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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       showfsets  -  Displays  information  about  filesets in an
       AdvFS domain

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

       /sbin/showfsets [-b  | -q] [-k] domain [fileset...]

OPTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]

       Lists the names of the filesets in a domain without  additional
  detail.   Displays  the total number of blocks and
       the number of free 1Kb blocks.  Displays the quota  limits
       for filesets in a domain.

OPERANDS    [Toc]    [Back]

       Specifies  the full path name of the AdvFS domain.  Specifies
 the name of one or more filesets in the domain.

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       The showfsets command  displays  the  filesets  (or  clone
       filesets) and their characteristics in a specified domain.
       The characteristics of a fileset are: Fileset Identifier

              A fileset identifier is a combination of the domain
              identifier  and  an  additional set of numbers that
              identify the fileset within the domain.  For  example,
 the fileset identifier 2be95ef4.000a129.1.8001
              consists of the following: 2be95ef4.000a129  1.8001
              Clone status

              The status items of a clone fileset vary, depending
              on the fileset.  Status items can include: Clone is

              Specifies the name of a clone fileset.  Clone of

              Specifies  the  name  of the parent fileset, if the
              displayed fileset is a clone fileset.  Revision

              Specifies the number of times you recreate a  clone
              fileset. For example, if you recreate a clone fileset
 of the same parent  fileset  three  times,  the
              revision value is 3.  Files

              Specifies the number of files in the fileset. Files
              counted include normal  files,  symlinks,  and  all
              directories.  Files  not  included in the count are
              the two quota files, the frag file, any index files
              (DVN  4 and above) and invisible system files. Note
              that a file may have many directory entries  pointing
  to  it  (hard  links);  only  one  instance is
              included in the count.

              Also specifies the current file usage limits  (quotas).
  SLim, the soft limit, is a quota that can be
              exceeded for a fixed period of time and  HLim,  the
              hard  limit,  is  a  quota that cannot be exceeded.

              Specifies the number of blocks that are in use by a
              mounted fileset and the current block soft and hard
              usage limits (quotas). For filesets  that  are  not
              mounted,  zero blocks will display. For an accurate
              display, the fileset must be mounted.  Quota Status

              Specifies which quota types are enabled (enforced).
              Object Safety

              Specifies whether zero-filled pages in  the  buffer
              are  synchronously  written to disk before application
 can access  them  (set  by  chfsets  command).

              Specifies  whether  fragging  is  on or off (set by
              chfsets command).  DMAPI

              Specifies whether data management API is on or  off
              (set by chfsets command).

       The  showfsets  command  with  the  -q option set displays
       block and file information for a specified domain  or  for
       one or more named filesets in the domain. The characteristics
 of a named fileset are: BF (block flag)

              Specifies block (B) and file (F) usage limits. A  +
              in   this  field  means  that  the  soft  limit  is
              exceeded; a * means that the hard limit is reached.
              Block (512) Limits

              Specifies the number of blocks used, the soft limit
              (the number of blocks that can be  exceeded  for  a
              period  of  time),  the  hard  limit (the number of
              blocks that cannot  be  exceeded),  and  the  grace
              period (the remaining time for which the soft limit
              may be exceeded).  File Limits

              Specifies the number of  files  used,  the  fileset
              quotas enabled, and the grace period remaining.


              On  a  TruCluster Server, the showfsets command can
              sometimes report incorrect disk usage. Data in  the
              Cluster File System (CFS) client caches is synchronized
 to the server at least every 30 seconds.  The
              disk usage reported does not account for dirty data
              in client caches that has not yet been synchronized
              to the server.

EXAMPLES    [Toc]    [Back]

       The following example shows the command line and resulting
       display for the showfsets command: # showfsets usr_domain

                    Id            :  2c2f557f.000b15f4.3.8004
                    Clone is      :  usr_clone
                    Files         :   17644,  SLim=0,       HLim=
                    Blocks  (512)   :   90582, SLim=212000, HLim=
                    Quota Status  :  user=on    group=on
                    Object Safety :  on
                    Fragging      :  on
                    DMAPI         :  off

                    Id            :  2fldabd6.00059d50.3.8052
                    Clone of      :  usr
                    Revision      :   82  The  following  example
       shows  the  command  line  and  resulting display when the
       fileset quota option is set: # showfsets -q test_domain

                           Block  (512)  Limits              File
          Fileset  BF  used soft hard grace  used soft hard grace
          fileset1 +-  1750 1500 2000 11:32    35  300   400  The
       following  example  shows  the  command line and resulting
       display when the DMAPI option is set on  and  fragging  is
       disabled: # ./showfsets dmn1 fset1

       Id            :  3a2be83f.0003a240.1.8001
                    Files          :       0,  SLim=0,      HLim=
                    Blocks (512)  :       0,  SLim=         HLim=
                    Quota Status  :  user=off  group=off
                    Object Safety :  off
                    Fragging      :  off
                    DMAPI         :  on

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       Commands: chfsets(8), mkfset(8), rmfset(8)

       File Formats: advfs(4)

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