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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     tokenring - IRIS-4D Series	Token Ring controllers

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The IRIS-4D Series	supports local-area networking with the	Token Ring.
     The Token Ring protocol is	supported with a hardware controller, a	kernel
     driver.  Though the controllers may be different among IRIS-4Ds and over
     time, their drivers and the daemon	provide	the same programming interface
     to	networking routines.

     The IRIS-4D TokenRing controller is named using the following convention:
     The suffix	is the controller unit number.

     Controller	name   Type	       IRIS model
     mtr0, mtr1, ...   PCI tokenring   O2, OCTANE

     Depending on the model, an	IRIS-4D	can support several Tokenring
     controllers, allowing it to act as	a gateway among	different local

     The Token Ring boards are initialized during system startup from
     /etc/init.d/network (see network(1M) for details).

     The Tokenring boards can be configured to be used in 16Mbit/sec ring or
     4Mbit/sec ring. (see mtrconfig(1M)	for details).

     Each Token	Ring packet contains a 14-byte MAC(Media Access	Control)
     header, up	to 18-byte Source Route	information, 3 or 4 byte LLC header,
     and 5-byte	SNAP(Sub-Network Access	Protocol) depending on DSAP value in
     LLC header:

	  typedef struct tr_mac	{
		  u_char	  mac_ac;	  /* access control */
		  u_char	  mac_fc;	  /* frame control */
		  u_char	  mac_da[6];	      /* Destination MAC address */
		  u_char	  mac_sa[6];	      /* Source	MAC address */
	  } TR_MAC;

	  typedef struct tr_rii{
		  u_short	  rii;		  /* routing information */
		  u_short	  sgt_nos[8];	  /* variable up to 7 hops */
	  } TR_RII;

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	  typedef struct llc {
		  u_char	  llc_dsap;  /*	Dest SAP */
		  u_char	  llc_ssap;  /*	Src SAP	*/
		  u_char	  llc_cont[2];	  /* Control: up to 2 bytes */
	  } LLC;

	  typedef struct snap {
		  u_char snap_org[3];	     /*	Protocol ID or Org Code	*/
		  u_char snap_etype[2];	     /*	Ether Type */
	  } SNAP;

DIAGNOSTICS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Various error messages are	printed	by the kernel when a problem is
     encountered.  The message is preceded by the controller name, for
     example, mtr0.  If	they occur repeatedly, contact your product support
     service for assistance.  Use the mtrconfig(1M) command to determine the
     software revision number.	Counts of Token	Ring input and output errors
     can be displayed with the command netstat -i (see netstat(1M)).

NOTE    [Toc]    [Back]

     IEEE 802.5	token ring requires the	board plugged in to MAU	unit to	be
     initialized. Thus the tokenring cable must	be plugged in to the MAU unit
     before any	tokenring initialization.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     network(1M), netstat(1), ifconfig(1M), mtrconfig(1M), hinv(1M)

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