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LLTUNE(1M)							    LLTUNE(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     lltune - Sends/receives lapb or llc2 tuning parameters to/from their
     respective	drivers.

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     lltune -s subnet_id -p protocol -P	[-d device] [filename]

     lltune -s subnet_id -p protocol [-G] [-d device]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     lltune is a utility which either:

	  o puts a set of lapb parameters to the lapb driver,

	  o gets a set of lapb parameters from the lapb	driver,

	  o puts a set of llc2 parameters to the llc2 driver, or

	  o gets a set of llc2 parameters from the llc2	driver.

     By	default, a get operation is performed.

     These parameters are on a per-subnetwork basis and	thus, the subnetwork
     identifier	must be	specified.

     The options used in lltune	are the	following:

     -s	subnet_id
		 subnet_id is the subnetwork to	be referenced.

     -p	protocol specifies the protocol	being used as protocol.	 This value
		 can be	either lapb or llc2. This is obligatory	as the tuning
		 parameters for	lapb and llc2 are different.

     -G		 get parameters	from the lapb/llc2 (as specified by the	-p
		 option) driver. These are written to the standard output.

		 Note: The -G (get) option is used as default and therefore is
		 optional when a 'get' is required.

     -P		 put parameters	to the lapb/llc2 driver, giving	subnetwork
		 subnet_id these values.

     -d	device	 specify the lapb/llc2 device to be device.  For an on-board
		 system, the default lapb device is /dev/lapb0,	and the
		 default llc2 device is	/dev/llc20.  For an in-kernel system,
		 the default lapb device is /dev/lapb, and the default llc2
		 device	is /dev/llc2.

     The filename, as used in the 'send' option, specifies the file of
     parameters	to be sent (put) to LAPB or LLC2. These	parameters are
     described in the manual page llc2template(4).  The	values are read	from

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LLTUNE(1M)							    LLTUNE(1M)

     the standard input	but this can be	overridden by specifying a file	of

     If	the filename begins with a '/',	then it	is assumed to be the full
     path-name of the file. Otherwise, the file	required is assumed to be
     /var/opt/snet/template/filename.  If filename is not found	in the
     template directory, then it is returned as	invalid.

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