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findvis(1G)							   findvis(1G)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     findvis - list OpenGL-capable Visuals meeting selection criteria

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     findvis [-1] [-id]	[-display <display>] [-help] <specification>...

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     findvis describes OpenGL-capable X11 Visuals that meet user-specified
     selection criteria.

     The options are as	follows:

	  -1	    List only the first	matching Visual, rather	than all
		    matching Visuals.

	  -id	    List only the Visual ID of matching	Visuals, rather	than a
		    one-line description of the	Visual.	 This is particularly
		    useful in shell scripts, for passing a Visual ID to	a
		    program without Visual-selection ability.

	  -display  X11-display-name
		    Use	the specified X11 display, rather than the default
		    display given by the environment variable DISPLAY.

	  -help	    Print a usage summary.

     The selection criteria consist of C expressions involving attributes of
     Visuals, plus sort	keys that affect the order in which the	Visuals	will
     be	listed.	 Several criteria may be passed	as a single argument, provided
     they are separated	by commas.

     Expressions are composed of decimal and hexadecimal constants in the
     usual C notation, plus the	following operators with the usual C priority:

	  || &&	< <= > >= == !=	+ - * /	% ! ( )

     and the following variables:

	  a	      Number of	bits in	the color buffer alpha channel.

	  accuma      Number of	bits in	the accumulation buffer	alpha channel.

	  accumb      Number of	bits in	the accumulation buffer	blue channel.

	  accumg      Number of	bits in	the accumulation buffer	green channel.

	  accumr      Number of	bits in	the accumulation buffer	red channel.

	  accumrgb    Minimum of accumr, accumg, and accumb.  (This is usually
		      a	more useful summary of accumulation buffer depth than
		      the total	number of bits.)

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findvis(1G)							   findvis(1G)

	  accumrgba   Minimum of accumr, accumg, accumb, and accuma.

	  aux	      Number of	auxiliary color	buffers.

	  b	      Number of	bits in	the color buffer blue channel.

	  ci	      Number of	bits in	the color-index	buffer.

	  db	      1	if the pixel format is double-buffered,	0 if singlebuffered.

	  g	      Number of	bits in	the color buffer green channel.

	  id	      Under X11, the Visual id of the pixel format.

	  level	      Less than	zero for underlay planes, equal	to zero	for
		      main planes, and greater than zero for overlay planes.

	  main	      1	if the pixel format applies to the main	planes,	0 if
		      to underlay or overlay planes.

	  mono	      1	if the pixel format is monoscopic, 0 if	stereoscopic.

	  ms	      Number of	samples	per pixel (for multisample

	  overlay     1	if the pixel format applies to overlay planes, 0

	  r	      Number of	bits in	the color buffer red channel.

	  rgb	      Minimum of r, g, and b.  (As with	accumrgb, this is
		      usually a	better summary of color	buffer depth than the
		      total number of color bits.)

	  rgba	      Minimum of r, g, b, and a.

	  s	      Number of	bits in	the stencil buffer.

	  sb	      1	if the pixel format is single-buffered,	0 if doublebuffered.

	  slow	      1	if the pixel format has	the SLOW caveat	(usually
		      meaning it doesn't support hardware acceleration), 0

	  stereo      1	if the pixel format is stereoscopic, 0 if monoscopic.

	  underlay    1	if the pixel format applies to underlay	planes,	0

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findvis(1G)							   findvis(1G)

	  z	      Number of	bits in	the depth (aka ``Z'') buffer.

     The operators are applied with normal C syntax and	semantics.  Take care
     when using	operators (especially ``!'') in	expressions, since they	are
     metacharacters for	most shells.

     Sort keys consist of the word min or max followed by one of the variables
     described above.  Visuals with the	largest	(max) or smallest (min)	values
     of	the given variable will	be listed first.  Whenever a variable is
     specified as a sort key, only Visuals for which the variable is nonzero
     will be considered.  A final sort key of min id is	always applied,	no
     matter what other sort keys may have been specified, so that Visuals will
     be	listed in order	of their id numbers when all other keys	are equal.

EXAMPLES    [Toc]    [Back]

     findvis rgb overlay
	  Display all rgb overlay Visuals, if any exist.

     findvis 'max ci'
	  Display all color-index Visuals, sorted with the deepest Visuals

     findvis -1	-id 'db, max rgb, max z'
	  Display the Visual ID	of the double-buffered Visual with largest RGB
	  and depth buffers.

     findvis 'r	!= g ||	g != b'
	  Display Visuals in which the color channels are not all the same

     findvis 'max rgb, accumrgb	>= 2 * rgb'
	  Display RGB Visuals that support an accumulation buffer at least
	  twice	as deep	as the main color buffer.

     findvis 'id == 0x2c'
	  Display the Visual with id 0x2c.

     findvis 'rgb, r % 2 || g %	2 || b % 2'
	  Display RGB Visuals with at least one	odd-sized color	channel.

     findvis rgba ms s z
	  Select multisampled RGBA pixel formats with stencil and depth
	  buffers.  The	selected pixel formats will be sorted in the default
	  order	(smallest Visual id first).

DIAGNOSTICS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Exit status is 0 if any matching Visuals are found, 1 if no matching
     Visuals are found,	and 2 if the specification string is syntactically
     incorrect or if some other	exception condition occurs.

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findvis(1G)							   findvis(1G)

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