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     llc2template - Description	of LLC2	configuration file

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     An	LLC2 configuration file	contains 14 lines of various parameters.
     Configuration of the llc2 driver is performed by lltune(1M) using files
     with this format.	These parameters are detailed below:

      1)  N2_VAL Maximum number	of times that a	Protocol Data Unit is sent
		 following the expiry of the Acknowledgement Timer, the	P-bit
		 timer,	or the Reject Timer.  This parameter also limits the
		 number	of times an RR is sent with the	P-bit set when remote
		 busy is true and the Busy timer expires.

      2)  T1_VAL The time interval during which	the LLC	expects	to receive an
		 acknowledgement to an outstanding I Protocol Data Unit(PDU)
		 or an expected	response to a sent unnumbered PDU (units in
		 0.1 seconds).

      3)  TPF_VAL
		 The time during which the LLC2	expects	to receive a PDU with
		 the F-bit set to 1 in response	to a command with the P-bit
		 set to	1. Value is in 0.1 second units	and should be less
		 than the value	specified for the Acknowledgement Timer.

      4)  TREJ_VAL
		 The time interval during which	the LLC2 expects to receive a
		 reply to a sent REJ TPDU (units in 0.1	seconds).

      5)  TBUSY_VAL
		 The time interval during which	the LLC2 waits for an
		 indication of the clearance of	a busy condition at the	other
		 LLC2 (units in	0.1 seconds).

      6)  TIDLE_VAL
		 The time interval during which	the LLC2 expects to receive a
		 PDU from the other LLC2.

      7)  ACK_DELAY
		 RR delay time (units in 0.1 seconds).

      8)  NOTACK_MAX
		 Maximum number	of unacknowledged  Rx I-frames.

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      9)  TX_WINDOW
		 Transmit window (if no	XID received).

     10)  TX_PROBE
		 The position before the window	is closed at which an I	PDU is
		 sent with the P-bit set to solicit an acknowledgement from
		 the receiver.

     11)  MAX_I_LEN
		 Maximum size of LLC2 I	frame. LLC2 requires all incoming I
		 frames	above a	certain	size to	be rejected by a FRMR. This
		 parameter specifies the maximum size of data you may receive
		 starting from the LLC2	protocol header.

		 In a X.25 network, it is constructed as (maximum X.25 data
		 length	+ X.25 protocol	header length +	LLC2 protocol header
		 length).  In a	SNA network, it	is constructed as (maximum SNA
		 data length + SNA request header length + SNA transmission
		 header	length + LLC2 protocol header length).

     12)  XID_WINDOW
		 XID window size (receive window), when	the remote window size
		 is unknown or zero.

     13)  XID_NDUP
		 Duplicate MAC XID count (0 means no test).

     14)  XID_TDUP
		 Duplicate MAC XID time	(units in 0.1 seconds).

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