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netscape(1)							   netscape(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     netscape -	the premier World Wide Web browser

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     netscape [	-help ]	[ -version ] [ -display	display-string ]
	[ -geometry geometry-string ] [	-visual	visual-string ]	[ -install ]
	[ -no-install ]	[ -ncols max-colors ] [	-mono ]	[ -iconic ]
	[ -xrm resource-string ] [ -remote remote-command ] [ -id window-id ]
	[ -raise ] [ -noraise ]	[ -nethelp ] [ -dont-force-window-stacking ]
	[ -no-about-splash ] [ -no-session-management -session-management ]
	[ -no-irix-session-management -irix-session-management ]
	[ -dont-save-geometry-prefs ] [	-ignore-geometry-prefs ]
	[ -component-bar ] [ -composer -edit ] [ -messenger -mail ]
	[ -discussions -news ] [ initial-URL(s)	]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     When started, netscape will automatically load either the URL(s)
     specified on the command line, or the "home page" specified in the	user
     preferences if no URL is given on the command line.

     On	line help describing the configuration and use of netscape can be
     accessed by selecting Help	Contents from the Help menu on the right hand
     side of the netscape menu bar.

   OPTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]
     -help     Displays	a list of the invocation commands along	with some

     -version  Displays	the version number and build date for the netscape

     -display display-string
	       Sends the display to a remote machine.  See X(1)	for details on
	       the format and interpretation of	the display argument.

     -visual visual-string
	       Tell netscape which visual to choose for	the windows it
	       creates.	 Possible values are:

	       default	 This is the standard setting, windows are creating in
			 the same visual as the	root window of the screen.

	       best	 netscape picks	the visual which it believes will give
			 the highest quality display.


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netscape(1)							   netscape(1)

			 The visual chosen will	be the deepest visual of the
			 specified type.

	       0x##	 Specifying a hexadecimal number will select the
			 visual	with the given visual id.

     -geometry geometry-string
	       Specifies size and placement of the initial window.  See	X(1)
	       for details on the format and interpretation of the geometry

     -install  Meaningful only if used with -visual default.  Causes netscape
	       to create its own color map, rather than	trying to use the root
	       window's	color map.  May	cause color flashing if	this option is
	       used on a machine with primitive	color map hardware.

	       Inverse of above, netscape will use the default color map.

     -ncols max-colors
	       When not	using -install,	specifies maximum number of colors
	       netscape	will allocate out of the color map.

     -mono     Force the program to run	in black & white.

     -iconic   Start up	with the application iconified.

     -xrm resource-string
	       Standard	method for overriding settings in the resource file.

     -remote remote-command
	       Tells netscape to execute a command in an already running
	       netscape	process.  Available commands are:

	       openURL ( )
			 Prompts for a URL with	a dialog box.

	       openURL (URL<b>)
			 Opens the specified document without prompting.

	       openURL (URL<b>, new-window)
			 Create	a new window displaying	the the	specified

	       openFile	( )
			 Prompts for a file with a dialog box.

	       openFile	(File<b>)
			 Opens the specified file without prompting.

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netscape(1)							   netscape(1)

	       saveAs (	)
			 Prompts for a file with a dialog box (like the	menu

	       saveAs (Output-File<b>)
			 Writes	HTML to	the specified file without prompting.

	       saveAs (Output-File<b>, Type<b>)
			 Writes	to the specified file with the type specified
			 - the type may	be HTML, Text, or PostScript.

	       mailto (	)
			 pops up the mail dialog with the To:  field empty.

	       mailto (a<b>, b<b>, c<b>)
			 Puts the addresses "a,	b, c" in the default To:

	       addBookmark ( )
			 Adds the current document to the bookmark list.

	       addBookmark (URL<b>)
			 Adds the given	document to the	bookmark list.

	       addBookmark (URL<b>, Title)
			 Adds the given	document to the	bookmark list, with
			 the given title.
     For further details read this document

     -id window-id
	       Identifies a specific X window to which the -remote commands
	       should be sent.	If not specified, the first window found will
	       be used.

     -raise    Tells whether the -remote commands should cause the window to
	       raise itself to the top,	this is	the default.

     -noraise  Specifies that the -remote commands will	not auto-raise the

     -nethelp  Show nethelp.  Requires nethelp:	URL.

	       Ignore the alwaysraised,	alwayslowered and z-lock JavaScript
	       window.open() attributes.

	       Bypass the startup license page.

									Page 3

netscape(1)							   netscape(1)

	       netscape	supports session management by default.	 Use these
	       flags to	force it on/off.

	       IRIX session management is on by	default	on SGI systems.	 It is
	       also available on other platforms and might work	with session
	       managers	other than the IRIX desktop.

	       Don't save window geometry for session.

	       Ignore saved window geometry for	session.

	       Show only the Component Bar.

     -edit     Open all	command	line URLs in Composer.

     -mail     Show Messenger Mailbox (INBOX).

     -news     Show Collabra Discussions.


     Netscape has a wrapper script to set several environment variables
     specific to the SGI customized environment.  These	are defined to the
     default SGI environment, however should you require the domestic 128-bit
     version of	the browser and	install	it in a	different location you may
     need to alter some	of these settings and not use the wrapper script.  The
     wrapper script is located in /usr/bin/X11/netscape.  These	are the
     default environment variables:

     MOZILLA_HOME	 /var/netscape/communicator
			 Location Communicator files are installed

     SGI_ANIM		 ${MOZILLA_HOME}/animation.dat
			 SGI logo animation.  Other values can be anim_bw.dat
			 or anim_cube.dat for a	black and white	logo and the
			 original cube logo respectively.

     NPX_PLUGIN_PATH	 /var/netscape/communicator/plugins:/usr/local/lib/netscape/plugins:${HOME}/.netscape/plugins
			 This is the path in which netscape will look for
			 plugins.  If you have any plugins installed in	other
			 locations you will need to alter this variable.

									Page 4

netscape(1)							   netscape(1)


     If	you install multiple versions of netscape on your system, be it	a
     domestic 128-bit version and the customized export	version	or multiple
     versions you will need to create several wrapper scripts to configure
     each different version.  You will need to remove the file
     /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/Netscape	if you have different netscape
     versions installed	due to version numbers encoded in the browser and
     app-defaults file.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     $HOME/.netscape/pab.na2	   All the personal address book cards are
				   stored here.
     $HOME/.netscape/archive/*	   Directory containing	archive	copies of
				   often viewed	files.
				   All the bookmarks are stored	here, in HTML
				   format for easy access.
     $HOME/.netscape/cache/*	   Directory containing	local copies of
				   recently viewed files.
				   List	of all certificate names.
     $HOME/.netscape/cert*.db	   List	of all certificates.
     $HOME/.netscape/cookies	   List	of all magic cookies.
     $HOME/.netscape/history.list  List	of all recently	visited	links.

     $HOME/.netscape/key*.db	   List	of all personal	keys.

     $HOME/.netscape/lock	   Lock	if netscape is already running.

     $HOME/.netscape/newsgroups-*  List	of all newsgroups by server.

     $HOME/.netscape/snewsgroups-* List	of all secure newsgroups by server.

				   List	of all plug-in's and the previous

				   Settings from the Option menu and
				   Preference dialogs are stored here in
				   JavaScript format.

     $HOME/.netscape/xover-cache/* Directory containing	cache of news server
				   newsgroup information.

AUTHOR    [Toc]    [Back]

     Netscape Communications Corporation

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netscape(1)							   netscape(1)

TRADEMARKS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Netscape is a trademark of	Netscape Communications	Corporation

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