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       advfs_err - Lists and describes error messages

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       This  following list provides the error number and a brief
       description of the error: EHANDLE_OVF

              Out of memory.  EINVALID_HANDLE

              The  access  structure  handle  is  out  of  range.

              This is an internal AdvFS error that occurs when an
              AdvFS routine fails due to the domain already being
              paniced.  The error propagates to the user as E_IO.

              The volume is already in use by a domain.  EBAD_VDI

              The  specified volume index is not a valid index in
              the domain.  ENO_SUCH_DOMAIN

              The specified domain does not exist.  ENO_SUCH_TAG

              The bitfile does not exist.  ENO_MORE_DOMAINS

              The maximum number of file domains are active; cannot
 activate another file domain.  EBAD_DOMAIN_HANDLE

              The  specified  domain   handle   is   not   valid.

              The  specified  file page is not allocated and does
              not exist.  ENO_XTNTS

              An advfs internal error when opening a file  causes
              file storage to be inaccessible.  EBAD_TAG

              The file tag is not what was expected.  EXTND_FAILURE

              Out   of   extents   to   describe   disk   blocks.

              The domain is out of disk space.  ENOT_SUPPORTED

              The  requested function is not currently supported.

              Invalid parameters were passed to the kernel.   The
              likely cause is that the command or utility belongs
              to a previous version of  the  product,  while  the
              system is running a later version.  EBMTR_NOT_FOUND

              The file metadata was  not  found.   ETOO_MANY_SERVICE_CLASSES

              Service class array overflow.  EBAD_SERVICE_CLASS

              The  disk  service class does not match the service
              class array entry.  ESERVICE_CLASS_NOT_FOUND

              The requested service class does not exist.   ESERVICE_CLASS_NOT_EMPTY

              There  is an attempt to delete a service class that
              still has a disk in it.  EBAD_FTX_AGENTH

              Invalid transaction identification.  EBAD_PAR_FTXH

              Invalid parent transaction handle.  EFTX_TOO_DEEP

              Transactions are nested too deeply.  EBAD_FTXH

              Invalid transaction handle.  EBAD_STO_DESC

              The storage descriptor for the storage requested is
              invalid.  ENO_MORE_MEMORY

              The   file   system  (advfs)  ran  out  of  memory.

              A file descriptor could not be allocated.  The system
  is  most  likely  out  of  disk  space.   EALREADY_ALLOCATED

              Attempt to add storage to a  file  at  a  specified
              page  offset  and  the  page at that offset already
              exists.  E_NO_MORE_LOG_DESC

              Too many threads are reading the  transaction  log.

              There  was  a  failure  during  log initialization.

              The number  of  volumes  in  /etc/fdmns/domain_name
              does  not  match  the number of volumes in the BMT.

              There are no transactions in the log.  E_LOG_FULL

              There is no more room for transactions in the  log.

              The    log    entry    has    an    invalid    LSN.

              No such log entry exists.  E_CANT_ACCESS_LOG

              An error occurred while creating  the  file  domain
              transaction   log,  initializing  the  file  domain
              transaction log, or both.  Since you cannot use the
              file     domain,     you    must    recreate    it.

              The file domain is not active; it must be active to
              perform        the        requested       function.

              Some thread is still accessing  the  domain  during
              domain           activation.            E_CANT_DISMOUNT_VD1_ACTIVE_DOMAIN

              Dirty buffers prevent the fileset from  being  dismounted.

              The  command  or utility version does not match the
              advfs kernel  version.   See  EBAD_PARAMS  (-1042).

              The    volume    has    the    wrong   domain   ID.

              There is an error in finding the end  of  the  log.

              A  file's  primary mcell has a nonzero linkSegment.

              Some of the disks listed in fdmns directory for the
              file  domain do not belong to the file domain.  The
              fdmns directory  entry  for  this  file  domain  is
              invalid.  E_MUST_BE_ROOT

              You   must  have  root  privilege  to  perform  the
              requested function.  E_TAG_EXISTS

              Specified tag  to  use  next  already  is  in  use.

              The   specified   file   domain   already   exists.

              The   specified    fileset    does    not    exist.

              The   specified  bitfile  set  handle  is  invalid.

              The maximum number of filesets are mounted.  Cannot
              mount the fileset.  E_TOO_MANY_ACCESSORS

              The  fileset is active (mounted).  The fileset must
              be inactive (unmounted) to  perform  the  requested
              function.  E_NOT_ENOUGH_DISKS

              There  is no more room on the disks in the selected
              service class.  E_BAD_DEV

              The  file  domain  volume  is  an  invalid  device.

              The  file  system (advfs) is not installed or it is
              installed but the new kernel (vmunix) is  not  currently
  running;  in  the  latter case, you need to
              reboot the system to complete the  advfs  installation.

              The file set is read only.  E_TOO_MANY_CLONES

              The  specified  fileset  has  the maximum number of
              clone filesets.  You cannot  create  another  clone
              fileset.  E_OUT_OF_SYNC_CLONE

              The  clone file is no longer correct due to running
              out  of  disk  space  during  a  copy   on   write.

              The  original  fileset  has  a  clone fileset.  The
              original fileset must not have a clone  fileset  to
              perform  the  requested  function.  E_TOO_MANY_BITFILES

              The number of files in the fileset has exceeded the
              quota.  E_TOO_MANY_BLOCKS

              The  number  of  disk  blocks used by a fileset has
              exceeded the quota.  E_QUOTA_NOT_ENABLED

              The quota type is not enabled.  E_IO

              I/O error detected.  E_NO_MORE_DQUOTS

              Out of memory.  E_DUPLICATE_SET

              The fileset already exists.  E_CANT_CLONE_A_CLONE

              You cannot create a  clone  fileset  from  a  clone
              fileset.  E_ACCESS_DENIED

              Permission   denied  for  the  requested  function.

              During migration, a disk block offset in an  extent
              is not page aligned.  E_CANT_MIGRATE_HOLE

              An  attempt to migrate a sparse file page range and
              all  the  pages  in  the  range   do   not   exist.

              The  user,  who  is  not  the  owner  of  the AdvFS
              resource, has attempted an AdvFS operation, such as
              changing      an      AdvFS      fileset      name.

              An attempt to migrate a file failed because another
              thread  is  already  migrating  the file.  Only one
              active migrate is allowed  for  a  specified  file.

              The  installed  version  of advfs is not compatible
              with      the      on-disk       file       domain.

              The  on-disk  file  domain  structures are invalid.

              The page offset specified for the file is within  a
              sparse file hole.  E_TOO_MANY_VIRTUAL_DISKS

              The  maximum  number of volumes per domain has been
              reached.  ENO_NAME

              The file system (advfs) cannot  generate  the  path
              name  of  a file because the original path name has
              been deleted.  EDIR_NOT_ADVFS

              A trashcan operation was attempted on  a  non-advfs
              directory.  EUNDEL_DIR_NOT_ADVFS

              A user attempted to use a non-advfs directory for a
              trashcan.  EDUPLICATE_DIRS

              A user attempted to attach a directory to itself as
              a trashcan.  EDIFF_FILE_SETS

              A  user  attempted to attach a trashcan to a directory
 in a different fileset. A trashcan must be  in
              the same fileset as the directory.  E_BAD_MAGIC

              The  specified  disks  do not contain a valid advfs
              file domain.  E_BAD_PAGESIZE

              An advfs internal error when opening a file  causes
              the file storage to be inaccessible.  E_NO_DMN_VOLS

              The file domain contains no volumes.  E_BAD_TAGDIR

              There is a corrupted page  in  the  tag  directory.

              A  request  to  switch  log  volumes  was made to a
              domain that is in the process of switching log volumes.
   E_NO_UNDEL_DIR A user attempted to remove a
              trashcan from a directory  that  has  no  trashcan.
              E_QUOTA_NOT_MAINTAINED  The quota type is not maintained.

              An attempt to remove a volume  failed  because  the
              contents  of the inode table could not be moved off
              of the volume.  E_ROOT_TAGDIR_ON_VOL

              An attempt to remove a volume  failed  because  the
              root tag directory is located on the specified volume
 and could not  be  moved  off  of  the  volume.

              An  attempt  to  remove a volume failed because the
              log is located on the specified  volume  and  could
              not     be     moved    off    of    the    volume.

              The selected disk is not in the  requested  service
              class.  E_WOULD_BLOCK

              The  request  call  to lgr_flush_start would block.

              An  attempt  to  stripe  a  file  that  is  already
              striped.  E_NO_CLONE_STG

              An  attempt to migrate a clone but the clone has no
              storage of its own.  E_BAD_PAGE_RANGE

              The specified page range is not valid.   E_INVOLUNTARY_ABORT

              A  migrate  operation  has  been aborted by another
              thread.  For example, a remove volume operation can
              cause     a     file's     migrate     to    abort.

              A remove volume operation on a volume in the specified
  domain  is  already active. There can only be
              one active remove volume operation per domain.

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