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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       lprsetup.dat, lprsetup - Printer configuration files

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

       (from /etc/lprsetup.dat) Model_Name|alias:
         :PD=\n\ printer description\n\n:

       (from /usr/lbin/lprsetup/*.lpd) printer:
         :PD=\n\ printer description\n\n:

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       The  lprsetup.dat file contains configuration data for all
       printers supported by Tru64 UNIX that have special options
       such  as duplex printing. This file is generated automatically
 from individual printer configuration files  (*.lpd)
       located in /usr/lbin/lprsetup when Tru64 UNIX is installed
       and upgraded automatically when subsequent operating  system
 updates are installed.

       When  you  run  the  Printer  Configuration  (printconfig)
       graphical user interface, the  lprsetup  program,  or  the
       SysMan  utilities to configure a printer, you are prompted
       to enter the name of a  configuration  data  set  for  the
       printer  that  you want to install. The configuration program
 then reads the data set for the specified printer and
       adds  it  to  the /etc/printcap file. The lprsetup program
       uses   the   printer   configuration    files    in    the
       /usr/lbin/lprsetup     directory     instead     of    the
       /etc/lprsetup.dat file.

       The /etc/printcap file contains the runtime  printer  configuration
  record.  For  example, the /usr/lbin directory
       contains the filter files required for the  printer.   The
       printer  configuration  data  set  specifies a path to the
       appropriate filter and this path is set as a printcap flag
       during printer installation and configuration.


       Do  not  edit  the lprsetup.dat file. It is a system-owned
       file that is updated regularly with new printer data  sets
       during  each  release of the operating system. If you edit
       this file, it might not update correctly during subsequent
       update  installation  procedures. You can update this file
       by using the following command:  #  /usr/sbin/lprsetup  -c

       The  lprsetup.dat  file contains the following fields: The
       string that identifies the device. This is usually similar
       to  the name of the printer on the casing, such as Digital
       LN32 or Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5000.  A  list  of  flags
       used  to  set printer characteristics in the /etc/printcap
       file. The entry for each printer contains a number of

       printcap_flag fields. Refer to printcap(4) for a  description
  of the printcap symbols.  A short description of the
       printer.  One or more lines of text that provide  a  brief
       description of the device and its capabilities.

   Printer Description Files    [Toc]    [Back]
       Printer  description  files  are  analogous to the printer
       drivers distributed with a printer on diskette or  CD-ROM.
       The   printer   description   files  are  located  in  the
       /usr/lbin/lprsetup directory. The operating  system  ships
       with a number of print filters which support the following
       types of printer: Current model  printers.   Legacy  model
       printers.   Specific  third-party  printers.  Generic text
       (line) printers.  Generic ANSI printers.  Generic  EscapeP
       printers.   Generic  PostScript Level 1 printers.  Generic
       PostScript Level 2 printers.   Generic  Pass-through  nonfiltered
  job support for printing files that were preformatted
 by an application.  Generic Remote support for network-based
  printing  to  remote UNIX hosts, printers, and
       print servers that support the RFC 1179 printing protocol.

              Generic  Wide Character PostScript printers without
              language-specific resident  fonts.   Local-language
              character set printers are supported using internationalized
 filters. Refer to  i18n_printing(5)  for
              more information.

       The set of printer description files is constantly updated
       with each new release of the operating system.

       If you do not  find  a  specific  print  filter  for  your
       printer  make  and  model in the /usr/lbin/lprsetup directory,
 you can: Use a generic printer description file  and
       modify  it,  Use  a printer description file for a similar
       printer, either on an as-is basis or with  some  modification,
 or Acquire a print filter directly from the manufacturer
 that you can  use  with  either  a  generic  printer
       description file or a printer description file for a similar

       The operating system  also  supports  the  portable  Adobe
       PostScript  Printer Description (PPD) filters shipped with
       many makes and models of printer. See  ppdof(8)  for  more

EXAMPLES    [Toc]    [Back]

       The   following   is   the  printer  definition  from  the
       /etc/lprsetup.dat file for a generic text printer:

       # Printer Model Name:  Generic Text  #  Originating  File:
       /usr/lbin/lprsetup/Generic_Text.lpd                      #
           :PN=Generic Text:\
           :if=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Cgeneric_text.pcf:\
           :of=/usr/lbin/pcfof +Cgeneric_text.pcf:\
           :PD=\n\ This generic entry is for ASCII text  printers
       using 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper.\n \n:

       The  following  is  the  printer  definition file from the
       lprsetup.dat file for a generic remote printer:

           :PN=Generic Remote LPD:\
           :PD=\n\  This  generic  entry  provides  network-based
       printing  to  \n\  remote  UNIX hosts, printers, and print
       servers that \n\ support  the  RFC  1179  printing  protocol.\n\n:

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

       Location  of the file The individual printer configuration

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       Commands: lpd(8), lpr(1), lprsetup(8), and printconfig(8),

       Files: printcap(4), pcfof(8), ppdof(8), and wwpsof(8)

       Misc: i18n_printing(5)

       System Administration

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