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       sys_attrs_advfs - advfs subsystem attributes

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       This reference page lists and describes attributes for the
       Advanced File System (advfs) kernel  subsystem.  Refer  to
       the sys_attrs(5) reference page for an introduction to the
       topic of kernel subsystem attributes.

       An asterisk (*) preceding the name of an attribute in  the
       following  list means that the attribute can be configured
       at run time. Values of other attributes cannot be  changed
       without  rebooting  the system.  The maximum percentage of
       the malloc pool (pageable memory) that can be possibly  be
       allocated for AdvFS access structures.

              Default value: 25 (percent)

              Minimum value: 5 (percent)

              Maximum value: 95 (percent)

              AdvfsAccessMaxPercent  is a high-water mark of possible
 memory use for access  structures.  If  AdvFS
              cannot  allocate any more access structures because
              of the memory limit imposed  by  AdvfsAccessMaxPercent,
  AdvFS posts an event and writes a message in
              the following form to the console:

              Could not create new AdvFS access structure;
              already at AdvFS memory limit as specified by
               AdvfsAccessMaxPercent value of  percent.

              At this point, the system administrator can  either
              kill  processes  to cause files to be closed or set
              AdvfsAccessMaxPercent to a higher value.

              One of the following four values that control  what
              AdvFS  does  in  the  event  of a domain panic. The
              live_dump() function mentioned  in  these  descriptions
 is a system call used only inside the kernel.
              This system call creates vmunix and vmcore files in
              the  /var/adm/crash directory. In other words, values
 that enable the live_dump() call allow the creation
  of  dump  files  without  calling panic() to
              crash the system.  Do not call  live_dump()  for  a
              domain  panic  in  either  an  unmounted or mounted
              domain.  Call live_dump() only if the domain  panic
              occurred   in  a  domain  that  is  mounted.   Call
              live_dump() if a domain panic occurred in either  a
              mounted  or  unmounted  domain.  Promote the domain
              panic to a system panic.  This causes the system to
              crash, which yields a crash dump when the system is
              rebooted.  The number of 512-byte blocks  that  can
              be  on the readylazy queue before AdvFS starts moving
 I/O requests to the device queue.

              Default value: 16 K (blocks)

              Minimum value: 0, which disables buffering  on  the
              readylazy queue

              Maximum  value: 32 K (blocks) A value that controls
              whether modified (dirty) mmapped pages are  flushed
              to  disk during a sync() system call.  If the value
              is 1, the dirty mmapped  pages  are  asynchronously
              written  to  disk.  If the value is 0 (zero), dirty
              mmapped pages are not written to disk during a sync
              system call.

              Default value: 1

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       AdvFS Administration

       System Configuration and Tuning

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