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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     mtrconfig - configure or display Madge PCI	Token Ring interface

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/etc/mtrconfig	interface [ parameters ]
     /usr/etc/mtrconfig	interface -v
     /usr/etc/mtrconfig	[ interface ] -f config_file

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     Mtrconfig is used to configure the	Madge token ring specific parameters
     in	each token ring	interface. General network parameters, such as network
     address, are configured through ifconfig (1).

     Mtrconfig is invoked at boot time from /etc/init.d/network	to start the
     token ring	interface when it detects the existence	of a Madge token ring
     PCI device. The default values defined in /var/sysgen/mtune/if_mtr	are
     used for all the interfaces in the	system.	These values can be modified
     in	/var/sysgen/stune(4).

     The interface parameter is	a string of the	form ``mtr unit'', e.g.,
     ``mtr0'' or ``mtr1''. Use netstat (1) to display the names	of token ring
     interfaces	on the machine.

     Only the super-user is allowed to use mtrconfig and only one instance of
     mtrconfig can be running at one time.

     The following parameters may be set with mtrconfig	:

     ring_speed	[4|16]
		    Change an interface's ring speed. Values other than	4 or
		    16 will be rejected. Since the maximum size	of a
		    transmitting packet	is the function	of ring	speed, the
		    request is rejected	if the interface's current maximum
		    packet size	is not suitable	for the	new ring speed.	The
		    limitation of the maximum packet size are 4472 and 17800
		    for	ring speed of 4Mb and 16Mb, respectively.  Use the
		    option -v to find out the current maximum packet size of
		    an interface. The mtr_s16Mb	variable in
		    /var/sysgen/mtune/if_mtr defines the default ring speed
		    used by all	the adapters in	the system.

     mtu mtr_mtu    Change the maximum packet size for an interface.  Use the
		    options -v to find out the current maximum packet size of
		    the	interface.  As mentioned above,	the current ring speed
		    gives the limitation of the	value for requesting the new
		    size. The mtr_mtu variable in /var/sysgen/mtune/if_mtr
		    defines the	default	size used in all the adapters in the

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     mac open_addr  Change the open address used by an interface. Each Madge
		    Token Ring interface has a burn-in address (BIA). It is a
		    6 byte MAC address that is the default open	address	for
		    sending and	receiving the packets through the interface.
		    This command is used when the system administrator wants
		    to reassign	the open address to LAA	address	(Local
		    Administrated Address). The	given LAA address must be in
		    the	format of xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx or xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx,
		    where xx is	hex format of a	number.	 Two byte MAC address
		    format is NOT supported.

     broadcast broadcast_addr
		    Change broadcast address used in transmitting packets.
		    There are two broadcast addresses defined in Token Ring
		    network: 0xff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff and 0xc0:00:ff:ff:ff:ff.
		    Madge Token	Ring interface can receive packets with	either
		    format.  When sending a MAC	broadcast packet, such as ARP
		    packet, the	specified format is used. The mtr_batype
		    variable in	/var/sysgen/mtune/if_mtr defines the default
		    broadcast address used by all interfaces in	the system.

     restart	    Restart the	interface. If any of the above parameters is
		    changed, mtrconfig will restart the	interface if
		    necessary, so this option is normally only used at the
		    system start up time to start the adapter. Note that when
		    ``ifconfig up'' or ``ifconfig down'' is called, the
		    interface is marked	"up" or	"down",	but the	adapter	is not

     -v		    Report the current interface configuration.

     -f	config_file Read from the config_file to configure the parameters. If
		    an interface is specified on the command line, only	the
		    specified interface	will be	reconfigured. If no interface
		    is specified, all the interfaces in	the configuration file
		    are	configured. In the configuration file, the comment
		    lines must start with '#' at the first column. Each
		    configuration line has the following format:

     interface:	[ring_speed [4|16]] [mtu mtr_mtu] [mac open_addr] [broadcast

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     netstat(1), network(1M), tokenring(7), ifconfig(1)

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