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cl_mpeg1(3dm)							 cl_mpeg1(3dm)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     cl_mpeg1 -	MPEG-1 schemes in the Compression Library

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <dmedia/cl.h>

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The MPEG compression standard, mpeg(4), is	supported in the Compression
     Library, CLintro(3dm), with two schemes

     1.	CL_MPEG1_VIDEO_SOFTWARE	    video compressor/decompressor
     2.	CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_SOFTWARE	    audio compressor/decompressor

     Each scheme is accessed using the basic CL	API and	parameter set.	This
     man page describes	the features supported by these	schemes, as well as
     the general CL and	MPEG-specific parameters that are relevant for their

     The Compression Library also provides MPEG	audio support through a	third
     scheme, CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_AWARE, which uses somewhat different parameters.
     For a discussion of this and other	compression schemes from Aware,	Inc.,
     see cl_aware(3dm).

FEATURES    [Toc]    [Back]

     Video Compression
	  o Cropping and smoothing of input frames
	  o High-quality rate control
	  o Automatic I-frame insertion	at scene changes

     Audio Compression    [Toc]    [Back]
	  o Layer I and	II support
	  o Stereo, joint, dual, and single-channel modes

PROGRAMMING MPEG    [Toc]    [Back]

     The two MPEG schemes, CL_MPEG1_VIDEO_SOFTWARE and
     CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_SOFTWARE, are accessed through the standard	CL API.	 See
     CLintro(3dm) for an overview of the CL calls and their usage.

     Only Implicit Buffering is	currently supported for	input buffers of video
     and audio decompressors, and for both buffers of video compressors.  This
     model requires that the implicit buffer be	created	with clCreateBuf(3dm)
     prior to calling clDecompress(3dm)	or clCompress(3dm).  Once created, the
     same implicit buffer should be used for the lifetime of the processing

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cl_mpeg1(3dm)							 cl_mpeg1(3dm)

   PARAMETERS    [Toc]    [Back]
     Various parameters	are useful for guiding and monitoring MPEG processing.
     These are discussed in several groups : General CL, MPEG-1, MPEG-1	Video,
     and MPEG-1	Audio.

     All of the	general	CL parameters are described in CLintro(3dm).  Below we
     mention only those	for which additional information is useful (such as
     parameter ranges and other	constraints).

	  For video compressors, these should be set to	match the input
	  frame	size.  Each dimension has a minimum value of 16	and a
	  maximum value	of 4080.  For video decompressors, these are
	  read-only and	match the encoded ("internal") dimensions.

	  For video compressors, these default to the "source input format"
	  (SIF), which is 352x240 (CCIR601-525 pixel aspect ratio), 352x288
	  (CCIR601-625 pixel aspect ratio), or 320x240 (square pixels).	 For
	  inputs with other pixel aspect ratios, the closest of	these three

	  If cropping is used (see below), the cropped image is	scaled to
	  the internal dimensions prior	to encoding.  The internal width and
	  height must each be between 16 and 4080, inclusive, and be a
	  multiple of 16.

	  For video decompressors, these parameters are	read-only.

	  For video compressors, these indicate	how many pixels	to crop
	  from each of the four	sides of the input image.  These may be
	  set to any value from	0 to 4064.  On the first call to clCompress,
	  the cropped region is	checked	to make	sure it	is at least 16x16
	  pixels in size.

     CL_INTERNAL_FORMAT    [Toc]    [Back]
	  For video, this is always CL_FORMAT_YCbCr422DC.  To be MPEGcompliant,
 the bitstream is actually encoded in 4:2:0	format,
	  where	the chroma is subsampled by 2 vertically in addition to
	  horizontally,	but the	current	implementation exposes only the
	  duplicate chroma format.

     CL_BITS_PER_COMPONENT    [Toc]    [Back]
	  For audio, only 16-bit samples are supported.

     CL_FRAME_RATE    [Toc]    [Back]
	  For compressors, this	should be set to indicate the frame rate of
	  the input.  The following rates are allowed.

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cl_mpeg1(3dm)							 cl_mpeg1(3dm)

	      Video : 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
	      Audio : 32000, 44100, 48000

	  For decompressors, this is read-only.

     CL_PIXEL_ASPECT    [Toc]    [Back]
	  Pixel	aspect ratio, defined as the vertical extent of	a pixel
	  divided by its horizontal extent.  For video compressors, this
	  should be set	to match the aspect ratio of the input pixels.
	  The closest value from the following list is used.

		1.0000	 Square
		0.7031	 16:9, 625line
		0.8437	 16:9, 525line
		0.9157	 CCIR601, 625line
		1.0950	 CCIR601, 525line

	  For video decompressors, this	is read-only.

     CL_COMPRESSION_RATIO    [Toc]    [Back]
	  For compressors, setting this	parameter will result in an
	  appropriate CL_BITRATE to be calculated (and vice versa).

     CL_EXACT_COMPRESSION_RATIO    [Toc]    [Back]
	  TRUE for video and audio compressors,	since bitrate targets are
	  generally met.  However, some	deviation from the requested
	  compression ratio may	occur due to the bitrates actually allowed
	  (see below).

     CL_BITRATE    [Toc]    [Back]
	  May be set for compressors to	indicate a target bitrate.

	  For compressors, setting this	parameter will result in an
	  appropriate CL_COMPRESSION_RATIO to be calculated (and vice

	  The allowed bitrates are

	  Video	: 100 Kbps - 4.5 Mbps
	  Audio	: (in Kbps)
	   layer I  - 32, 64, 96,128,160,192,224,256,288,320,352,384,416,448
	   layer II - 32, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96,112,128,160,192,224,256,320,384

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cl_mpeg1(3dm)							 cl_mpeg1(3dm)

	  The default bitrates are 1.158 Mbps for video	and 96/192 Kbps	for
	  mono/stereo audio.  These correspond to single-speed CD-ROM, and
	  work best for	SIF-size images	(352x240, 352x288, 320x240).  Values
	  of CL_INTERNAL_WIDTH and CL_INTERNAL_HEIGHT that are larger should
	  use higher bitrates.

	  For decompressors, this is read-only.

     CL_NUMBER_OF_FRAMES    [Toc]    [Back]
	  For video and	audio decompressors, this parameter keeps track	of
	  the known number of frames in	the sequence.  As the sequence is
	  decoded, the number of frames	may increase.

     This parameter is shared by the MPEG schemes.

     CL_MPEG1_END_OF_STREAM    [Toc]    [Back]
	  A read-only parameter	which indicates	that the end of	stream has
	  been reached.	 Used by compressors to	indicate there is no more
	  data to write.  Used by decompressors	to indicate there is no	data
	  left to read.

     The following parameters apply only to the	MPEG-1 Video scheme.

     CL_MPEG1_VIDEO_M    [Toc]    [Back]
	  Used to select IPB pattern for video compressors.  M is the
	  distance between reference frames (I or P), and N is the distance
	  between I frames, measured in	numbers	of frames.  M ranges from
	  1 to 12, and N ranges	from 1 to 60.  The first call to clCompress
	  checks that N/M is an	integer.  Default is M=4, N=16.	 The actual
	  encoded pattern may be different due to automatic I frame insertion
	  at scene changes.

	       M      N	       Pattern
	       1      1	       IIIIII IIIIII
	       1      3	       IPPIPP IPPIPP
	       3      3	       BBIBBI BBIBBI
	       3      6	       BBIBBP BBIBBP


									Page 4

cl_mpeg1(3dm)							 cl_mpeg1(3dm)

	  For video compressors, the maximum search range (in pixels) for
	  motion vectors.  Vectors in P	frames have maximum lengths of P_X
	  and P_Y, and in B frames have	maximum	lengths	of B_X and B_Y.
	  Higher values	may give better	image quality at the expense of	more
	  computation.	Allowable parameter values range from 1	to 60.
	  Defaults are P_X=48, P_Y=32, B_X=32, and B_Y=24.

     CL_MPEG1_VIDEO_SOFTNESS    [Toc]    [Back]
	  The smoothing	filter parameter for video compressors.	 May be	set
	  to one of


	  Setting this parameter modifies the filter that is applied when
	  scaling from the cropped window to the internal dimensions.

     The following parameters apply only to the	MPEG-1 Audio scheme.

     CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_LAYER    [Toc]    [Back]
	  The layer used for audio encoding.  Allowed values are


	  For compressors this may be set to select the	layer.	For
	  decompressors, this is a read-only parameter.

     CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_MODE    [Toc]    [Back]
	  The mode in which input channel(s) are encoded.  Allowed values are


	  For compressors, this	may be set to select the encoding mode.
	  Stereo channels should be encoded with CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_MODE_STEREO
	  or CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_MODE_JOINT.	 The latter exploits correlation
	  between channels for more compression.  Two independent channels
	  should be encoded with CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_MODE_DUAL.  A mono signal
	  should be encoded with CL_MPEG1_AUDIO_MODE_SINGLE.

	  For decompressors, this is a read-only parameter.

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cl_mpeg1(3dm)							 cl_mpeg1(3dm)

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     This section provides miscellaneous information and tips on how to	use
     the MPEG schemes.

   Error Codes    [Toc]    [Back]
     CL_BAD_LICENSE may	be returned by clOpenCompressor	if the appropriate
     license is	not installed.

     CL_MPEG1_ERROR may	be returned by a CL call if an MPEG-specific error
     occurs, e.g. a non-compliant data stream.

   Video Compression    [Toc]    [Back]
     Since the MPEG video compressor reorders input frames, compressed bits
     that are generated	by a call to clCompress	do not necessarily correspond
     to	the frame that is consumed from	the input buffer.

     The compressor maps the cropped window to the internal width and height.
     If	the cropped window and the internal dimensions are not related by the
     same scale	factor in each dimension, the final image is stretched more
     along one axis than the other.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     CLintro(3dm), mpeg(4)

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