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lmhostid(1)							   lmhostid(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     lmhostid -	report the hostid of a system

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     lmhostid [	-type ]	[ -n ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     lmhostid calls the	FLEXlm version of gethostid and	displays the results.

     The output	of lmhostid looks like this:

     lmhostid -	Copyright (C) 1989, 1990 Highland Software, Inc.
     The FLEXlm	host ID	of this	machine	is "1200abcd"

OPTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]

     -n	       Prints the hostid without explanatory header.

     -type     This depends on the platform.  On most platforms, there's only
	       one hostid type,	so there's no applicable -type.	On hp700,
	       there's 2 types of hostids; FLEXlm defaults to the uname	-i
	       hostid, but the /etc/lanscan ethernet hostid is available via
	       -ether. SCO has 2 hostids available.  The current default is
	       uname -x	as a string.  For historical reasons, a	version	of
	       this hostid as hex number is available with -long argument,
	       which should only be used with older FLEXlm-based applications.

     -ether    (only on	HP machines) specifies that the	ethernet hostid	should
	       be used rather than the uname -i	hostid.

     -long     (On SCO machines) On SCO, this specifies	that the serial	number
	       should have leading characters stripped,	and converted to a
	       32-bit long int.

     Here's how	to determine the hostid	on many	support	systems.

     Architecture   Host ID	     How to Determine
     Apollo	    20-bit node	ID   lcnode -me, e.g., BE70
     Convex	    32-bit hostid    getsysinfo
     Decstation	    ethernet address  arp hostname, e.g., 080020005532
     DG	aviion 32-bit hostid	/usr/sbin/systemid, e.g., 0c020972
     HP	       32-bit dec hostid uname -i, e.g., 2005771344
	       id module   read	ID typed on module, remove `A',
			   and convert remainder to hex,
			   e.g.,   0c127532
	       ethernet	   lanscan (use	station	address
			   without leading 0x),
			   e.g., 0000F0050185
     Mips      32-bit hostid	hwconf
     Motorola 88K   32-bit hostid    lmhostid
     NeXT      32-bit hostid	hostid

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lmhostid(1)							   lmhostid(1)

     RS/6000	    32-bit hostid    uname -m, remove last 2 digits,
			   use remaining last 8	digits
			   e.g., 12345678
     SCO       "ID_STRING="	uname -X, 'Serial =', e.g., sco003514
	       32-bit hostid	same, but remove leading characters,
			   e.g., 3514
     SGI       32-bit hostid	echo `/etc/sysinfo -s` 16o p | dc
     SUN       32-bit hostid	hostid,	e.g., 170a3472
     VMS       ethernet	   arp hostname, e.g., 080020005532

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