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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     rcpDevice - copy a	file or	directory to or	from a remote host

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/lib/desktop/rcpDevice	operation [ name ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     rcpDevice is a simple shell script	for copying a single file or directory
     to	a remote system.  Its icon can be found	on the Desktop Tools page of
     the IconCatalog.  Users can also launch it	from a Unix shell command

     Users may find it easier to copy files between hosts using	the
     accessworkstation(1) panel, available on the toolchest as Desktop >
     Access Files > By Remote Login.  That panel can be	used to	launch a
     remote directory view or iconview(1).  Users can then Ctrl-drag files
     from the iconview to their	desktop	to import remote files,	or drag	files
     from their	desktop	to the iconview	to export files	to the remote system.
     Multiple files and	directories can	be copied at once using	this method,
     and the user does not need	to have	an identically named user account on
     the remote	system.

     The rcpDevice script lets the user	copy only one file or directory	at a
     time.  If the user	selects	several	icons, then drops them all on the
     rcpDevice icon, the first icon selected will be the one copied to the
     remote system.  The user must have	an account on the remote system	in
     order to use rcpDevice.

     If	the user selects the rcpDevice icon and	presses	the third mouse
     button, the user can choose "Get files from another machine" or "Send
     files to another machine" from the	menu.  Files the user gets from
     another machine will be copied into the user's home directory.

     When invoked from the command line	in an IRIX shell, rcpDevice can	handle
     five different possible operations:

     menu      Shows definitions for "import" and "export".

	       Prints out "remote local".

     query     Provides	a prompt asking	whether	the import or export operation
	       is desired.

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     import    Lets the	user copy files	to their home directory.

     export    Lets the	user copy a file or directory to a remote directory.
	       The user	can specify which file or directory to copy as name.
	       If no file or directory is specified at the command line, the
	       program will ask	the user to type it in.

     For more information about	the entire IRIX	Interactive Desktop
     environment, see the IID(1) man page.

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