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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       m4 - GNU m4 macro processor

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       The  GNU  m4 software is unsupported software that is provided
 as part of Tru64 UNIX.  HP will fix problems in this
       unsupported  software  only  if they are specific to Tru64
       UNIX.  HP will not fix problems that are integral  to  the
       software  itself  or that occur when the component is used
       on UNIX systems other than Tru64 UNIX.  HP  will  not  add
       functionality to this software.

       The  GNU  version of the m4 macro processor is supplied as
       an alternate version of the  m4  macro  processor.  It  is
       located at /usr/opt/alt/usr/bin/m4.

       Except  for  this reference page, other documentation that
       Tru64 UNIX supplies for GNU m4 are passed through  without
       changes.   The  documentation  distributed as part of this
       software    are    available    in     the     directories
       /usr/share/doclib/annex/txt/m4                         and
       /usr/share/doclib/annex/html/m4.  The html  files  can  be
       read using the netscape browser.


       HP is not responsible for the content or quality of reference
  pages  and  other  documents  installed  under   the
       /usr/share/doclib/annex directory and does not revise this
       material in response to customer problem  reports.  Reference
 pages installed under the /usr/share/doclib/annex/man
       directory are not available from  HP  in  book  form;  for
       example,  they  are  not included in the reference manuals
       that you receive when you order the Tru64 UNIX  documentation
 set as hard copy books.

       Problems related to the content or quality of any documentation
 installed in the /usr/share/doclib/annex  directory
       tree  should  be  sent to the developers of the documentation.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       Commands:  netscape(1), m4(1)

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