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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       niff  -  Network Interface Failure Finder (NIFF) introductory

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       The Network Interface Failure Finder, NIFF, is a  facility
       for  detecting  and reporting possible failures in network
       interface cards (NICs) or their connections. Detection  is
       done  by monitoring device counters and attempting to generate
 traffic to NICs suspected of having failed.  Reporting
  is done using the Event Manager subsystem (EVM). NIFF
       does not drive failover operations; that is the  responsibility
  of  the  application that subscribes to NIFF's EVM
       events. Appropriate courses of action may include  selecting
  another  network interface for communication or if it
       is a clustered environment, migrating an application.  See
       nr(7) for further information.

       At  the  heart  of NIFF is the traffic monitor thread. The
       traffic monitor  thread  tracks  changes  in  the  network
       device's  counters,  and  notes  if  the  received  packet
       counter remains unchanged since the previous snapshot.  As
       long  as  the  counter  continues to increase, the traffic
       monitor  thread  assumes  the  NIC  is  functioning.   See
       nifftmt(7) for further information.

       The  traffic monitor thread can monitor any network interface.
 The configuration utility, niffconfig,  is  used  to
       activate  and  administer  the traffic monitor thread. See
       nifftmt(7) and niffconfig(8) for further information.

       The Network Interface Failure Finder daemon, niffd,  is  a
       traffic  generator  for  network interfaces that have been
       classified inactive by the kernel traffic monitor  thread.
       The  purpose of niffd is to get the interface packet counters
 to increment, signifying the interface is still alive
       and well. See niffd(8) for further information.

       nifftmt(7) ,nr(7) , niffconfig(8), niffd(8)

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