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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     notifier.config - sysmon configuration file

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The /usr/lib/sysmon/notifier.config file is used to configure the Desktop
     System Monitor (sysmon.)  Each line indicates a message that the System
     Monitor will watch	for.  Typically	when a message is found	a notifier is
     created on	the Desktop to alert the user and offer	customized help	for
     that message.

     There are eight fields in the configuration file each separated by	a
     single space.  A #	at the start of	a line is a comment.

     enable    This field can be either	ON or OFF.  OFF	means the System
	       Monitor will ignore this	message.

     message   This field is a regular expression (see regex(3G)) enclosed in
	       double quotes.  This denotes the	message	that the System
	       Monitor will watch for.

     priority  This field indicates the	priority that the message should have.
	       The field should	be one of (1-critical, 2-error,	4-warning, 6-
	       info.)  This priority has nothing to do with the	priority at
	       which the message was originally	created	with using syslog(3C).

     source    This field indicates the	message	source that the	message	(see
	       above) must come	from.  The message source is usually the name
	       of the program that is logging the message or "unix" for	the
	       Irix kernel.  Both the source and the message must match	before
	       the message is considered a match.  This	field does not accept
	       a regular expression.  It is not	enclosed with double quotes.

     exec      Indicates the script to run when	this message is	seen.
	       Currently this is always	$DIALOG($LOCALHOST) which means	run
	       the script defined by the variable $DIALOG and pass it the
	       variable	$LOCALHOST as it's first argument.  These variables
	       are defined in the /usr/lib/sysmon/notifier.define file.	 Only
	       one argument to the script is currently allowed.

     who       Used to indicate	what user the script should run	as.  In	the
	       past the	script would be	set that user id.  Now the only	valid
	       name is WMOWNER (which means whatever user is currently running
	       the Desktop.)

     timeout   Duplicate messages that arrive in less than this	much time are
	       discarded.  This	prevents a flood of messages.  The string
	       "MIN" is	always appended	to indicate minutes.

     helpcard  When an error dialog is raised on the Desktop this help card
	       can be shown to the user	for additional assistance if the user
	       clicks on the "help" button.  The format	of this	field is
	       Book:Key	where Book is the name of the help book	and Key	is the

									Page 1


	       card for	sgihelp(1) to display.

NOTE    [Toc]    [Back]

     This file should not be considered	user editable.	Syntax errors are not
     handled gracefully.  See the release notes	for sysmon for other issues.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     syslog(3C), regex(3G), sysmonpp(1M), sysmonpp(1M),	sgihelp(1),

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