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T3270(7)							      T3270(7)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     t3270 - Silicon Graphics 3270 interface card

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     This is the driver	for the	Silicon	Graphics 3270 interface	card.  The
     card is a communication adapter for the connection	of a Silicon Graphics
     4D	system to a IBM	3270 Cluster Controller	using the 3270 Coax Type A

     For Control Unit Terminal (CUT) operations, the coax emulation code is
     soft-loaded by the	driver onto the	card to	maintain the session, and to
     manage the	contents of the	display	buffer.

     For Distributed Function Terminal (DFT) operations, the coax emulation
     code is to	maintain the communication session, while the driver is
     responsible for the decoding and execution	of the SNA data	stream.

     The interface between the coax emulation code and the driver is
     maintained	as a dual-ported communication memory area, while the
     interface between the driver and the application level emulator
     (t3270(1))	is through ioctl.

	  #include <sys/t3270reg.h>
	  di_info_t diaginfo;

	  ioctl(fd,UCODE_DLOAD,addr);/*	microcode download */
	  ioctl(fd,START_8344,0);/* start the DP8344 */
	  ioctl(fd,EM_CTRL,ctrl_word);/* set emulation control */
	  ioctl(fd,SET_DID,id);/* set device id	*/
	  ioctl(fd,START_COMM,0);/* start communication	*/
	  ioctl(fd,STOP_COMM,0);/* stop	communication */
	  ioctl(fd,CUR_UD,cursor);/* get cursor	*/
	  ioctl(fd,SCR_UD,scr);/* update screen	*/
	  ioctl(fd,SEND_KEY,key);/* send key code */
	  ioctl(fd,BEGIN_MSG,0);/* begin messaging mode	*/
	  ioctl(fd,STOP_MSG,0);/* stop messaging mode */
	  ioctl(fd,SEND_MSG,msg_count);/* send message */
	  ioctl(fd,RECV_MSG,addr);/* receive message */
	  ioctl(fd,SET_TIME,t);/* set timeout */
	  ioctl(fd,SELF_TST,&diaginfo);/* self test */
	  ioctl(fd,REG_TST,&diaginfo);/* register test */
	  ioctl(fd,DP_MEM_TST,&diaginfo);/* data memory	test */
	  ioctl(fd,IT_MEM_TST,&diaginfo);/* instruction	memory test */

	  typedef struct {
	       u_int	       pattn_w;/* pattern written */
	       u_int	       pattn_r;/* pattern read */
	       u_short	       err_addr;/* where error occur */
	       u_char	       err_flag;/* type	of error */
	       u_char	       cycles;/* # of test cycle */
	  }    di_info_t;      /* diag info */

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T3270(7)							      T3270(7)

     Only one device file may be opened	at a time.

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