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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       dc - serial line/mouse/keyboard

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

       controller   dc0   at ibus0   slot 0   vector dcintr

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       The  dc  serial  line controller provides DECstation 2100,
       DECstation 3100, DECstation 5000, and DECstation 5100 computer
  systems with keyboard, mouse, and serial communications
 interfaces. The serial communications interfaces  on
       the  DECstation  2100  and DECstation 3100 provide partial
       modem control.  The serial  communications  interfaces  on
       the DECstation 5000 provide full modem control. The device
       special file /dev/tty01 on a DECstation 5100 provides full
       modem  control, while the remaining ports provide no modem
       control at all. All serial communications interfaces operate
 at baud rates from B50 to B9600, excluding B200.

       The  dc  ports  are used as follows: Usage Graphics device
       keyboard at 4800 BPS Mouse or tablet at 4800 BPS  Communications
 port 1 (w/modem control)/local terminal Communications
 port 2 (w/modem control)/local terminal

       On all systems except the DECstation 5100, serial  port  2
       is  used  for  the system console port in server (that is,
       non-graphics) configurations.  On  DECstation  5100s,  the
       serial  port labeled 3 on the back of the system is always
       the system console port.  The serial system  console  port
       always operates at 9600 BPS, 8-bits, no parity; modem control
 is not supported.

RESTRICTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]

       Data communications  equipment  attached  to  the  console
       serial  port  in server configurations must be set to 9600
       BPS, 8-bits, no  parity.  The  scc  driver  enforces  this

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

       console  terminal local terminal local terminal local terminal
 (DECstation 5100 only)

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       console(7), devio(7), tty(7), MAKEDEV(8)

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