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rbview(1)							     rbview(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     rbview - simple audio queue debugging tool

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]


DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     rbview is a very simple GL	program	which monitors the state of the	sample
     queues for	all audio applications on a system. This is primarily helpful
     for debugging audio applications: rbview is useful	in determining where
     an	application acquires latency, whether or not it	is losing audio	data,
     and when it opens and closes audio	ports.

     For each open port, rbview	displays a bar indicating the current number
     of	samples	in the port's sample queue. Within the bar are two lines: the
     line on the left displays the short-term maximum number of	samples	in the
     queue, and	the line on the	right displays the short-term minimum number
     of	samples	in the queue.

     To	the right of each bar are displayed, in	order from top to bottom: the
     name of the port as supplied to ALopenport(3A); the process ID of the
     process that opened the port; whether or not the port is an input or
     output port; which	revision of the	Audio Library was used to create the
     port; the number of channels in the sample	queue itself (which may	differ
     from the number of	channels in the	port); the number of sample locations
     in	the port, possibly including an	extra sample; and the number of	errors
     accumulated (either underflows for	an output port,	or overflows for an
     input port).

     As	ports are opened and closed, rbview will automatically scale the
     display to	fit all	the open ports within its window.  The bars are	scaled
     vertically	so that	the largest currently active sample queue exactly fits
     within the	window.	The other bars are scaled accordingly. The displays
     are also scaled horizontally to give each open port an equal portion of
     the available width.

     Note that rbview does not work on Indigo and Indigo R4K systems.

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