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mvGetTrackDuration(3dm)				       mvGetTrackDuration(3dm)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     mvGetTrackDuration, mvGetTrackOffset, mvGetMovieDuration,
     mvGetEstMovieDuration, mvSetTrackOffset - get and set movie/track offset
     and duration.

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <dmedia/moviefile.h>

     MVtime mvGetTrackDuration(	MVid track, MVtimescale	timeScale );
     DMstatus mvSetTrackOffset(	MVid track, MVtime time,
				MVtimescale timeScale );
     MVtime mvGetMovieDuration(	MVid movie, MVtimescale	timeScale );
     MVtime mvGetEstMovieDuration( MVid	movie, MVtimescale timeScale );
     MVtime mvGetTrackOffset( MVid track, MVtimescale timeScale	);

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     For information one how to	interpret a time, timeScale pair, please see
     the ``Time	and Timescale''	section	of  mvIntro(3dm).

     These function in the movie library are provided to allow the user	to get
     or	set information	about a	movie's	time properties, such as a track's
     duration, and a track's starting time.

OFFSET AND DURATION    [Toc]    [Back]

     Offset and	duration are times describing when a track starts and how long
     (in time) a track or movie	lasts.

     The definition of "Track Duration"	is the ending time of the track.
     mvGetTrackDuration	allows the user	to find	out when a track ends.
     mvGetTrackDuration	returns	an MVtime (in the timeScale supplied by	the

     The definition of "Movie Duration"	is the ending time of the movie--that
     is, "track	duration" of the longest track in the movie.
     mvGetMovieDuration	allows the user	to find	out the	movie duration.
     mvGetMovieDuration	returns	an MVtime (in the timeScale supplied by	the
     user).  It	is possible to open an mpeg movie without first	scanning the
     entire movie (see mvOpen).	 For such movies mvGetMovieDuration will
     return MV_DURATION_UNKNOWN	 until the end of the movie is reached,	at
     which point the actual duration of	the movie will be returned.  It	is
     possible to get an	estimate for the duration of such movies by calling

     The valid time interval of	a movie	or a track is a	half-open interval.
     If	the duration of	a movie	is N in	a particular time scale, valid movie
     time ranges from 0	to N-1 in that time scale.

     A "Track Offset" is an empty segment at the beginning of a	track in a

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mvGetTrackDuration(3dm)				       mvGetTrackDuration(3dm)

     movie, for	which there is no data.	mvSetTrackOffset allows	the user to
     set the size of this offset by passing in a time and timeScale, while
     mvGetTrackOffset allows the user to find out what the offset of a track
     currently is. mvGetTrackOffset returns an MVtime representing the offset
     (in the timeScale supplied	by the user). Immediately after	a track	is
     created (e.g., via	mvAddTrack), its offset	is zero.

     The following diagram will	help clarify this.

     Time is increasing	from the left. The movie being represented has two
     tracks, the first of which	has no offset, and the second of which has an
     offset. (X's represent actual data).

     Note that ``Track 1 Duration'' is the ending time of track	1, and track
     1's offset	is 0.

     Track 2 has an offset shown by ``T2 off,''	and note track 2's duration
     includes its offset.

     The movie duration	is the same as track 2's duration, because track 2 is
     the longest track in the movie.

	  time	    0						    t
		    |<---------Track 1 Duration--------->|
		    |<T2 off>|
		    |<--------------Track 2 Duration--------------->|
		    |<---------------Movie Duration---------------->|

     Also note that while Offsets may be directly set via the mvSetTrackOffset
     call, the duration	may not	be directly set; it is maintained by the
     library, as data is added or deleted from a track,	and as track offsets
     are changed.

RETURN VALUES    [Toc]    [Back]

     mvGetTrackDuration, mvGetTrackOffset, and mvGetMovieDuration return a
     time value, or -1 on error	(eg, a bad movie id, or	a bad timescale).

     mvSetTrackOffset returns DM_SUCCESS or DM_FAILURE.

EXAMPLES    [Toc]    [Back]

	   * this piece	of code	describes how to find the duration
	   * of	all tracks in seconds

									Page 2

mvGetTrackDuration(3dm)				       mvGetTrackDuration(3dm)

	  #include <moviefile.h>

	  #define MY_TIME_SCALE	60

	  void ListTrackDuration( MVid movie )
	       int i;
	       for (i =	0; i < mvGetNumTracks( movie );	++i) {
		    MVid track;
		    if (mvFindTrackByIndex( movie, i, &track ) != DM_SUCCESS)
			 fprintf( stderr, "could not find track	%d\n", i );
		    else {
			 MVtime	dur = mvGetDuration( track, MY_TIME_SCALE );
			 fprintf( stdout, "Track %d lasts %f seconds\n",
				    (float)dur/MY_TIME_SCALE );

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     mvGetMovieDuration	does NOT take into account track enabled states	(see

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     mvIntro(3dm), mvOpen(3dm),	mvGetTrackEnable(3dm),
     mvGetTrackTimeScale(3dm), mvConvertTime(3dm), mvGetErrno(3dm).

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