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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       ioctl_list - list of ioctl calls in Linux/i386 kernel

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       This  is  Ioctl List 1.3.27, a list of ioctl calls in Linux/i386 kernel
       1.3.27.	It contains 421 ioctls from /usr/include/{asm,linux}/*.h.  For
       each  ioctl,  I	list  its  numerical value, its name, and its argument

       An argument type of 'const struct foo *' means the argument is input to
       the  kernel.  'struct foo *' means the kernel outputs the argument.  If
       the kernel uses the argument for both input and output, this is	marked
       with // I-O.

       Some  ioctls  take  more  arguments or return more values than a single
       structure.  These are marked // MORE and documented further in a  separate

       This list is incomplete.  It does not include:

	   -- Ioctls defined internal to the kernel ('scsi_ioctl.h').
	   -- Ioctls defined in modules distributed separately from the kernel.

       And, of course, I may have errors and omissions.

       Please e-mail changes and comments to <mec@duracef.shout.net>.  I am
       particularly interested in loadable modules which define their own
       ioctls.	If you know of such a module, tell me where I can ftp it, and
       I'll include its ioctls in my next release.

       // Main table.

       // <include/asm-i386/socket.h>
       0x00008901  FIOSETOWN		  const int *
       0x00008902  SIOCSPGRP		  const int *
       0x00008903  FIOGETOWN		  int *
       0x00008904  SIOCGPGRP		  int *
       0x00008905  SIOCATMARK		  int *
       0x00008906  SIOCGSTAMP		  timeval *

       // <include/asm-i386/termios.h>
       0x00005401  TCGETS	     struct termios *
       0x00005402  TCSETS	     const struct termios *
       0x00005403  TCSETSW	     const struct termios *
       0x00005404  TCSETSF	     const struct termios *
       0x00005405  TCGETA	     struct termio *
       0x00005406  TCSETA	     const struct termio *
       0x00005407  TCSETAW	     const struct termio *
       0x00005408  TCSETAF	     const struct termio *
       0x00005409  TCSBRK	     int
       0x0000540A  TCXONC	     int
       0x0000540B  TCFLSH	     int
       0x0000540C  TIOCEXCL		  void
       0x0000540D  TIOCNXCL		  void
       0x0000540E  TIOCSCTTY		  int
       0x0000540F  TIOCGPGRP		  pid_t *
       0x00005410  TIOCSPGRP		  const pid_t *
       0x00005411  TIOCOUTQ		  int *
       0x00005412  TIOCSTI	     const char *
       0x00005413  TIOCGWINSZ		  struct winsize *
       0x00005414  TIOCSWINSZ		  const struct winsize *
       0x00005415  TIOCMGET		  int *
       0x00005416  TIOCMBIS		  const int *
       0x00005417  TIOCMBIC		  const int *
       0x00005418  TIOCMSET		  const int *
       0x00005419  TIOCGSOFTCAR      int *
       0x0000541A  TIOCSSOFTCAR      const int *
       0x0000541B  FIONREAD		  int *
       0x0000541B  TIOCINQ	     int *
       0x0000541C  TIOCLINUX		  const char *		   // MORE
       0x0000541D  TIOCCONS		  void
       0x0000541E  TIOCGSERIAL		  struct serial_struct *
       0x0000541F  TIOCSSERIAL		  const struct serial_struct *
       0x00005420  TIOCPKT	     const int *
       0x00005421  FIONBIO	     const int *
       0x00005422  TIOCNOTTY		  void
       0x00005423  TIOCSETD		  const int *
       0x00005424  TIOCGETD		  int *
       0x00005425  TCSBRKP	     int
       0x00005426  TIOCTTYGSTRUCT	  struct tty_struct *
       0x00005450  FIONCLEX		  void
       0x00005451  FIOCLEX	     void
       0x00005452  FIOASYNC		  const int *
       0x00005453  TIOCSERCONFIG	  void
       0x00005454  TIOCSERGWILD      int *
       0x00005455  TIOCSERSWILD      const int *
       0x00005456  TIOCGLCKTRMIOS	  struct termios *
       0x00005457  TIOCSLCKTRMIOS	  const struct temios *
       0x00005458  TIOCSERGSTRUCT	  struct async_struct *
       0x00005459  TIOCSERGETLSR	  int *
       0x0000545A  TIOCSERGETMULTI	  struct serial_multiport_struct *
       0x0000545B  TIOCSERSETMULTI	  const struct serial_multiport_struct *

       // <include/linux/ax25.h>
       0x000089E0  SIOCAX25GETUID	  const struct sockaddr_ax25 *
       0x000089E1  SIOCAX25ADDUID	  const struct sockaddr_ax25 *
       0x000089E2  SIOCAX25DELUID	  const struct sockaddr_ax25 *
       0x000089E3  SIOCAX25NOUID	  const int *
       0x000089E4  SIOCAX25DIGCTL	  const int *
       0x000089E5  SIOCAX25GETPARMS	  struct ax25_parms_struct *	// I-O
       0x000089E6  SIOCAX25SETPARMS	  const struct ax25_parms-struct *

       // <include/linux/cdk.h>
       0x00007314  STL_BINTR		  void
       0x00007315  STL_BSTART		  void
       0x00007316  STL_BSTOP		  void
       0x00007317  STL_BRESET		  void

       // <include/linux/cdrom.h>
       0x00005301  CDROMPAUSE		  void
       0x00005302  CDROMRESUME		  void
       0x00005303  CDROMPLAYMSF      const struct cdrom_msf *
       0x00005304  CDROMPLAYTRKIND	  const struct cdrom_ti *
       0x00005305  CDROMREADTOCHDR	  struct cdrom_tochdr *
       0x00005306  CDROMREADTOCENTRY	  struct cdrom_tocentry *	// I-O
       0x00005307  CDROMSTOP		  void
       0x00005308  CDROMSTART		  void
       0x00005309  CDROMEJECT		  void
       0x0000530A  CDROMVOLCTRL      const struct cdrom_volctrl *
       0x0000530B  CDROMSUBCHNL      struct cdrom_subchnl *	   // I-O
       0x0000530C  CDROMREADMODE2	  const struct cdrom_msf * // MORE
       0x0000530D  CDROMREADMODE1	  const struct cdrom_msf * // MORE
       0x0000530E  CDROMREADAUDIO	  const struct cdrom_read_audio *    // MORE
       0x0000530F  CDROMEJECT_SW	  int
       0x00005310  CDROMMULTISESSION	  struct cdrom_multisession *	// I-O
       0x00005311  CDROM_GET_UPC	  struct { char [8]; } *
       0x00005312  CDROMRESET		  void
       0x00005313  CDROMVOLREAD      struct cdrom_volctrl *
       0x00005314  CDROMREADRAW      const struct cdrom_msf * // MORE
       0x00005315  CDROMREADCOOKED	  const struct cdrom_msf * // MORE
       0x00005316  CDROMSEEK		  const struct cdrom_msf *

       // <include/linux/cm206.h>
       0x00002000  CM206CTL_GET_STAT	  int
       0x00002001  CM206CTL_GET_LAST_STAT int

       // <include/linux/cyclades.h>
       0x00435901  CYGETMON		  struct cyclades_monitor *
       0x00435902  CYGETTHRESH		  int *
       0x00435903  CYSETTHRESH		  int
       0x00435904  CYGETDEFTHRESH	  int *
       0x00435905  CYSETDEFTHRESH	  int
       0x00435906  CYGETTIMEOUT      int *
       0x00435907  CYSETTIMEOUT      int
       0x00435908  CYGETDEFTIMEOUT	  int *
       0x00435909  CYSETDEFTIMEOUT	  int

       // <include/linux/ext2_fs.h>
       0x80046601  EXT2_IOC_GETFLAGS	  int *
       0x40046602  EXT2_IOC_SETFLAGS	  const int *
       0x80047601  EXT2_IOC_GETVERSION	       int *
       0x40047602  EXT2_IOC_SETVERSION	       const int *

       // <include/linux/fd.h>
       0x00000000  FDCLRPRM		  void
       0x00000001  FDSETPRM		  const struct floppy_struct *
       0x00000002  FDDEFPRM		  const struct floppy_struct *
       0x00000003  FDGETPRM		  struct floppy_struct *
       0x00000004  FDMSGON	     void
       0x00000005  FDMSGOFF		  void
       0x00000006  FDFMTBEG		  void
       0x00000007  FDFMTTRK		  const struct format_descr *
       0x00000008  FDFMTEND		  void
       0x0000000A  FDSETEMSGTRESH	  int
       0x0000000B  FDFLUSH	     void
       0x0000000C  FDSETMAXERRS      const struct floppy_max_errors *
       0x0000000E  FDGETMAXERRS      struct floppy_max_errors *
       0x00000010  FDGETDRVTYP		  struct { char [16]; } *
       0x00000014  FDSETDRVPRM		  const struct floppy_drive_params *
       0x00000015  FDGETDRVPRM		  struct floppy_drive_params *
       0x00000016  FDGETDRVSTAT      struct floppy_drive_struct *
       0x00000017  FDPOLLDRVSTAT	  struct floppy_drive_struct *
       0x00000018  FDRESET	     int
       0x00000019  FDGETFDCSTAT      struct floppy_fdc_state *
       0x0000001B  FDWERRORCLR		  void
       0x0000001C  FDWERRORGET		  struct floppy_write_errors *
       0x0000001E  FDRAWCMD		  struct floppy_raw_cmd *  // MORE   // I-O
       0x00000028  FDTWADDLE		  void

       // <include/linux/fs.h>
       0x0000125D  BLKROSET		  const int *
       0x0000125E  BLKROGET		  int *
       0x0000125F  BLKRRPART		  void
       0x00001260  BLKGETSIZE		  int *
       0x00001261  BLKFLSBUF		  void
       0x00001262  BLKRASET		  int
       0x00001263  BLKRAGET		  int *
       0x00000001  FIBMAP	     int *		      // I-O
       0x00000002  FIGETBSZ		  int *

       // <include/linux/hdreg.h>
       0x00000301  HDIO_GETGEO		  struct hd_geometry *
       0x00000302  HDIO_GET_UNMASKINTR	       int *
       0x00000304  HDIO_GET_MULTCOUNT	       int *
       0x00000307  HDIO_GET_IDENTITY	  struct hd_driveid *
       0x00000308  HDIO_GET_KEEPSETTINGS  int *
       0x00000309  HDIO_GET_CHIPSET	  int *
       0x0000030A  HDIO_GET_NOWERR	  int *
       0x0000030B  HDIO_GET_DMA      int *
       0x0000031F  HDIO_DRIVE_CMD	  int * 		   // I-O
       0x00000321  HDIO_SET_MULTCOUNT	       int
       0x00000322  HDIO_SET_UNMASKINTR	       int
       0x00000323  HDIO_SET_KEEPSETTINGS  int
       0x00000324  HDIO_SET_CHIPSET	  int
       0x00000325  HDIO_SET_NOWERR	  int
       0x00000326  HDIO_SET_DMA      int

       // <include/linux/if_eql.h>
       0x000089F0  EQL_ENSLAVE		  struct ifreq *      // MORE // I-O
       0x000089F1  EQL_EMANCIPATE	  struct ifreq *      // MORE // I-O
       0x000089F2  EQL_GETSLAVECFG	  struct ifreq *      // MORE // I-O
       0x000089F3  EQL_SETSLAVECFG	  struct ifreq *      // MORE // I-O
       0x000089F4  EQL_GETMASTRCFG	  struct ifreq *      // MORE // I-O
       0x000089F5  EQL_SETMASTRCFG	  struct ifreq *      // MORE // I-O

       // <include/linux/if_plip.h>
       0x000089F0  SIOCDEVPLIP		  struct ifreq *	   // I-O

       // <include/linux/if_ppp.h>
       0x00005490  PPPIOCGFLAGS      int *
       0x00005491  PPPIOCSFLAGS      const int *
       0x00005492  PPPIOCGASYNCMAP	  int *
       0x00005493  PPPIOCSASYNCMAP	  const int *
       0x00005494  PPPIOCGUNIT		  int *
       0x00005495  PPPIOCSINPSIG	  const int *
       0x00005497  PPPIOCSDEBUG      const int *
       0x00005498  PPPIOCGDEBUG      int *
       0x00005499  PPPIOCGSTAT		  struct ppp_stats *
       0x0000549A  PPPIOCGTIME		  struct ppp_ddinfo *
       0x0000549B  PPPIOCGXASYNCMAP	  struct { int [8]; } *
       0x0000549C  PPPIOCSXASYNCMAP	  const struct { int [8]; } *
       0x0000549D  PPPIOCSMRU		  const int *
       0x0000549E  PPPIOCRASYNCMAP	  const int *
       0x0000549F  PPPIOCSMAXCID	  const int *

       // <include/linux/ipx.h>
       0x000089E0  SIOCAIPXITFCRT	  const char *
       0x000089E1  SIOCAIPXPRISLT	  const char *
       0x000089E2  SIOCIPXCFGDATA	  struct ipx_config_data *

       // <include/linux/kd.h>
       0x00004B60  GIO_FONT		  struct { char [8192]; } *
       0x00004B61  PIO_FONT		  const struct { char [8192]; } *
       0x00004B6B  GIO_FONTX		  struct console_font_desc *  // MORE I-O
       0x00004B6C  PIO_FONTX		  const struct console_font_desc * //MORE
       0x00004B70  GIO_CMAP		  struct { char [48]; } *
       0x00004B71  PIO_CMAP		  const struct { char [48]; }
       0x00004B2F  KIOCSOUND		  int
       0x00004B30  KDMKTONE		  int
       0x00004B31  KDGETLED		  char *
       0x00004B32  KDSETLED		  int
       0x00004B33  KDGKBTYPE		  char *
       0x00004B34  KDADDIO	     int		 // MORE
       0x00004B35  KDDELIO	     int		 // MORE
       0x00004B36  KDENABIO		  void		      // MORE
       0x00004B37  KDDISABIO		  void		      // MORE
       0x00004B3A  KDSETMODE		  int
       0x00004B3B  KDGETMODE		  int *
       0x00004B3C  KDMAPDISP		  void		      // MORE
       0x00004B3D  KDUNMAPDISP		  void		      // MORE
       0x00004B40  GIO_SCRNMAP		  struct { char [E_TABSZ]; } *
       0x00004B41  PIO_SCRNMAP		  const struct { char [E_TABSZ]; } *
       0x00004B69  GIO_UNISCRNMAP	  struct { short [E_TABSZ]; } *
       0x00004B6A  PIO_UNISCRNMAP	  const struct { short [E_TABSZ]; } *
       0x00004B66  GIO_UNIMAP		  struct unimapdesc * // MORE	// I-O
       0x00004B67  PIO_UNIMAP		  const struct unimapdesc *	// MORE
       0x00004B68  PIO_UNIMAPCLR	  const struct unimapinit *
       0x00004B44  KDGKBMODE		  int *
       0x00004B45  KDSKBMODE		  int
       0x00004B62  KDGKBMETA		  int *
       0x00004B63  KDSKBMETA		  int
       0x00004B64  KDGKBLED		  int *
       0x00004B65  KDSKBLED		  int
       0x00004B46  KDGKBENT		  struct kbentry *	   // I-O
       0x00004B47  KDSKBENT		  const struct kbentry *
       0x00004B48  KDGKBSENT		  struct kbsentry *	   // I-O
       0x00004B49  KDSKBSENT		  const struct kbsentry *
       0x00004B4A  KDGKBDIACR		  struct kbdiacrs *
       0x00004B4B  KDSKBDIACR		  const struct kbdiacrs *
       0x00004B4C  KDGETKEYCODE      struct kbkeycode *       // I-O
       0x00004B4D  KDSETKEYCODE      const struct kbkeycode *
       0x00004B4E  KDSIGACCEPT		  int

       // <include/linux/lp.h>
       0x00000601  LPCHAR	     int
       0x00000602  LPTIME	     int
       0x00000604  LPABORT	     int
       0x00000605  LPSETIRQ		  int
       0x00000606  LPGETIRQ		  int *
       0x00000608  LPWAIT	     int
       0x00000609  LPCAREFUL		  int
       0x0000060A  LPABORTOPEN		  int
       0x0000060B  LPGETSTATUS		  int *
       0x0000060C  LPRESET	     void
       0x0000060D  LPGETSTATS		  struct lp_stats *

       // <include/linux/mroute.h>
       0x000089E0  SIOCGETVIFCNT	  struct sioc_vif_req * 	// I-O
       0x000089E1  SIOCGETSGCNT      struct sioc_sg_req *	   // I-O

       // <include/linux/mtio.h>
       0x40086D01  MTIOCTOP		  const struct mtop *
       0x801C6D02  MTIOCGET		  struct mtget *
       0x80046D03  MTIOCPOS		  struct mtpos *
       0x80206D04  MTIOCGETCONFIG	  struct mtconfiginfo *
       0x40206D05  MTIOCSETCONFIG	  const struct mtconfiginfo *

       // <include/linux/netrom.h>
       0x000089E0  SIOCNRGETPARMS	  struct nr_parms_struct * // I-O
       0x000089E1  SIOCNRSETPARMS	  const struct nr_parms_struct *
       0x000089E2  SIOCNRDECOBS      void
       0x000089E3  SIOCNRRTCTL		  const int *

       // <include/linux/sbpcd.h>
       0x00009000  DDIOCSDBG		  const int *
       0x00005382  CDROMAUDIOBUFSIZ	  int

       // <include/linux/scc.h>
       0x00005470  TIOCSCCINI		  void
       0x00005471  TIOCCHANINI		  const struct scc_modem *
       0x00005472  TIOCGKISS		  struct ioctl_command *	// I-O
       0x00005473  TIOCSKISS		  const struct ioctl_command *
       0x00005474  TIOCSCCSTAT		  struct scc_stat *

       // <include/linux/scsi.h>
       0x00005382  SCSI_IOCTL_GET_IDLUN   struct { int [2]; } *
       0x00005383  SCSI_IOCTL_TAGGED_ENABLE    void
       0x00005384  SCSI_IOCTL_TAGGED_DISABLE   void
       0x00005385  SCSI_IOCTL_PROBE_HOST  const int *		   // MORE

       // <include/linux/smb_fs.h>
       0x80027501  SMB_IOC_GETMOUNTUID	       uid_t *

       // <include/linux/sockios.h>
       0x0000890B  SIOCADDRT		  const struct rtentry *	// MORE
       0x0000890C  SIOCDELRT		  const struct rtentry *	// MORE
       0x00008910  SIOCGIFNAME		  char []
       0x00008911  SIOCSIFLINK		  void
       0x00008912  SIOCGIFCONF		  struct ifconf *	   // MORE   // I-O
       0x00008913  SIOCGIFFLAGS      struct ifreq *	      // I-O
       0x00008914  SIOCSIFFLAGS      const struct ifreq *
       0x00008915  SIOCGIFADDR		  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x00008916  SIOCSIFADDR		  const struct ifreq *
       0x00008917  SIOCGIFDSTADDR	  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x00008918  SIOCSIFDSTADDR	  const struct ifreq *
       0x00008919  SIOCGIFBRDADDR	  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x0000891A  SIOCSIFBRDADDR	  const struct ifreq *
       0x0000891B  SIOCGIFNETMASK	  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x0000891C  SIOCSIFNETMASK	  const struct ifreq *
       0x0000891D  SIOCGIFMETRIC	  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x0000891E  SIOCSIFMETRIC	  const struct ifreq *
       0x0000891F  SIOCGIFMEM		  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x00008920  SIOCSIFMEM		  const struct ifreq *
       0x00008921  SIOCGIFMTU		  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x00008922  SIOCSIFMTU		  const struct ifreq *
       0x00008923  OLD_SIOCGIFHWADDR	  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x00008924  SIOCSIFHWADDR	  const struct ifreq *		// MORE
       0x00008925  SIOCGIFENCAP      int *
       0x00008926  SIOCSIFENCAP      const int *
       0x00008927  SIOCGIFHWADDR	  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x00008929  SIOCGIFSLAVE      void
       0x00008930  SIOCSIFSLAVE      void
       0x00008931  SIOCADDMULTI      const struct ifreq *
       0x00008932  SIOCDELMULTI      const struct ifreq *
       0x00008940  SIOCADDRTOLD      void
       0x00008941  SIOCDELRTOLD      void
       0x00008950  SIOCDARP		  const struct arpreq *
       0x00008951  SIOCGARP		  struct arpreq *		// I-O
       0x00008952  SIOCSARP		  const struct arpreq *
       0x00008960  SIOCDRARP		  const struct arpreq *
       0x00008961  SIOCGRARP		  struct arpreq *		// I-O
       0x00008962  SIOCSRARP		  const struct arpreq *
       0x00008970  SIOCGIFMAP		  struct ifreq *	   // I-O
       0x00008971  SIOCSIFMAP		  const struct ifreq *

       // <include/linux/soundcard.h>
       0x00005100  SNDCTL_SEQ_RESET	  void
       0x00005101  SNDCTL_SEQ_SYNC	  void
       0xC08C5102  SNDCTL_SYNTH_INFO	  struct synth_info *	   // I-O
       0xC0045103  SNDCTL_SEQ_CTRLRATE	       int *			// I-O
       0x80045104  SNDCTL_SEQ_GETOUTCOUNT int *
       0x80045105  SNDCTL_SEQ_GETINCOUNT  int *
       0x40045106  SNDCTL_SEQ_PERCMODE	       void
       0x40285107  SNDCTL_FM_LOAD_INSTR   const struct sbi_instrument *
       0x40045108  SNDCTL_SEQ_TESTMIDI	       const int *
       0x40045109  SNDCTL_SEQ_RESETSAMPLES     const int *
       0x8004510A  SNDCTL_SEQ_NRSYNTHS	       int *
       0x8004510B  SNDCTL_SEQ_NRMIDIS	       int *
       0xC074510C  SNDCTL_MIDI_INFO	  struct midi_info *	   // I-O
       0x4004510D  SNDCTL_SEQ_THRESHOLD   const int *
       0xC004510E  SNDCTL_SYNTH_MEMAVL	       int *			// I-O
       0x4004510F  SNDCTL_FM_4OP_ENABLE   const int *
       0xCFB85110  SNDCTL_PMGR_ACCESS	       struct patmgr_info *	     // I-O
       0x00005111  SNDCTL_SEQ_PANIC	  void
       0x40085112  SNDCTL_SEQ_OUTOFBAND   const struct seq_event_rec *
       0xC0045401  SNDCTL_TMR_TIMEBASE	       int *			// I-O
       0x00005402  SNDCTL_TMR_START	  void
       0x00005403  SNDCTL_TMR_STOP	  void
       0x00005404  SNDCTL_TMR_CONTINUE	       void
       0xC0045405  SNDCTL_TMR_TEMPO	  int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0045406  SNDCTL_TMR_SOURCE	  int * 		   // I-O
       0x40045407  SNDCTL_TMR_METRONOME   const int *
       0x40045408  SNDCTL_TMR_SELECT	  int * 		   // I-O
       0xCFB85001  SNDCTL_PMGR_IFACE	  struct patmgr_info *		// I-O
       0xC0046D00  SNDCTL_MIDI_PRETIME	       int *			// I-O
       0xC0046D01  SNDCTL_MIDI_MPUMODE	       const int *
       0xC0216D02  SNDCTL_MIDI_MPUCMD	       struct mpu_command_rec * // I-O
       0x00005000  SNDCTL_DSP_RESET	  void
       0x00005001  SNDCTL_DSP_SYNC	  void
       0xC0045002  SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED	  int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0045003  SNDCTL_DSP_STEREO	  int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0045004  SNDCTL_DSP_GETBLKSIZE  int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0045006  SOUND_PCM_WRITE_CHANNELS    int *			// I-O
       0xC0045007  SOUND_PCM_WRITE_FILTER int * 		   // I-O
       0x00005008  SNDCTL_DSP_POST	  void
       0xC0045009  SNDCTL_DSP_SUBDIVIDE   int * 		   // I-O
       0xC004500A  SNDCTL_DSP_SETFRAGMENT int * 		   // I-O
       0x8004500B  SNDCTL_DSP_GETFMTS	       int *
       0xC0045005  SNDCTL_DSP_SETFMT	  int * 		   // I-O
       0x800C500C  SNDCTL_DSP_GETOSPACE   struct audio_buf_info *
       0x800C500D  SNDCTL_DSP_GETISPACE   struct audio_buf_info *
       0x0000500E  SNDCTL_DSP_NONBLOCK	       void
       0x80045002  SOUND_PCM_READ_RATE	       int *
       0x80045006  SOUND_PCM_READ_CHANNELS     int *
       0x80045005  SOUND_PCM_READ_BITS	       int *
       0x80045007  SOUND_PCM_READ_FILTER  int *
       0x00004300  SNDCTL_COPR_RESET	  void
       0xCFB04301  SNDCTL_COPR_LOAD	  const struct copr_buffer *
       0xC0144302  SNDCTL_COPR_RDATA	  struct copr_debug_buf *	// I-O
       0xC0144303  SNDCTL_COPR_RCODE	  struct copr_debug_buf *	// I-O
       0x40144304  SNDCTL_COPR_WDATA	  const struct copr_debug_buf *
       0x40144305  SNDCTL_COPR_WCODE	  const struct copr_debug_buf *
       0xC0144306  SNDCTL_COPR_RUN	  struct copr_debug_buf *	// I-O
       0xC0144307  SNDCTL_COPR_HALT	  struct copr_debug_buf *	// I-O
       0x4FA44308  SNDCTL_COPR_SENDMSG	       const struct copr_msg *
       0x8FA44309  SNDCTL_COPR_RCVMSG	       struct copr_msg *
       0x80044D00  SOUND_MIXER_READ_VOLUME     int *
       0x80044D01  SOUND_MIXER_READ_BASS  int *
       0x80044D02  SOUND_MIXER_READ_TREBLE     int *
       0x80044D03  SOUND_MIXER_READ_SYNTH int *
       0x80044D04  SOUND_MIXER_READ_PCM   int *
       0x80044D05  SOUND_MIXER_READ_SPEAKER    int *
       0x80044D06  SOUND_MIXER_READ_LINE  int *
       0x80044D07  SOUND_MIXER_READ_MIC   int *
       0x80044D08  SOUND_MIXER_READ_CD	       int *
       0x80044D09  SOUND_MIXER_READ_IMIX  int *
       0x80044D0A  SOUND_MIXER_READ_ALTPCM     int *
       0x80044D0B  SOUND_MIXER_READ_RECLEV     int *
       0x80044D0C  SOUND_MIXER_READ_IGAIN int *
       0x80044D0D  SOUND_MIXER_READ_OGAIN int *
       0x80044D0E  SOUND_MIXER_READ_LINE1 int *
       0x80044D0F  SOUND_MIXER_READ_LINE2 int *
       0x80044D10  SOUND_MIXER_READ_LINE3 int *
       0x80044D1C  SOUND_MIXER_READ_MUTE  int *
       0x80044D1D  SOUND_MIXER_READ_ENHANCE    int *
       0x80044D1E  SOUND_MIXER_READ_LOUD  int *
       0x80044DFF  SOUND_MIXER_READ_RECSRC     int *
       0x80044DFE  SOUND_MIXER_READ_DEVMASK    int *
       0x80044DFD  SOUND_MIXER_READ_RECMASK    int *
       0x80044DFC  SOUND_MIXER_READ_CAPS  int *
       0xC0044D00  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_VOLUME    int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D01  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_BASS int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0044D02  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_TREBLE    int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D03  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_SYNTH     int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D04  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_PCM  int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0044D05  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_SPEAKER   int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D06  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_LINE int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0044D07  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_MIC  int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0044D08  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_CD   int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0044D09  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_IMIX int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0044D0A  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_ALTPCM    int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D0B  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_RECLEV    int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D0C  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_IGAIN     int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D0D  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_OGAIN     int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D0E  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_LINE1     int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D0F  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_LINE2     int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D10  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_LINE3     int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D1C  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_MUTE int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0044D1D  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_ENHANCE   int *			// I-O
       0xC0044D1E  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_LOUD int * 		   // I-O
       0xC0044DFF  SOUND_MIXER_WRITE_RECSRC    int *			// I-O

       // <include/linux/umsdos_fs.h>
       0x000004D2  UMSDOS_READDIR_DOS	       struct umsdos_ioctl *	     // I-O
       0x000004D3  UMSDOS_UNLINK_DOS	  const struct umsdos_ioctl *
       0x000004D4  UMSDOS_RMDIR_DOS	  const struct umsdos_ioctl *
       0x000004D5  UMSDOS_STAT_DOS	  struct umsdos_ioctl * 	// I-O
       0x000004D6  UMSDOS_CREAT_EMD	  const struct umsdos_ioctl *
       0x000004D7  UMSDOS_UNLINK_EMD	  const struct umsdos_ioctl *
       0x000004D8  UMSDOS_READDIR_EMD	       struct umsdos_ioctl *	     // I-O
       0x000004D9  UMSDOS_GETVERSION	  struct umsdos_ioctl *
       0x000004DA  UMSDOS_INIT_EMD	  void
       0x000004DB  UMSDOS_DOS_SETUP	  const struct umsdos_ioctl *
       0x000004DC  UMSDOS_RENAME_DOS	  const struct umsdos_ioctl *

       // <include/linux/vt.h>
       0x00005600  VT_OPENQRY		  int *
       0x00005601  VT_GETMODE		  struct vt_mode *
       0x00005602  VT_SETMODE		  const struct vt_mode *
       0x00005603  VT_GETSTATE		  struct vt_stat *
       0x00005604  VT_SENDSIG		  void
       0x00005605  VT_RELDISP		  int
       0x00005606  VT_ACTIVATE		  int
       0x00005607  VT_WAITACTIVE	  int
       0x00005608  VT_DISALLOCATE	  int
       0x00005609  VT_RESIZE		  const struct vt_sizes *
       0x0000560A  VT_RESIZEX		  const struct vt_consize *

       // More arguments.

       Some ioctl's take a pointer to a structure which contains additional
       pointers.  These are documented here in alphabetical order.

       CDROMREADAUDIO takes an input pointer 'const struct cdrom_read_audio *'.
       The 'buf' field points to an output buffer
       of length 'nframes * CD_FRAMESIZE_RAW'.

       an input pointer 'const struct cdrom_msf *'.  They use the same pointer
       as an output pointer to 'char []'.  The length varies by request.  For
       CDROMREADMODE1, most drivers use 'CD_FRAMESIZE', but the Optics Storage
       driver uses 'OPT_BLOCKSIZE' instead (both have the numerical value


       EQL_GETMASTERCFG, and EQL_SETMASTERCFG take a 'struct ifreq *'.
       The 'ifr_data' field is a pointer to another structure as follows:

		EQL_ENSLAVE		  const struct slaving_request *
		EQL_EMANCIPATE	     const struct slaving_request *
		EQL_GETSLAVECFG      struct slave_config *	   // I-O
		EQL_SETSLAVECFG      const struct slave_config *
		EQL_GETMASTERCFG	  struct master_config *
		EQL_SETMASTERCFG	  const struct master_config *

       FDRAWCMD takes a 'struct floppy raw_cmd *'.  If 'flags & FD_RAW_WRITE'
       is non-zero, then 'data' points to an input buffer of length 'length'.
       If 'flags & FD_RAW_READ' is non-zero, then 'data' points to an output
       buffer of length 'length'.

       GIO_FONTX and PIO_FONTX take a 'struct console_font_desc *' or
       a 'const struct console_font_desc *', respectively.  'chardata' points to
       a buffer of 'char [charcount]'.	This is an output buffer for GIO_FONTX
       and an input buffer for PIO_FONTX.

       GIO_UNIMAP and PIO_UNIMAP take a 'struct unimapdesc *' or
       a 'const struct unimapdesc *', respectively.  'entries' points to a buffer
       of 'struct unipair [entry_ct]'.	This is an output buffer for GIO_UNIMAP
       and an input buffer for PIO_UNIMAP.

       KDADDIO, KDDELIO, KDDISABIO, and KDENABIO enable or disable access to
       I/O ports.  They are essentially alternate interfaces to 'ioperm'.

       KDMAPDISP and KDUNMAPDISP enable or disable memory mappings or I/O port
       access.	They are not implemented in the kernel.

       SCSI_IOCTL_PROBE_HOST takes an input pointer 'const int *', which is a
       length.	It uses the same pointer as an output pointer to a 'char []'
       buffer of this length.

       SIOCADDRT and SIOCDELRT take an input pointer whose type depends on
       the protocol:

		Most protocols	     const struct rtentry *
		AX.25		const struct ax25_route *
		NET/ROM 	     const struct nr_route_struct *

       SIOCGIFCONF takes a 'struct ifconf *'.  The 'ifc_buf' field points to a
       buffer of length 'ifc_len' bytes, into which the kernel writes a list of
       type 'struct ifreq []'.

       SIOCSIFHWADDR takes an input pointer whose type depends on the protocol:

		Most protocols	     const struct ifreq *
		AX.25		const char [AX25_ADDR_LEN]

       TIOCLINUX takes a 'const char *'.  It uses this to distinguish several
       independent sub-cases.  In the table below, 'N + foo' means 'foo' after
       an N-byte pad.  'struct selection' is implicitly defined
       in 'drivers/char/selection.c'

		TIOCLINUX-2		  1 + const struct selection *
		TIOCLINUX-3		  void
		TIOCLINUX-4		  void
		TIOCLINUX-5		  4 + const struct { long [8]; } *
		TIOCLINUX-6		  char *
		TIOCLINUX-7		  char *
		TIOCLINUX-10	     1 + const char *

       // Duplicate ioctls

       This list does not include ioctls in the range SIOCDEVPRIVATE and

       0x00000001  FDSETPRM		  FIBMAP
       0x00000002  FDDEFPRM		  FIGETBSZ
       0x00005402  SNDCTL_TMR_START	  TCSETS
       0x00005403  SNDCTL_TMR_STOP	  TCSETSW
       0x00005404  SNDCTL_TMR_CONTINUE	       TCSETSF

Linux 1.3			  1995-09-17			 IOCTL_LIST(2)
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