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WINTERM(1)							    WINTERM(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     winterm - provides	a uniform interface for	launching applications which
     need a window shell (terminal emulator)

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     winterm [ [-name|-n] name-string ]
	     [ [-title|-t|-T] title-string ] [ -p xposition,yposition ]
	     [ -s columns,lines	] [ [-font|-f|-fn] fontname ]
	     [ -fg color ] [ -bg color ]
	     [ -iconic ] [ -hold|-H ] [	-console|-C ] [	-display displaystring
	     [ -geometry geometry-string ]
	     [ -xrm resource-string ]
	     [ [-c|-e] cmd [ args ] ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     winterm is	a shell	script that runs an application	in a shell window.  It
     uses the environment variable $WINTERM to determine which kind of shell
     window to use.  Terminal emulators	supported are xwsh, wsh	and xterm.  If
     WINTERM is	unset, winterm provides	xwsh as	a default.  This script	is
     used by fm(1) and toolchest(1X) when launching applications with
     teletype-style user interfaces.

     -name or -n name-string
		 sets the winterm's application	name, under which resources
		 are to	be obtained.  The name string should not contain ``.''
		 or ``*'' characters.

     -title or -t or -T	title-string
		 sets the title	of the winterm window to the provided title

     -p	xposition,yposition
		 positions the corner of the winterm window to
		 xposition,yposition, measured from the	inside of any window
		 borders which may be provided by the window manager.

     -s	cols,lines
		 sets the size of the winterm so the contained terminal
		 emulator supports the requested number	of text	columns	cols
		 and the number	of text	lines lines.

     -font or -f or -fn	fontname
		 sets the font used within the winterm to fontname.

     -fg color	 sets the foreground (text) color used by the winterm to

     -bg color	 sets the background (page) color used by the winterm to

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WINTERM(1)							    WINTERM(1)

     -iconic	 starts	the winterm up in its iconic (minimized) form.

     -hold or -H holds the winterm open	after application exits, allowing the
		 user to read the output and close the winterm at their	own
		 pace.	Note: xterm does not currently support this

     -console or -C
		 starts	the winterm up as a system console and sets the
		 environment variable CONSOLE.	This steals the	role of	the
		 system	console	from any predecessor, and assigns it to	the
		 new winterm.  The only	difference between the system console
		 and any other terminal	emulator is that messages from the
		 kernel	and from the logging of	certain	system activity
		 (controlled by	the file /etc/syslog.conf) are printed on the
		 console.  The variable	CONSOLE	is set in the environment to
		 allow .profile	and .login files to provide different handling
		 for this terminal emulator such as special handling of	the
		 window	title.

     -display display-string
		 applies an X compatible display specification,	setting	the X
		 server	to be contacted; see X(1).

     -geometry geometry-string
		 applies an X compatible geometry specification, setting the
		 position and/or size of the winterm window.  See X(1).

     -xrm resource-string
		 applies an X compatible resource specification, to set
		 resources value understood by the termulator invoked within
		 the winterm window.  See X(1).

     -c	cmd [args]
		 feeds the rest	of the line as the command to be executed in
		 the winterm.  This option must	be the last flag set from the
		 winterm command line.

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     The default WINTERM is: WINTERM='xwsh -name winterm'.
     The -hold (-H) option is not supported by xterm.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     IRIX Interactive Desktop Integration Guide,

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