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flash(1M)							     flash(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     flash - reprogram the flash PROM hardware on Origin and OCTANE machines

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     flash [ -a	] [ -c ] [ -d ]	[ -D ] [ -f ] [	-F ] [ -i ] [ -m module_id ]
	  [ -n ] [ -o ]	[ -p dir_name ]	[ -P img_name ]	[ -s slot_name ] [ -S ]
	  [ -v ] [ -V ]

     The SGI Origin 3000 server	series.
     flash [ -a	] [ -d ] [ -D ]	[ -f ] [ -F ] [	-b brick_id ]
	   [ -o	] [ -p dir_name	] [ -P img_name	] [ -S ]
	   [ -v	] [ -V ]

     flash -L

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     flash allows a user to manage the flash PROMs on the IO and CPU boards of
     Origin systems, the base system board on OCTANE systems and CPU boards on
     the SGI Origin 3000 server	series.	 Without options, the command flashes
     all appropriate boards on the machine with	the PROM images	found in
     /usr/cpu/firmware.	 Normally, flash is executed automatically during the
     installation of a new release of IRIX.  A customer	should rarely need to
     use it directly.  You must	have superuser privilege to use	this command.

     By	default	on Origin systems, flash takes the current configuration
     values (such as processor speed and cache size) that are currently	stored
     in	the CPU	board PROM and uses these values when flashing the new images.
     Without options, flash proceeds in	parallel in two	phases.	 Half the
     boards are	flashed	in the first phase and half in the second.  Using
     options, it is possible to	flash a	subset of the boards.  Also, the user
     can specify a different image directory and different image files.

     By	default	on OCTANE systems, the single system flash PROM	is flashed
     with the specified	image.	On OCTANE systems, options specifying multiple
     PROMs, types of PROMs, or PROM configuration values will be silently

     OCTANE systems have an additional feature of storing information from
     diagnostics in the	flash PROM for extraction at a later time.  The	-L
     option invokes this processing, and transfers the extracted information
     into syslog.  This	processing will	take place automatically during	each
     system boot.

     Unless forced, flash does not flash the PROM unless the specified version
     is	newer than what	is currently in	the PROM.  flash can also be used to
     obtain information	about the current PROMs.

     The options are:

     -a		  Flash	all PROMs at once, overriding the protection of
		  flashing in two groups.

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flash(1M)							     flash(1M)

     -c		  Flash	only the node (CPU) PROMs on the machine.  This	option
		  is ignored on	the SGI	Origin 3000 server series.

     -d		  Print	out the	PROM header information	for the	current	PROMs.

     -D		  Dump the entire contents of a	PROM to	a file.

     -f		  Specify different (than currently in PROM) configurations
		  values to be used when the new images	are flashed.  These
		  values include the speed of the CPU, hub, and	size of	the
		  cache.  This option should be	used with great	care as	cause
		  the machine to freeze	and be rendered	unusable if incorrect
		  values are given.

     -F		  Similar to -f	except more detailed information is required
		  and no checking is done in the input values.	This is	more
		  dangerous the	-f option and the same cautions	apply.

     -i		  Flash	only the IO PROMs on the machine.  This	option is
		  ignored on the SGI Origin 3000 server	series.

     -m	module_id Flash	only PROMs in the module given by module_id.  This
		  option does not apply	to the SGI Origin 3000 server series.

     -b	brick_id  Flash	only PROMs in the brick	given by brick_id.  This
		  option applies only to the SGI Origin	3000 server series.

     -n		  Flash	only the node (CPU) PROMs on the machine. This option
		  is ignored on	the SGI	Origin 3000 server series.

     -o		  Override the version checking	and flash the PROM even	if it
		  is not newer than what is currently on the PROM.

     -p	dir_name  Specify a directory other than the default of
		  /usr/cpu/firmware to look for	images.	 Note that there are
		  standard names that flash looks for and thus the files in
		  this should follow the correct naming	scheme.

     -P	img_name  Specify the full pathname of the image desired to be
		  flashed.  The	options	specifying the type of PROM to be
		  flashed should match the PROM	specified in img_name.

     -s	slot_name Flash	only the PROMs in the slot given by slot_name.	This
		  option does not apply	to the SGI Origin 3000 server series.

     -S		  Force	all the	flashes	to occur sequentially (versus in two
		  parallel phases).

     -v		  Turn on verbose mode.

									Page 2

flash(1M)							     flash(1M)

     -V		  Print	currently loaded flash PROM version and	time flashed

     OCTANE specific options

     -L		  Extract information logged into the flash PROM by
		  diagnostics from the PROM and	into syslog.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/cpu/firmware/io6prom.img	default	file for flashing IO PROMs for
     /usr/cpu/firmware/ip27prom.img	default	file for flashing CPU PROMs
					for Origin 2000	and Origin 200
     /usr/cpu/firmware/ip35prom.img	default	file for flashing CPU PROMs
					for Origin 3000
     /usr/cpu/firmware/IP30prom.bin	default	file for flashing OCTANE PROMs

WARNINGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     The flash command is not intended for casual use.	If used	incorrectly,
     it	can completely freeze a	system and prevent it from even	booting	the
     PROM.  Also, frequent flashing decreases the lifetime of the system's
     boards.  Silicon Graphics strongly	recommends that	this command only be
     used under	the supervision	of a support representative.

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