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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       krb.realms - Contains configuration information that associates
 host names with realm names

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]


DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       The /krb5/krb.realms file is a text file  that  associates
       host  names  with  their realm names. Secured applications
       use the krb.realms file to determine the realm from  which
       to request a ticket to gain access to a service.

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

       By  default,  the Tru64 UNIX  operating system assumes the
       uppercase equivalent of the host's  domain  is  its  realm
       name.  Thus, if your realm names are the uppercase equivalents
 of your domain names, you do not need  to  configure
       and maintain a krb.realms file.

       Wildcards  are  special  characters in the krb.realms file
       that use one entry to  map  multiple  hosts  to  a  single
       realm.  When  secured  applications  search the krb.realms
       file, they check for a matching host name, then a matching
       domain name. If they do not find a match, they check for a
       wildcard match.

       There are two permitted wildcard characters: Use an asterisk
  (*) with a domain name to specify all hosts that have
       that domain root name. For  example,  *.biz.com  specifies
       all  hosts  in  all  domains  ending  in  biz.com, such as
       footwear.exec.biz.com.  Use a question  mark  (?)  in  the
       first field with a host or domain name to specify any letter.
 For example, ???footwear.biz.com identifies any  host
       in  the biz.com domain that has a name with any three letters
 preceding footwear, such as bigfootwear.biz.com.

       If no associated entry applies or the file does not exist,
       the  host's  realm  name  is  considered  to be the host's
       domain name converted to the uppercase letter  equivalent.

       Multiple entries can be added to the file to identify various
 conversions from host names to realm names. The order
       of the entries is not important.

       To  create  comments, use the number sign (#). Any characters
 after a number sign are ignored to  the  end  of  the
       line.  Blank lines and any leading or trailing white space
       on a line are also ignored.

       Each entry in the krb.realms file must be  on  a  separate
       line and requires the following two fields, separated by a
       space or a tab: The first field is the host name. You  can
       use  a domain name to associate each host in a domain with
       the same realm name. When you specify a domain name,  precede
  the  name  with  a  period.  The second field is the
       associated realm name. By convention, realm names  are  in
       uppercase letters to distinguish them visually from domain
       names. Realm names are case sensitive; you must  type  the
       correct case for the realm name if your site does not follow
 the uppercase convention.

EXAMPLES    [Toc]    [Back]

       The following is an example of a krb.realms file:

       footwear.biz.com  SERIOUS.BIZ.COM   #map   host   directly
       .admin.biz.com   ADMIN.BIZ.COM   #all   hosts   in  domain
       *.biz.com BIZ.COM #all other hosts

       The entries in this krb.realms file achieve the following:
       Line  one  associates  the  host footwear.biz.com with the
       SERIOUS.BIZ.COM realm.  Line two associates all  hosts  in
       the admin.biz.com domain with the ADMIN.BIZ.COM realm. The
       preceding period identifies the first field  as  a  domain
       name  rather than a host name. Typically, this line is not
       required because the realm name is  the  uppercase  letter
       equivalent  of the domain name.  However, in this example,
       it is required to prevent the third line from  associating
       the  hosts  in  the  admin.biz.com  domain  to the BIZ.COM
       realm.  Line three associates all  other  hosts  in  other
       domains  with  the root name biz.com to the BIZ.COM realm.
       For   example,   hosts   in   sales.biz.com    and    support.teams.biz.com
   domains   are  mapped  to  the  realm

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       Files: krb.conf(4)

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