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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       armtech,  aurema  - Aurema's ARMTech (Active Resource Management
 Technology) resource management suite

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       This reference  page  provides  a  brief  introduction  to
       Aurema's  ARMTech  resource  management software for Tru64
       UNIX. Full documentation and usage information is provided
       in  the software subsets. The software subsets are located
       on the Associated Products CD-ROM supplied with your operating
  system  media  kit. Refer to the Installation Guide
       for information on locating  and  installing  applications
       from the Associated Products CD-ROM set.

   Aurema ARMtech Product Suite Overview    [Toc]    [Back]
       Tru64 UNIX supports Aurema's ARMTech (Active Resource Management
 Technology) software product suite. This  software
       provides  enhanced  resource  management  capabilities and
       consists of  three  products  with  increasing  levels  of
       resource  management capabilities as follows: ShareExpress
       which provides an enhanced UNIX timeshare  scheduler  that
       provides equal sharing on a per user basis.

              The ShareExpress software is licensed with the base
              operating system.  The software subsets  and  documentation
  are delivered on the Associated Products
              CD-ROM.   ShareExtra  which  provides  differential
              sharing  of CPU (processor) resources to particular
              users and applications.  ShareEnterprise which provides
   the  following  features:  Sharing  of  CPU
              resources  based  on  UNIX  users  and  groups  and
              ARMTech-defined  applications  (collections of processes)
 Storage of historical and accounting information
 Policy settings that persist across a reboot
              CPU resources, resident set size, and process  limits

       The ShareExtra and ShareEnterprise functions require additional
 licenses, enabled by  Aurema's  software  licensing
       using  the FlexLM licensing technology.  The software subsets
 are located on the Associated  Products  CD-ROM  set.
       Refer  to  the Installation Guide for information on their
       location, and instructions on how to install the  subsets.

       Some  of  the  features  of ShareExtra and ShareEnterprise
       will be integrated over several  releases.  Refer  to  the
       software  license  to  determine which capabilities are in
       which release, or refer to the Aurema web site atthe  following
 URL: www.aurema.com.

   ARMTech Features    [Toc]    [Back]

       Some of the following features are still under development
       and will be provided in a future update. Refer to Aurema's
       web page at http://www.aurema.com/framesets/Frameset_solu-
       tions.html for information on the features available.

       Active resource management involves the management of computer
  system  resources such as: CPU resources, including
       clock ticks and the number of processes Memory,  including
       the availability of main hardware memory and virtual (disk
       or swap) memory, also memory management such as paging I/O
       Disks,  including space quotas and management such as file
       and paging I/O System I/O, including network and disk  I/O

       The  ARMTech  suite  provides the Tru64 UNIX administrator
       with the means to manage many operating  system  entities,
       such  as  Web  sites or applications, in addition to users
       and groups. The ability to  manage  many  system  entities
       provides you with greater and more total control of system
       resources than command-level resource management utilities
       such  as  those  offered by the runon command or processor
       sets (psets). It is also much more comprehensive than  the
       process and user resource management utilities provided by
       the Tru64 UNIX Class Scheduler. The latter does  not  provide
  resource  management  for applications and can waste
       unused resources if not carefully tuned.

       The administrator is empowered to protect the system  from
       excessive  resource  consumption by any given application,
       process, user, or group. In turn, this can  provide  benefits
 as follows: Enhance resource utilisation by eliminating
 resource starvation Decrease the need to  troubleshoot
       performance  problems  Potentially,  reduce  the  need for
       hardware upgrades or server proliferation and the  associated
 costs of installation, downtime and  maintenance.

       The  ARMTech  suite  is a powerful suite for administering
       systems (such as Web servers) where there is likely to  be
       contention for available resources.

       The  main features of Aurema's ARMTwech suite are: You can
       an define accounting and  management  entities,  known  as
       resource  consumers.  The resource consumers are: Software
       applications, associated with one or more processes, identified
 by ARMTech application identifiers (APPIDs).  Individual
 users, identified by UNIX user identifiers  (UIDs).
       Groups  of  users,  identified  by  UNIX group identifiers
       (GIDs).  Resource usage accounting capabilities enable you
       to  monitor  the  use of system resources by resource consumers.
 Such monitoring provides very fine levels of granularity.
 For example, you can monitor a specific user in a
       group of users that are using a particular software application.
  Resource usage information is stored and persists
       across reboots.  Three methods enable you  to  manage  the
       resource  consumption  of  entities:  A  relative resource
       allocation or share that entitles the resource consumer to
       a  resource  allocation  proportional  to  the  sum of the
       shares held by all  contesting  peer  resource  consumers.
       This method applies to resources such as CPU and I/O bandwidth.
  A fixed resource reservation,  which  is  a  fixed
       proportion  of  the  total available resource. This method
       also applies to resources such as CPU and I/O.   An  absolute
  limit  in  the case of some system resources such as
       virtual memory and number of processes.

              The hierarchical structure  of  resource  consumers
              and resource distribution ensures that no resources
              are idle. Capacity is fully matched to demand.  You
              define  and  administer policies that automatically
              enforce  limits  and  distribute  system  resources
              without  the  need for further manual intervention.
              The policy can be changed at any time without  disrupting
  the  function  of  any executing programs.
              The ARMTech suite  provides  both  a  comprehensive
              command  line interface, enabling scripting, and an
              intuitive GUI that permits both novice and  experienced
  users  to  monitor resource usage and define
              policies.  Intelligent defaults ensure that ARMTech
              is effective with little or no configuration so you
              can obtain  resource  management  benefits  without
              requiring  an  in-depth knowledge of either ARMTech
              or the operating system. You can enhance your  management
  of  system  resources  as  your  knowledge

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       class_scheduling(4) processor_sets(4)

       When the ARMTech software subsets are installed, the  following
  reference pages are available: arm(1),armadmin(1),
       armappl(1),  armapprule(1),   armattr(1),   armdisplay(1),
       armexec(1),  armfb(1), armgui(1), armmsg(1), armpolicy(1),
       armrep(1), armrepaselect(1), armrepdiff(1), armrepdist(1),
       armrepeagg(1),   armrepeselect(1),  armreplog(1),  armrepmaint(1),  armrepmsg(1),  armrepprint(1),  armreprmold(1),
       armrepsort(1),  armset(1), armtable(1), armtech(1), application(4),apprules(4), armrepraw(4), armtech.conf(4), armrepspec(4), armreptemplate(4), armd(8),  and armdb(8)

       Installation Guide

       ARMTech  User Guide for Tru64 UNIX (located in the product

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