  In addition, once auditing
     has been enabled via chkconfig(1M), the system should be rebooted to
     enable auditing from system startup.  At a	minimum, /etc/init.d/audit
     start must	be executed by root before any auditing	actually takes place.

     When called with the start	argument, the audit script does	the following
     (provided that auditing has been enabled):

     o Looks for any "emergency	files" (see satd(1M)) and issues a warning if
       it finds	any.
     o Ensures that satd and sat_select	are executable.
     o Starts the audit	daemon,	satd.
     o Enables auditing	of predefined audit events.

     When called with the stop argument, the audit script gracefully
     terminates	the sat	daemon and disables auditing of	all events.


     The audit subsystem is enabled if its configuration flag in the
     /etc/config directory is in the on	state.	The configuration flag file
     for auditing is /etc/config/audit.	 If a flag file	is missing, the	flag
     is	considered off.	 Use the chkconfig(1M) command to turn a flag on or
     off.  For example,

	  chkconfig audit on

     enables auditing.	When invoked without arguments,	chkconfig prints the
     state of all known	flags.

     There is a	special	flag, verbose.	The verbose flag controls the printing
     of	the names of daemons as	they are started.

     Site-dependent options for	satd and sat_select belong in options files in
     /etc/config.  The option file for satd is satd.options. The options file
     for sat_select events is sat_select.options.  The options files for
     selecting subject user, group or label events are
     sat_select.subject.user, sat_select.subject.group and

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audit(1M)							     audit(1M)

     sat_select.subject.mac. The options files for selecting object user,
     group or label events are sat_select.object.user,
      sat_select.object.group and sat_select.object.mac.  These	files contain
     options that their	respective commands will be run	with to	override the

     To	add filters to the satd	command	line invoked by	the audit shell
     script, place the filter command lines into /etc/config in	files with
     names that	begin with satd.filter.	 If any	of these files are found, the
     output of satd is piped to	them in	the order that they are	found using
     ls.  For more information,	see audit_files(5).  See the document IRIX
     Admin: Backup, Security, and Accounting and satd(1M) for details on valid

     Note that if audit	filters	are used, it may be necessary for the audit
     script to pause for several seconds to allow satd to completely
     initialize	the audit system before	any events can be enabled.  The
     default delay in this case	is 2 seconds.  To override this	delay, for
     example in	the case where a particular audit filter takes some additional
     time to start up, place the delay time (in	seconds) in the	file

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /etc/rc0.d/K40audit   linked to /etc/init.d/audit
     /etc/rc2.d/S30audit   linked to /etc/init.d/audit
     /etc/config	   configuration flags and options files

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     rc0(1M), rc2(1M), sat_echo(1M), sat_interpret(1M),	sat_reduce(1M),
     sat_select(1M), sat_summarize(1M),	satconfig(1M), satd(1M),

     IRIX Admin: Backup, Security, and Accounting.

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