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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       atapi_ide - Interface for ATAPI or IDE (PC) devices

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

       PCI bus CMD/Acer ATAPI/IDE adapter:
          bus pci0 at *
           bus ata0 at *
           controller scsi0 at ata0 slot 0
           controller scsi1 at ata0 slot 1

       PCI bus Cypress ATAPI/IDE adapter:
          bus pci0 at *
           bus ata0 at *
           bus ata1 at *
           controller scsi0 at ata0 slot 0
           controller scsi1 at ata1 slot 0

       PCMCIA bus ATA/IDE disk card:
          bus pcmcia0 at *
           bus ata0 at pcmcia?
           controller scsi0 at ata0

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       Devices  commonly known for their use on PC devices as ATA
       or IDE devices are supported using  the  SCSI  CAM  device
       driver.   The  ATA  standard  has  also  been  expanded to
       include what are known as ATAPI  devices.   The  SCSI  CAM
       device  driver  is  also  used  for those disks and CD-ROM
       devices. These devices may also be known under  the  names
       EIDE, ATA-2, Fast-ATA, or Ultra-ATA.

       Beacuse the ATA/IDE standard was not developed until after
       many of the devices that used this standard were produced,
       there  are  many devices which do not strictly comply with
       the standard.  While it is possible some industry standard
       devices  may appear to work, it is also possible they will
       cause hang or data corruption cases when used  under  more
       stressful  situations.  For this reason, it is recommended
       that only the supported devices be  used.   These  devices
       have  been tested and are certified for correct operation.

       ATAPI/IDE controllers allow the connection of two devices.
       These  two  devices are known as the master device and the
       slave device.  If  only  one  device  is  connected,  that
       device  must  be the master (slave-only configurations are
       not supported).  When used by the SCSI CAM device  driver,
       the  IDE master device is assigned SCSI id 0 for that controller.
 The slave device is assigned SCSI id 1  for  that
       controller.   No  other SCSI ids are assigned on that controller.
  Most ATAPI/IDE  adapters  contain  two  channels
       (known as the primary and secondary).  Each of these channels
 may contain  their  own  master  and  slave  devices.
       Therefore, a dual channel ATAPI/IDE controller may contain
       up to 4 devices (a master and slave pair on each channel).
       These  4  devices  are then accessed as SCSI id 0 and 1 on
       each channel.

       Many SCSI operations translate perfectly for use  on  IDE.
       For example, read and write operations are the same.  However,
 many SCSI disk mode pages are emulated  by  the  IDE
       device  driver.   For  example,  you  can display the SCSI
       inquiry mode pages using the following command:

       % scu show inq pages

       pages are created by the device driver to contain the long
       (full  IDE)  form of the device name, serial number, revision,
 and the operational modes of  the  device.   Only  a
       shortened  version  of  this information is available with
       the standard SCSI inquiry command.   Note  also  that  the
       following command:

       % scu show pages

       Shows that the SCSI mode pages contain only partial information.
  Only that information (such as geometry) that the
       drive reports to the system is able to be reformatted into
       these emulated SCSI mode pages.  Much of  the  information
       (such  as RPM) is simply not available from the drive, and
       therefore not accurately reported.

       ATAPI devices  are  much  more  closely  related  to  SCSI
       devices, and as such contain their own mode pages.  Therefore,
 for these devices, the mode page values reported are
       those from the device, and no emulation is involved.

       ATAPI tape devices are not supported at this time.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]



SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       SCSI(7), rz(7), and disklabel(8)

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