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SGIHELP(1)							    SGIHELP(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     sgihelp - The Silicon Graphics Help Viewer

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     sgihelp [ -debug ]	[ -nofork ]

     sgihelp -app app_classname	-c index [ -l lib_path ] [ -debug ] [ -nofork ]

     sgihelp -b	book_name -k help_key [	-app app_classname ]
		[ -l lib_path ]	[ -debug ] [ -nofork ] [ -m user_data ]	]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     sgihelp is	an online help viewer. This viewer provides an easy-to-use
     interface which allows the	user to	browse through help information	that
     is	distributed from Silicon Graphics.

     sgihelp is	based on the insight(1)	on-line	viewing	technology.  The
     content for the help information that is displayed	is derived from	the
     insight(1)	books.

     sgihelp is	an application that gets started only when a request is	made
     for "help". A user	should never have to start sgihelp from	the commandline,
 unless it is	used to	generate a help	request	through	a combination
     of	the command-line arguments described below.  Requests can be generated

	  o  Help menu item(s) found within an application
	  o  A help pushbutton on an application window
	  o  An	application sending a request directly
	  o  SGIHelp itself

     sgihelp renders the request, if the help content is available (see
     "FILES" below).

     The sgihelp window	is composed of two panes (areas): the Viewer pane and
     the Contents/Search pane. For further information,	consult	the sgihelp
     on-line help.

OPTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]

     -app The -app app_classname options tells sgihelp to process a help
	  request for the given	application. The app_classname coincides with
	  an associated	help file that can be found in (default)
	  /usr/share/help or it	can be the same	as the name used for the
	  application's	defaults file, found in	/usr/lib/X11/app-defaults.

     -b	  The -b book_name option tells	sgihelp	to examine the specified book
	  for help content for the given request.  The book_name is the
	  abbreviated short title for the book.	 Note that this	option is
	  case-sensitive. For example:

	  sgihelp -b IRISEssentials ...

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SGIHELP(1)							    SGIHELP(1)

     -k	  The -k help_key option tells sgihelp to render the help card that
	  has a	specified "HelpId=" attribute of help_key.

     -c	  The -c command option	is used	to invoke sgihelp and open the
	  Contents/Search area for the designated app_classname.  You must
	  specify index	as the parameter following this	option;	which is an
	  artifact of an older version of sgihelp.

	  For example, the command used	for opening sgihelp and	loading	the
	  available help information for the insight application would be:

	  sgihelp -app Insight -c index

	  Tells	sgihelp	to print messages it is	receiving to stdout.

	  The -nofork (or -f) option tells sgihelp to run in the foreground.
	  The default is to automatically background when starting.

     -l	  The -l lib_path option tells sgihelp to load the specified IRIS
	  InSight library.  A library is defined as a collection of
	  bookshelves. By default, the library is rooted at
	  /usr/share/Insight/library. The path (relative or full) to the new
	  library should be specified.	Only one library may be	specified. For

	  sgihelp -l /usr/share/Insight/lib_XXX	...

	  Another method for specifying	the designated library is to set the
	  resource, "defLibPath". The resource value should be designated as:

	  SGIHelp*defLibPath: /usr/share/Insight/lib_XXX

     -m	  The -m user_data option is used to pass data to sgihelp and is
	  currently only used by the System Monitor; see sysmon(1m).

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     If	you are	having problems	viewing	remote,	web-based, HTML	help documents
     you may need to run the program webcontrol	to configure an	underlying set
     of	toolkits (webviewer, websupport_eoe) that sgihelp uses.	See the	man
     page on webcontrol(1) for details.	 This will be required if your site is
     behind a "firewall", or uses a proxy server, for example.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/sbin/sgihelp,	/usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/SGIHelp

     Help content for the IRIX Interactive Desktop(TM) is retrieved from the
     following sample of book subsystems (subject to change):

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SGIHELP(1)							    SGIHELP(1)

     desktop_eoe.books.*     IRIX Interactive Desktop(TM) Books
     dmedia_eoe.books.*	     Digital Media Tools User's	Guide, Help
     eoe.books.*	     IRIX Execution Environment	Books
     imgtools.books.*	     ImageVision Tools User's Guide, Help
     impr_base.books.*	     Impressario User's	Guide
     sysmon.books.*	     Desktop System Monitor Help
     *.books.[Hh]elp	     Various Help-related books

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